House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes 6/7/2005

Lumnea, Day 7, in the year 5105

Monthly meeting was started at 10 pm,. present were Shirkon, Adyr, Lord Aelion, Lord Balantine, Lord Dhyre, Cryheart, Mirandabliss

According to Cryheart We currently have over 140 million in general funds, and endowment of course....endowment still being at 85 million."

He brought up the lack of aid for the summer festival, we need people to show up the second Tuesday night of the month for the event planning meetings at 10, any member may attend.

We need a theme
We need tasks related to the theme
The fest should be next month some time

If you are interested in helping to plan, contact Shirkon please

Shirkon ran the raffle for a self filling wineskin:
Winner - Balantine

Mirandabliss, Phoenix House secretary