House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 5/6/2000

Ivastaen, Day 6, in the Year 5108

[House Phoenix, Library] The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: (Lady Evialla who is scribing), Lady Heathyranne, Rosamor, Lord Cynric, Priscius, Journeyman Kissendyl, Kismia, Balvazar, Apprentice Falicor, Graffy, Marekhi, Germinal, Lady Marinzol, Idatem, Borrk, Barquentine, Lord Bentkeys, Lady Elidan, Lord Jaialias, Cryheart, Hollylynn, Tarmonus, Otarr, Seijin, Hyssopp, Herry, Lord Butterfish and Foresty, who are all seated.
Obvious exits: north.

Jaialias recites:

Ah vould like ta velcome ya all ta our monthly 'ouse meeting. Ah vould like ta begin by announcin dat ve 'ave a new 'ouse co-secretary. Lady Heathyranne 'as taken da position o' co-treasurer. Nae co-secretary. Ah vould nae trade Hyssopp fer anythin."

Marinzol. Hyssopp and Seijin applaud.

Borrk says, "Congrats..."

Falicor says, "yippee"

Seijin exclaims, "Huzzah!"

Jaialias just gave Hyssopp a smooch. Jaialias recites:

"She 'as replaced Lord Sylvine who found dat 'e jes nae 'ad da time ta devote ta 'is duties. Sylvine did a vonderful job durin da time 'e 'eld da position""Afore ah give da floor ta Germinal, ah vould like ta make a request o' all membahs o' dis great 'ouse. 'e needs our 'elp"

Jaialias nods.

Marinzol says, "I already said I'd help but I didn't hear anything back."

Seijin peers quizzically at Jaialias.

Germinal chuckles.

Jaialias says,"ah vould like ta see our membahs take more o' an interest in our 'ouse, and dat is a great vay ta start in me opinion. Poor Herry 'as been 'ere lots o' times vhen 'e vas da only von 'ere"

Jaialias rubs Herry gently.

Jaialias says, "now, ah give da floor o'er ta Lord Germinal"

Germinal coughs, nods to Jaialias, and says,"The hunt schedule, as I'd written it, is comin to a close... For those with whom I've spoken, or who've offered their services... I'm currently compilin' th'new list... So I apologize if ye've nae 'eard from me in th'last few days..."

Falicor asks, "How old do ye hafta be to be a hunt leaqder??"

Heathyranne raises her hand.

Germinal says, "The way we organize th'hunts..."

Marinzol coughs.

Germinal nods to Heathyranne and asks, "Aye, m'lady?"

Heathyranne asks, "an we were already leading, are we keeping the same positions?"

Germinal nods to Heathyranne.

Falicor raises his hand.

Heathyranne says, "good. would hate to hae to memorize someting new", as she babbles something unintelligible and grins.

Germinal says,"Verra good question. Aye, any former hunt leader who'd like to keep 'is or 'er hunt can have it. Tis yours as long as ye're willin t'lead it..."

Jaialias says, "jes show up vhen ya commit yerself ta it", muttering under his breath, "ah can nae keep takin Herry 'untin 'cause da leadah nae shows up"

Germinal smiles softly and nods to Jaialias.

Kismia says, "I want to lead one on one condition."

Germinal nods to Kismia and says, "Aye, mahm"

Kismia says, "Someone bring along a little bather for me to sacrifice.", as she chortles softly at some secret joke.

Jaialias just tickled Kismia as Germinal raises an eyebrow and snickers, while Elidan smirks.

Rosamor glances at Kismia and says, "I like to bathe"

Kismia says, "Okay, I'll put it this way..."

Falicor exclaims, "I guess my hand isnt important to be noticed when raised!"

Germinal coughs as he gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Germinal says, " with most things involvin each partic'ler hunt...tha's up to th'hunt leader..."

Kismia snickers and says, "Baby-eater."

Cryheart says, "ye might not like the bath water lass"

Germinal says,"Now then, hunts are available for apprentices and masters of their craft alike"

Kismia nods and says, "I want a fresh one.", as she looks very far away for a moment, a wistful expression on her face.

Marinzol ducks her head and asks, "And those in between?"

Jaialias nods to Heathyranne.

Kismia rubs her chin thoughtfully and says, "To take far into the wilds..."

Germinal says,"For th'most part...a good hunt leader is someone who's very knowin about th'terrain of th'beast...and who can defeat it on a one to one basis..."

Kismia rubs her chin thoughtfully and says, "Where to complete the sacrifice..."

Hollylynn taps her foot impatiently.

Falicor peers quizzically at Kismia.

Germinal says,"We are also recruiting for Hunt Guides"

Kismia turns an inquisitive ear towards Germinal and says, "I'll hush."

Jaialias says, "a 'unt leadah needs ta be able ta keep 'is party safe vhen da crittahs start gangin up on da group"

Priscius asks, "Guides?"

Cynric shows Kismia his ivory cane.

Kismia gasps and exclaims, "Ooo, Cynric!"

Falicor raises his hand.

Cynric grins and says, "Another item for my phoenix collection."

Jaialias removes a twisted oaken staff carved with a spiral of tiny runes from in his noble's cape.

Jaialias leans on his staff.

Jaialias raises his twisted oaken staff skyward!

There is a bright flash and a small lump of white substance appears in the air and falls to the ground.

Germinal gazes heavenward.

Kismia splutters.

Cryheart asks, "did ye catch Falicor raising his hand?"

Jaialias put a twisted oaken staff carved with a spiral of tiny runes in his noble's cape, sits down and picks up some manna bread.

Kismia exclaims, "Well! I want a staff!"

Priscius pokes Kismia in the ribs as Kismia grins at him.

Hollylynn says, "that is very nice but there are people that been raising there hands"

Hollylynn coughs, coughs, coughs and points at Falicor.

Hyssopp raises her hand.

Falicor flails his arms about.

Jaialias says, "tis up ta Germinal ta call on dem"

Cryheart says, "I think it be a bit foggy in here to see"

Hollylynn asks, "who called on all the noise makers?"

Germinal says, "Where was I...nae"

Germinal nods to Falicor and says, "My apologies...I'm havin some kind of seizure tonight..."

Jaialias says, "an ah tink 'e vas 'avin a bit o' a rough time"

Cynric removes a simple wooden staff from in his medicinal satchel and offers it to Kismia.

Kismia says, "Oooo.", as she accepts Cynric's wooden staff.

Cryheart gazes heavenward and says, "tis a bit stormy outside"

Kismia nods to Cryheart.

Rosamor says, "Anybody bring food, I kinda hungry."

Falicor grumbles.

Germinal nods to Falicor and says, "Falicor! Question..."

You say, "spoil't lobster will do that, Germs"

Jaialias says, "can anyvon who 'ad a question please raise der 'and agin"

Otarr fans himself.

Falicor says, "Yes"

(Kismia tries to behave but it isn't easy.)

(Priscius scolds Kismia)

Priscius grins.

Kismia leans on her staff.

Falicor says, "This is the first meeting I have been in the house to see"

Priscius offers Rosamor a jam-filled cookie.

Germinal says,"I'd say the least number of trainings would be five. To lead the one to five group"

Rosamor smiles at Tarmonus and says, "Uncle Tarmonus is a good hunt leader."

Tarmonus smirks and replies, "Hardly."

Falicor says, "I gonna be 10 REAL soon"

Germinal winks at Falicor and says, "Well then you're more than qualified, an' ye and I should have a talk after th'meetin"

Rosamor says, "He keeps us healthy in trees."

Germinal smiles.

Falicor exclaims, "Yipee!!"

Tarmonus says, "Only when the little babbles keep their mouths shut and stop gigglin' long enough to actually swing a weapon."

Germinal says,"Seriously, anyone interested in leadin a hunt should join me after th'meeting. Dinnae matter your age, young or old"

Falicor says, "I would like to try it"

Graffy nods to Germinal.

Seijin raises his hand.

Germinal nods to Seijin and says, "Seijin! Question..."

Seijin asks, "Are hunts only held on weekends? Or can lead one sometime during the week, if I am so inclined?"

Germinal says,"Hunts are lead on Niiman and Feastday. At 8:30 an' 6:00 Elven, respec'fully"

Seijin nods.

Falicor asks, "And what days are those?"

Cryheart asks, "that morn or evening Germinal?"

Germinal nods to Cryheart and replies, "In th'eve"

Seijin grins and says, "I've ne'er been good at telling time...makes me late to ev'rything"

Falicor says, "ahhhhh"

Seijin smiles and nods to Germinal and replies, "Ok, thanks milord."

Rosamor says, "I always late 'cause I eat slow."

Seijin smiles at Rosamor.

Hyssopp says, "Germinal..I am gonna put my two silvers in. I could be wrong..but here it goes"

Cryheart leans on Hyssopp and remarks, "ahh..make it four silvers"

Hyssopp says, "We might start with the basic formula we had. Where the hunts were always the same night of the week. We just rotated the age level. Then..clerics like me would know, Okay..this night go to Phoenix and spell up folks. Start slow, then build up to more hunt nights if it is warrented. That way..Kismia and I could mark our calendar..hunt night..spell up folks"

Germinal and Kismia nod to Hyssopp.

Marinzol asks, "Only one night a week?"

Germinal asks, "Aye mean instead of two nights per week? Goin back t'one night?"

Heathyranne asks, "tis already two set nights and times, ye proposing one?"

Germinal nods to Heathyranne and says, "Aye mahm, true enough"

Hyssopp says, "Was just a thought"

Heathyranne says, "am just trying to clarify"

Elidan raises her hand.

Kismia says, "I'm all for it."

Cynric says, "Would be good to have just one night for now, and if there is a great turnout, then perhaps add more nights."

Marinzol shakes her head and says, "I'm against it. Some can't make one night, but can make the other."

Germinal rubs his chin thoughtfully and holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture, scratches his head and shifts his weight as he nods to Marinzol.

Heathyranne says, "well, I think the purpose of two nights is to help is on the weekends and one during the week day. Tis already set days and times so people should know when to show up to spell up"

Germinal says, "Some folks gotta tend t'other things on one night..may be able t'make another"

Cynric says, "All I've been hearing is that no one shows up to go hunting, except one or two people."

Hyssopp says, "Can you get enough hunt leaders to cover both nights "

You say, "Germinal can assess that fairly well based on turnout and availability of his hunt leaders as to showing up as well"

Germinal says, "Oh aye, tha's no problem"

Hyssopp nods to you.

Germinal says,"I think we can get enough'recent lag...May be on account of th'same leaders leadin for four straight months. I'll make up a three month schedule, shorter schedule...there's no shortage of leaders"

Germinal shrugs.

Seijin rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Cryheart raises his hand.

Germinal nods to Cryheart and says, "Aye, brother"

Elidan raises her hand.

Priscius says, "Perhaps we could elect new leaders on a monthly basis. Tis good experience for someone to lead a group."

Marinzol and Seijin nod to Priscius.

Heathyranne says, "too confusing"

Falicor asks, "Sooooo, do the hunters gt spelled up before every trip??"

Kismia nods to Falicor and says, "Course."

Germinal nods to Falicor and replies, "We try to, aye"

Cryheart says, "well..just a thought...get a committment..or schedule of those who are willing to go hunt on a certain day..then assign the hunt"

Germinal smiles and nods to Cryheart.

Falicor says, "Serry, i never gona been on a group hunt efore"

You say, "if I could just interject, on Germinal's behalf, putting together the schedule and coordinating it is no small task by any means, in short its a pain in the err..posterior"

Germinal chuckles and pulls you to your feet, saying, "oops"

Germinal grins.

Seijin laughs!

You wink at Barquentine and say, "as Barq can attest as well"

Barquentine grins and nods to you.

Heathyranne nods to Germinal and says, "and has already been done verra well. The problem is leaders nae showing up and or hunters nae showing up, in my opinion"

Cynric nods to Heathyranne and says, "Was my point about having one night."

Falicor says, "I think taht is it too"

Idatem asks, "And they aren't showing up because of what?"

Jaialias says, "more da leadahs den da 'unters"

Germinal says, "Aye, if Brother Cryheart is finished with his thoughts, I kin remark on tha', Sister Heathyranne"

You work your fingers under your silver circlet and scratch your head.

Heathyranne and Cryheart nod to Germinal.

Jaialias says, "'eathyranne an ah 'ad a group o' 6 'unters 'ere vaitin fer a leadah"

Heathyranne nods to Jaialias and says, "3 times"

Cryheart says, "aye..I be brother Germinal"

Tarmonus shrugs and says, "Sloth, forgetfulness, take your pick. Happens to me all the time."

Falicor says, "Most peopel dont shoe up because they dont know exactley what happens on a group hunt. That why i never came"

Germinal says,"I'd originally followed th'previous hunt leader's schedulin strategy when makin dese hunts...He'd scheduled for a four month commitment on th'part of hunt leaders. But a lot can happen in four months, as we all well know. I now realize that a shorter commitment...maybe three months...would be better"

Seijin asks, "The hunts are only open to house members, aye?"

Heathyranne says, "non members if they accompany a house member and realize all proceeds go to the house, I believe. but tis mostly geared towards our house"

Seijin nods to Heathyranne.

Falicor asks, "I think they are open to all, right?"

Hyssopp says, "They have morphed much since we first started the hunts in 5097"

Jaialias says, "dey are meant ta be fer 'ouse membahs, but ah 'ave taken a few non-membahs along"

Falicor says, "Like Aspis, right, we let all go on the hunt"

Germinal says,"The problems we've been havin with th'hunts have all been in th'last month..."

Hyssopp says, "We don't let COL members go on hunts Falicor."

You ask, "I don't agree with that, it doesn't show us to be very good missionary sorts if we do that, now does it?"

Seijin asks, "Perhaps a two-month commitment would be more manageble?"

Falicor exalims, "Ack, Icky CoL. Blech!"

Jaialias says, "nae Germinal, dey been prollems fer avhile, dey are jes bein noticed more now"

Kismia says, "Except for my one token CoLer."

Germinal says,"So my thoughts are to make th'commmitment more flexible, allowin more turnover in hunt leaders"

Kismia grins evilly.

Barquentine chuckles.

Seijin mutters under his breath and says, "Plumber's guild gots to get their own skins..."

Heathyranne raises her hand.

Falicor says, "I was a Master o dat evil place once! EVILLLLL is all i gotta say"

Hyssopp begins chuckling at Seijin as Priscius grins at him and Kismia chuckles.

Germinal says,"I've spoken to four hunt leaders who've missed their hunts in th'last week...and all four had pretty good excuses..."

Heathyranne raises her hand.

Germinal nods to Heathyranne and says, "Aye, mahm"

Heathyranne says, "I would like to suggest that all hunt leaders get a back up leader, and that they both hae to show up"

Kismia removes a festively painted clay jar from in her mage cloak.

Germinal smiles and nods to Heathyranne.

Kismia just opened a festively painted clay jar.

Cynric says, "Perhaps there should be two hunt leaders per hunt then, if they both commit to the same day and hunt and one doesn't show then you still have one leader there."

Falicor says, "One is a lueitenant"

Elidan exclaims, "good idea!"

Falicor asks, "Right?"

Germinal smiles says, "Seconded then" as he nods to Cynric.

Cryheart nods to Cynric.

You nod to Cynric and say, "good idea, that"

Cryheart gazes heavenward and says, "amen"

Falicor says, "Oh yes, good idea"

Germinal says,"It seems that'll be the way to go in this next rotation"

Elidan says, "team leadership also helps if a swarm of critters show up"

Falicor says, "Yes it would. Like dem nasty trolls"

Cynric grins and says, "And if they both don't show up, then its their heads."

Hyssopp asks, "So..everyone..who is gonna help Germinal?"

Germinal says,"However, often a solo hunt leader, with no friends of his age, may wish to lead a hunt"

Herry, Graffy and Elidan raise their hands.

Germinal asks, "Who's gonna help this solo leader out as a backup?"

Jaialias nods and replies, "ah vil take a 'unt group"

Marinzol says, "Me."

Germinal smiles at Herry and Graffy and Elidan.

Jaialias points at Marinzol.

Rosamor says, "I'd help but I'm too little."

Elidan says, "i will"

Heathyranne asks, "want to be my partner, granddad?"

Falicor says, "I would"

Seijin raises his hand and says, "I'd like to help..."

Jaialias says, "Marinzol 'as vanted ta 'elp fer a bit now"

Germinal bows and says, "Most kind..."

Kismia removes a peanut butter cookie from in her painted clay jar and asks, "Who likes peanut butter?", sniffing at her peanut butter cookie.

You blink at Kismia and exclaim, "gimme!"

Falicor says, "But I would like to be a leader"

Cryheart says, "I cannae...the times do conflict for me"

Hyssopp says, "I will help spell up..but please e-scroll me a schedule"

You say, "The schedule is and always has been posted on the web-site, easily available for all to see."

Graffy says, "No ya ain't, we can do it together"

Heathyranne says, "or we can take two hunt slots and cover each other"

Kismia says, "mmmm"

Tarmonus gazes heavenward.

Kismia offers you a peanut butter cookie. Enter ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

Cynric says, "I do."

Seijin asks, "Can we take the group away from the local area? Solhaven perhaps?"

Jaialias nods to Seijin.

You beam at Kismia as you accept Kismia's offer and are now holding a peanut butter cookie.

Cynric just tried to pull Kismia towards him!

Kismia giggles and says, "Has your name on it, Evialla."

Kismia removes a warm gingersnap cookie from in her painted clay jar.

Cynric says, "Sheehs, after all I gave you."

Germinal says, "Ok, seems like there's gonna be a lot of schedulin done this evening, after th'meeting"

Kismia offers Cynric a warm gingersnap cookie.

Falicor asks, "Can we take a group to by Solhaven?"

Cynric declines Kismia's offer.

(Marinzol pokes Priscius to see if he's breathing.)

Cynric says, "Yucky."

Falicor asks, "Like the beached hulk? er sumpin?"

Jaialias and Seijin nods to Falicor.

Kismia offers Cynric a warm gingersnap cookie.

Elidan says, "i can be a guide--ive been everywhere a 30 training person can go and have maps"

Germinal says,"Anyone who's interested in bein a hunt leader or backup leader, join me after th'meeting."

Cynric declines Kismia's offer.

Kismia asks, "Gingersnap alright?"

Cynric says, "No thank you."

Seijin grins and says, "That is a great place to take the youngins for some dirge quietin'..."

Kismia begins pouting.

Hyssopp asks, " about yer speller uppers Germinal? How doth we get them committed?"

Elidan says, "mossy caverns be great"

Falicor exclaims, "Great place fer MEEE to kill dirges!"

Marinzol says, "I'm a speller upper and a hunt leader, er want to be."

You glance at Kismia and begin to wail!

Kismia groans at you.

Seijin says, "Werebears are fun too..."

Cryheart says, "I already hae prepared to offer me services in the future for younguns of this House"

Falicor asks, "When this meetin end?"

Germinal says,"Lady Evialla has been helping with that for years now..She'd make sure she or another was around at th'time...I'd try to come back to provide what I could..."

Hyssopp says, "Maybe we could put Marinzol in charge of getting the speller uppers for yer hunts Germinal"

Germinal flails his arms about.

You mumble something under your breath.

Cynric says, "Doesn't matter who does the hunts, just match the leaders with the ones that pick the same hunt night."

Germinal nods to Hyssopp and says , "Excellent idea, m'lady"

Marinzol says, "Only on Feastday. I can't do the other day at all."

Germinal nods to Marinzol.

Rosamor asks, "Kin we talk about fun stuff now? Like food and parties?"

Barquentine raises his hand.

Tarmonus gazes heavenward.

Falicor exclaims, "Huntin is fun!"

Herry exclaims, "This IS fun stuff!"

Germinal grins and nods to Herry.

Kismia removes a toasted almond cookie from in her painted clay jar.

Cryheart grins and Seijin chuckles.

Falicor exclaims, "Yes!"

Germinal says, "Anythin ye could do'd be most appreciated"

Hyssopp says, "Nae Marinzol ye nae have to be there..just schedule"

Kismia shows Cynric her toasted almond cookie and asks, "How about almond?" as she cocks her head at Cynric.

Cynric splutters.

Kismia frowns and asks, "No?"

Cynric says, "No thank you."

Seijin shudders and says, "Parchment work..."

Marinzol grins at Hyssopp and says, "I'd rather be there to make sure people are doing what they say."

Hyssopp says, "Germinal can give you the time and day and you snag the wagglers for him Marinzol"

Tarmonus mutters under his breath.

Jaialias recites:

"Anyvon interested in 'elpin Germinal please see 'im aftah da meetin, ve need ta move on now"

Elidan says, "thats the idea"

Marinzol nods to Hyssopp and says, "Okay."

Jaialias says, "nicely done as alvays Germinal"

Germinal nods and bows to Jaialias.

Jaialias just hugged Germinal.

Germinal smiles and hugs Jaialias as he says, "Thank ye" and returns to his seat.

You remove a beautiful silver cookie pendant from in your Faendryl pack and show it to Kismia, who giggles.

Cynric removes a green frothy swirl from in his white greatcloak.

Falicor exclaims, "Mmmmm MMMmmm Good!"

Barquentine says, "And others what can't cast, can bring der mana so's can get done quicker"

You beam at Barquentine.

Jaialias recites:"Our next ordah o' business is dat Kismia 'as agreed ta enchant everrathin everravon owns ta ten times enchanted fer free"

Herry lets out a cheer!

Marinzol laughs and beams happily at Kismia!

Falicor says, "Mememe", and Heathyranne laughs!

Jaialias recites:"Ohh, vait, dats vrong"

Kismia bursts out in loud, raucous laughter.

You applaud Kismia.

Cryheart beams happily at Kismia and exclaims, "oh!"

Borrk lets out a cheer!

Cynric exclaims, "Yay!" as he turns to Kismia and cheers!

Seijin laughs!

Jaialias snaps his fingers.

Jaialias just gave Kismia a smooch.

Kismia says, "We can all dream."

Cryheart sighs and snaps his fingers.

Seijin beams and asks, "Even my turtle?"

Kismia nods and chuckles as she says, "I'd love to if I could."

Kismia just tickled Jaialias.

Jaialias recites:"Lady "eathyranne vil now update us on our Monthly Tease an Ales"

Rinkrat just arrived.

Heathyranne recites:

"This month Phoenix Tease and Ales Night will be held here in the library. The time is 5 elven, right before the House Hunt. Food and drink will be courtesy of Solhaven. I will be telling a tale of the Unlife. For those who do nae know..Tease and Ales is a time for new members and old to get together, hear some history, drink and eat, and otherwise hae fun. Anyone with ideas for tales please feel free to talk to me outside of the meeting!"

Rinkrat blinks.

Falicor asks, "Tease and Ales??"

Tarmonus asks, "Unlife? That still exist?", as he winks at you and smirks.

Germinal says, "We're workin on it Tarmonus"

Rosamor gazes in awe at Heathyranne and asks, "der gonna be cookies too?"

Falicor says, "Ooooohh"

Kismia glances at you.

Kismia nods to Rosamor.

Rosamor beams happily at Kismia!

Tarmonus cracks his knuckles and says, "From what I hear...people are planning to make ancient texts mysteriously vanish."

Cryheart takes a drink from his Eldreth death-rum and falls to the ground with a "thud". He doesn't appear to be moving. Poor baby!

Cryheart asks you where his arms are.

Jaialias takes a bite of his toasted almond cookie.

Cryheart sits up.

Kismia cocks her head at Cryheart.

Cryheart turns to you abruptly and tells you that he loves you.

Hyssopp says, "Okay folks ...please be quiet...let Heathyranne speak."

Cryheart's tongue hangs out of his mouth for a few moments.

Kismia rubs Cryheart gently.

Heathyranne recites:"Any questions about Tease and Ales?"

Falicor exclaims, "Cryheart ye silly! I dont know where ye arms are!"

Kismia says, "Oh, Cry...Tsk."

Cynric pokes Cryheart in the ribs.

Cryheart ducks his head.

Germinal says, "they're in yer sheath, bro"

Elidan raises her hand.

Heathyranne smiles at Elidan and says, "aye, Elidan"

Elidan asks, "what date be this event?"

Falicor says, "I know yer problem"

Jaialias smiles slightly as he searches about the room for Waldo2.

Falicor taps some bubbling Eldreth death-rum.

Cryheart says, "ahhh"

Germinal winks at Cryheart.

Heathyranne recites:"Tease and Ales are always the first Saturday of everra month at 5 elven. That means this month's will be this coming Saturday, the 6th"

Jaialias nods to Cynric and says, "'e is nae 'ere, now is da perfect time ta bring up da "monthly" dues"

Heathyranne asks, "any other questions?"

Kismia rubs her painted clay jar as Evialla chants quietly "Whiskey is better for Kismia. Whiskkey is better for Kismia.

Kismia grins at you and opens a festively painted clay jar.

Elidan rummages around in her pockets.

Germinal blushes a lovely shade of bright pink.

Cynric raises his hand.

Kismia asks, "Now how many of you recall me drinking whiskey?"

Tarmonus smirks.

Heathyranne asks, "aye, Cynric?"

Heathyranne grins and recites: "Solhaven"

Cynric says, "Thank you."

You stare at nothing in particular and say, "cannae tell"

Tarmonus takes a drink from his revenge whiskey.

Jaialias just tickled Kismia.

Cynric asks, "Where might the food and drink come from this month?"

Kismia says, "Blast. My jar's not baking."

Tarmonus put some Jastev's revenge whiskey in his hooded greatcloak.

Kismia put a festively painted clay jar in her mage cloak.

Seijin exclaims, "Whiskey is!"

Marinzol asks, "what time is the hunt again?"

Heathyranne recites:"Could we please cut down on the extraneous talking and movements? I cannae see people raising hands"

Heathyranne babbles something unintelligible.

Falicor says, "8:30 and 6:00, elven"

Marinzol smiles at Falicor.

Heathyranne recites:"House hunts are 8:30 elven on Thursdays and 6:00 on Saturdays...and Tease and Ales are the first Saturday of everra month at 5 elven."

Jaialias says,"ve 'ave da best group o' officahs an da best group o' membahs o' any 'ouse out der. Der is no question in me mind 'bout Phoenix bein da greatest o' 'ouses in des lands, and ah vould really like ta see more o' our membahs share da same interest in it as those o' us in dis room right now"

Falicor asks, "What do we do with alla that money?"

Elidan says, "throw parties--renovate the house"

Kismia chuckles and says, "Build shelves."

Germinal chuckles and says, "Lotsa shelves"

Falicor says, "That alotta money fer parties. Ye know. I could get alla the desserts for free at the premiwe house and save us all money!"

Rosamor asks, "We gonna have a Summer Festival?"

Kismia nods to Rosamor.

Elidan says, "gotta socialize ta get new mwmbers"

Seijin beams and exclaims, "Buy another rope for the willow tree!"

Kismia nods to Seijin and says, "Most assuredly. Good thinking."

Tarmonus says, "Eh, those ingrates."

Kismia grins at Tarmonus.

Falicor says, "Quiet in here"

Cynric asks, "The house accounts are my personal retirement funds, didn't you know that?"

Jaialias recites:

"Ah vould like ta congratulate all da people who vorked verra 'ard ta get da additions ta Phoenix completed"

Cryheart nods to Jaialias and says, "aye...job well done"

Tarmonus stares at Cynric and asks, "How old you plan to get before you retire?"

Cryheart asks, "and we going to vacation where Cynric?"

Rosamor asks, "Uncle Cynric gonna retire?"

Tarmonus says, "I think you should hit the rocker now."

Tarmonus nods to Cynric and says, "That hip isn't going to stay in one piece forever...empaths can only do so much."

Elidan giggles and says, "teras"

Cynric says, "I'm thinking about next week sometime."

Kismia appears to be checking her pockets for something, but finds them empty.

Cryheart chuckles.

Falicor laughs!

Barquentine says, "yes, the new additions are wonderous"

Seijin beams and exclaims, "Indeed...the new additions are very well done, especially the rope swing!"

Jaialias says,"particularly Lord Geijon, Ladies Hyssopp an Kristing"

Falicor asks, "What new additions?"

Falicor says, "I guess I no notice new additions since I only been in da house fer 1 month"

Cryheart nods to Jaialias.

Barquentine applauds.

Heathyranne exclaims, "oh aye, the new additions are gorgeous!"

You raise your hand.

Germinal and Marinzol applaud.

Tarmonus winks at Idatem and says, "We'll jes' have to swipe it and see if he remains standing."

Heathyranne says, "if anyone hae nae seen them, I suggest tagging along on an initiation tour or wandering around yerself"

Jaialias says, "o' particular interest ta me is Hyssopp's niche. we've 'ave a statue o' me Lady Lumnis now"

Kismia says, "Aye, they are very very nice. The renovations that is."

Cryheart says, "I like the mist"

Cynric says, "Ah, nice."

Heathyranne says, "tis beautiful"

Jaialias smirks and says, "next removations vil include a private vorkshop fer Kismia"

Barquentine says, "They only opened a few weeks ago"

Cynric says, "Hmm...I have one myself.."

Rosamor says, "Godmommy gots a pretty room."

Jaialias snaps his fingers and says, "vait, got dat vrong too"

Hollylynn raises her hand.

Jaialias smiles and nods to Hollylynn as he asks, "aye Holly?"

Hollylynn asks, "has Waldo2 or who ever is doing inductions added the renovations to the tour?"

Cynric says, "Not I, yet."

You raise your hand.

Hollylynn nods.

Jaialias says, "Waldo2 vas vorkin on it, ah believe 'e 'as"

Cynric says, "Waldo may have."

Heathyranne says, "he at least does the new lockers and Gaq's area. I hae nae seen anyone take the full tour after locker check though"

Seijin asks, "Has the map been updated on the spider place?"

Jaialias says, "Evialla vould be da von ta ask 'bout dat"

You say, "not yet Seijin, its being worked on"

You raise your hand.

Seijin smiles and you and says, "Ok"

Jaialias asks, "aye Lady Evialla?"

You say,"I would like to also express appreciation to Lord Jaggery, and to those of us who may not remember it was largely his designs of our swimming area, waterfall, and so forth many years ago at the onset of planning."

Germinal, Jaialias and Kismia nod to you.

Cryheart says, "yeppprs...I love that swimming hole"

Jaialias recites:"Vould anyvon like ta address any issues afore ah bring da meetin ta an end?"

Jaialias asks, "aye Evialla?"

Cynric raises his hand.

Hollylynn raises her hand.

You say,"I would just like to make one nice announcement..and that is that Geijon and I have a new son, who is here with us this eve. Our new son, Seijin"

Evialla smiles proudly.

You wink.

Berillia gasps and gives you a smooch.

Haephestus smiles as he wanders about granting random hugs and kisses to all.

Germinal grins.

Seijin smiles at Haephestus.

Jaialias grins at you.

Haephestus, Barquentine and Marinzon beams happily at you!

Berillia says, "Noooooo"

Seijin smiles.

Berillia asks, "Really??" and beams happily at Seijin!

Heathyranne says, "I keep telling her to get married first..."

Idatem nods to Heathyranne.

Berillia says, "Well", and bites Seijin!

(Seijin smile sheepishly.)

Haephestus asks, "NAow, ehrn ye gi hitched?"

Tarmonus gazes heavenward and says, "And the demon blood lives on..."

You blush a glowing shade of red.

Jaialias says, "congrats"

Cryheart scratches his head as he glances at you and says, "ye hid your pregnancy well lass"

You say, "except for the voracious appetite, yes"

Seijin smiles.

Tarmonus nods to Cryheart and says, "T'is the sorcerer's magic."

Germinal's jaw drops.

Germinal smiles at Seijin.

Seijin smiles at Germinal.

Marinzol says, "I've got another announcement."

Jaialias says, "Holly, den Cynric"

Jaialias says, "Holly, da floor is yers"

Hollylynn asks, "When is the next enchant slot raffle?"

Cynric asks, "Who is it?"

Jaialias says, "good question"

Jaialias nods to Hollylynn.

Jaialias asks, "kismia, vould ya 'ave an answer fer dat?"

Kismia says, "Thought actually it was going to be tonight. Let me double check."

Hollylynn seems to be waiting for something.

Jaialias says, "ah tink Geijon vas ta announce it vhen 'e sends out 'is next scrool"

You nod to Jaialias and say, "this eve I think"

Hollylynn shrugs.

Jaialias says, "vhich vil be vit Hyssopp's summary o' dis meetin"

Kismia frowns and says, "Aye, Geijon wrote that a drawing would take place this evening at this meeting."

Kismia looks rather confused.

Kismia asks, "Who's been handling the drawings?"

Haephestus nods to Kismia.

Jaialias recites:"Finally, me brotha, house co-chairman Lord Cynric 'as da floor"

Jaialias leans on Cynric.

Cynric pokes Jaialias in the ribs and says, "Umm...I was just kidding."

Jaialias nods to Marinzol and "marinzol is up den"

Marinzol recites:

"You're all invited to my wedding, which will be sometime this month, details coming though." Kismia smiles at Marinzol and exclaims, "Wonderful!"

Berillia and Germinal applaud.

Heathyranne says, "congratulations, Marinzol" and beams happily at her!

Cryheart and Germinal smile at Marinzol as Brendokken grins.

Cynric asks, "Where will the wedding be held? The Phoenix temple is quite nice."

Jaialias beams happily at Marinzol while Haephestus lets out a cheer and Germinal turns to Marinzol and cheers!

Tarmonus mutters something about weddings...

Berillia glowers darkly at Haephestus and says, "Oh, fer others ye cheer"

Marinzol says, "I'm thinking River's Rest."

Falicor exclaims, "Congrats on the new ball & chain!!"

Jaialias recites:"Von last announcement den ve vil vrap it up"

Haephestus says, "Do it in da sewers? Fittin fer a weddin"

Marinzol peers quizzically at Haephestus.

Berillia thumps Haephestus and says, "Jist cause yer too cheap"

Haephestus says, "Ow!"

Cryheart rubs Haephestus gently.

Germinal chuckles.

Borrk says, "Congrats Marinzol"

Falicor says, "Jes kiddin"

Germinal just nudged Falicor.

Seijin beams happily at Marinzol!

Thorin asks, "Da jail cell?"

Hyssopp asks, "What about what Kismia brought up Jaialias?"

Thorin nods to Haephestus.

Haephestus says, "Dat where ye droog me love"

Kismia grins at you.

Jaialias asks, "vhat did she bring up?"

Hyssopp says, "The raffle"

Haephestus says, "I hae a wee one as weel Folks"

Cynric clears his throat.

Marinzol smiles at Cynric.

Heathyranne nods to Cynric.

Jaialias says, "Geijon vil be addressin it in 'is next mailing"

Kismia nods and says, "Ahhh"

Haephestus says, "AN I might, late though I be"

Marinzol says, "I want it on the River's Rest point."

Kismia smiles at Marinzol and says, "Beautiful."

Cynric nods to Marinzol.

Berillia cackles!

Jaialias recites:

"Aftah many 'ears o' 'ard vork, Lady Heathyranne be set ta join da ranks o' da legendary soon as both me an me vife be around ta vitness it"

Jaialias, Rosamor, Seijin and Barquentine beam happily at Heathyranne!

Herry, Thorin, Germinal, Hyssopp, Cynric, Barquentine and Marinzol applaud.

Haephestus lets out a cheer!

Berillia just gave Heathyranne a smooch.

Hyssopp says, "About time"

Falicor exclaims, "Yipeeee!"

Cryheart and Borrk smile at Heathyranne.

Seijin exclaims, "Way to go, cousin!"

Cryheart says, " more mister target"

Heathyranne grins as she leans on Cryheart and and says, "yer always my target"

Falicor exclaims, "I gonna be 10 and she gonna be 50....wait a sec, that is depressing!"

Cryheart and Kismia chuckle.

Heathyranne says, "tis alright, Falicor..took me 4 years to get here"

Cynric says, "No comment on age."

Tarmonus gawks at Jaialias.

Haephestus just gave Berillia a smooch.

Jaialias grins at Tarmonus.

Cynric appears to be ignoring everything going on around him.

Hyssopp says, "Haephestus has an announcement Jaialias"

Thorin begins chuckling at Cynric.

Jaialias recites:"An finally, Tarmonus vil 'ave da floor, den Haephestus vil make an announcement"

Berillia's face turns slightly pale.

Falicor exclaims, "That is even MORE sad, I never gonna make it!!!"

Heathyranne and Kismia just tickled Falicor.

Tarmonus blinks and asks, "I will?"

Berillia snickers.

Kismia says, "Course you will."

Seijin grins.

Jaialias squints at Tarmonus and asks, "did ya nae vant it?"

Hyssopp pushes on Tarmonus without much success.

Falicor says, "Ooo man"

(Cryheart glances at the floor)

Tarmonus says, "Very well then. YOu asked for it."

Tarmonus stands up.

Jaialias grins.

Tarmonus says, "All I can say is..."

Tarmonus removes some bubbling Eldreth death-rum from in his hooded greatcloak and takes a from is. He falls to the ground with a "thud". He doesn't appear to be moving.

Tarmonus wobbles for a moment looking unsteady.

Cryheart raises his Eldreth death-rum in a toast!

Falicor says, "Is he takin it fer repairs or what."

Seijin laughs!

Kismia grins.

Thorin glances at you.

Tarmonus asks if you have seen his mother.

Seijin applauds Tarmonus and exclaims, "Well said!"

Kismia just nudged Haephestus.

Cryheart rubs Tarmonus gently.

Tarmonus hiccups!

Tarmonus sits up.

Kismia chuckles, stretches and glances at Priscius, saying, "Well..My man's fallen asleep and it's past my bedtime."

Haephestus says, "Aye, jes a wee bit"

Tarmonus says, "Eh, it's up to Evialla."

You ask, "what?"

Cynric says, "I would like to say one thing for the final closing."

Tarmonus smikrs and says, "I don't feel like talking about it if it's to be kept silent until it's ready."

Rosamor exclaims, "Tanks for da cookies!"

You say, "Oh, alright"

Germinal ducks his head and says, "Just a reminder anyone interested in leadin hunts... after th'meetin"

Tarmonus shrugs and says, "At least, that's how I thought you were viewing. Err, it."

Berillia peers quizzically at Haephestus and asks, "Well?"

Haephestus blinks and asks, "My turn?"

Falicor seems to be waiting for something.

Kismia whimpers and says, "Everyone's trying to steal my cookie jar."

You lean on Kismia as you stare at nothing in particular.

Jaialias nods to Haephestus.

Kismia turns an inquisitive ear towards Haephestus.

Haephestus says, "Three fast ones"

Berillia says, "An' make it short fer a change. I hae to get some sleep"

Jaialias grins at Berillia.

Berillia and Seijin grin while Cryheart chuckles and Germinal cackles!

Haephestus says, "Ferst, coongrats oon de hepped wi da expansion, verra nice"

Berillia nods and says, "I second that"

Kismia nods to Haephestus.

Haephestus beams happily at Berillia and says, "Secont, I wish ye all ta ken I love me wife as strongly as ever..."

Berillia's face turns slightly pale as she squints and says, "Emmm"

You grin, Idatem grins and Seijin smirks while Jaialias beams happily at Haephestus!

Kismia just tickled Haephestus and grinned at him.

Berillia blushes a lovely shade of bright pink and asks, "Why does that need special mention?"

Falicor says, "Well I would say I loved her....but I dont know her"

Kismia begins chuckling at Falicor and grins at Berillia.

Haephestus says, "Last, I whish ta announce da return O a relic ta da house, one dat been missin dese past 4 years..."

Tarmonus shivers and asks, "Geijon's toothbrush?"

Cryheart nods to Tarmonus.

Kismia chuckles and grins at Tarmonus.

Cynric and Cryheart grins, as you poke Tarmonus in the ribs.

Cynric says, "This is a toothbrush.", as he taps a crystal-handled tooth-cleaner.

Cryheart applauds and says, "ahh..that one, well done"

Hyssopp beams happily at Haephestus!

Haephestus says, "Cause ye special ta me love"

Berillia blushes a lovely shade of bright pink as she says, "Eee"

Haephestus removes a razor-sharp diamond-edged mein broadsword engraved with a phoenix from in his grey imflass harness.

Haephestus throws his head back and howls!

Hyssopp gasps.

Haephestus raises his mein broadsword in triumph!

Jaialias blinks.

Graffy says, "Ooo"

Cryheart says, "kilt even harbs it did"

Brendokken smiles at Haephestus.

Hyssopp is admiring Haephestus.

Haephestus taps a razor-sharp diamond-edged mein broadsword engraved with a phoenix.

Berillia grins and asks, "Kin I add something to that?"

You applaud Haephestus.

Falicor asks, "Is te relic that cool sword?"

Haephestus put a razor-sharp diamond-edged mein broadsword engraved with a phoenix in his grey imflass harness.

Berillia asks, "I reckon ye hae nae read the house tree yet, husband?"

Seijin says, "Beautiful..."

Germinal throws his head back and howls!

Germinal nods to Haephestus.

Berillia grins and says, "I advise ye to do so"

Heathyranne beams happily at Haephestus!

Germinal says, "Congratulations Haephestus"

Haephestus says, "Nae love, me forgewerk hae prevented it"

Jaialias removes a pearl-hilted longsword from in his stained wand harness.

Berillia removes a rusty handaxe from in her wizard's cloak.

Falicor just opened a heavy iron chain link harness.

Falicor removes a glyph-etched dwarven battle axe from in his chain link harness.

Berillia put a rusty handaxe in her wizard's cloak.

Herry says, "the story of that blade would be good for Tease and Ales night"

Berillia takes a blushing beanbag bumblebee from her shoulder.

Falicor put a glyph-etched dwarven battle axe in his chain link harness.

Berillia grins and pushes a blushing beanbag bumblebee along the ground, making bumblebee-ish noises, as she says, "bbbbbbbbbb"

Falicor says, "buzz buzz buzz"

Haephestus says, "Mayhap, I still werkin oon gettin da full one"

Berillia pokes a blushing beanbag bumblebee in the middle.

Berillia perches a sitting beanbag bumblebee carefully on her shoulder.

Kismia just hugged Jaialias.

Cryheart grins.

Cynric says, "Hyssopp and myself are looking for more volunteers for the cleric workshop."

Berillia kisses a sitting beanbag bumblebee, causing it to flash with a faint pink light!

Tarmonus gazes heavenward and says, "Oh, that."

You mutter rowdy.

Haephestus asks, "Why na a warriors werkshop?"

Jaialias recites:"'ave a great eve everravon"

Germinal recites:"All interested in leadin hunts or bein guides, Join me please!"