House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 5/7/2008

Ivastaen, Day 7, in the Year 5108

Greetings and Salutations to Everyone!

Meeting of 5/6/08 was called to order by Lord Shirkon.

Finance report was given by Shirkon, and is as follows:
Influence Points 30, General Funds 158864741, Endowment 100000000, Loans Owed 0 and Members 2023

Shirkon informed everyone what influence points were used for, and explained that though they didn't sound like many; things for the house do not use that many of them.

Cosannie mentioned that a Che house can earn up to 30 influence points a year.

Shirkon went on to say that General Funds went up 600k, due to selling two sets of house darts, for 300k per set.

We are in need of planning some events by the end of next month for 3rd quarter. Tebon suggested a richly detailed scavenger hunt. One that encompasses tha Landin, Icemule and Solhaven. Cosannie mentioned going back to start doing house "voln" hunts, once a week. Cosannie also mentioned doing a last minute shopping auction for the soltrice season, and it will be planned for in the 3rd quarter. (Note: Be nice if folks could start collecting stuff to auction off in it.)

Shirkon deeply says, "I going to send out a scroll wids all da foods suggested fer our pantry an I wants everyone ta send in a list o' 10 choices offin dat list o' foods. We really needs ta gits our pantry goin."

(Please take a minute or two and send in what YOU would like to see in our house pantry.)

H.E.R.T. is now opened, and folks should tour through there. You'll find it's a very nice place, and the food there is GREAT!

Only one room or so that public can not enter.

We all had a good time teasing Denissa about calling Shirkon, Sir. (Smiles) So instead of calling Shirkon, Sir, we opted to call him "Boss". (Out of respect for our Chairman)

Shirkon went on to talk about the great fight in River's Rest. Seemed Krolvins invaded once again. Good thing the Imperial troops were in town to help defend them off. He went on to say, "Course dem is lookin fer da fella what killed dat Imperial inspectah last year."

Shirkon then turned the floor over and asked if anyone had anything else that they would like to share.

Cosannie mentioned maybe hosting a God Fest, or incorporating it into the scavenger hunt.

A reminder of this coming Tilamaires, at 10 o'clock, elf time, in the house library, we will be hosting our event planning session meeting for the third quarter events for this year. We need ALL the VOLUNTEERS there that we can have. Yes, that means we need YOU! Come on out and show us YOUR house spirit.

Raffle time! The numbers were picked, and the spell was casted, and Lady Cosannie won. A very nice bodice and flask was the prize.

Spell ups were done, and meeting adjourned.

Officers in attendance were:
Lord Shirkon, Chairman
Lady Cosannie, Secretary

Members in attendance were:
Lord Tebon
High Lord Rorge

Visitors were:
Denissa, who has one interview for the house completed

Total number there: 5

We need you to come and join in the house meetings, let us get our meeting numbers back up.

Respectably submitted,
Great Lady Cosannie Whemigor, House Secretary