House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 5/4/2004

Ivastaen, Day 4, in the Year 5104

House Meeting started on time with the induction of new member Mecrea

Attendance: Shirkon, Mirarte, Mirandabliss, Mecrea

Request was made for members to give input for events they wish to hold and encouraged to use mailing list. Treasury report
General Funds : 133160979
Endowment : 85000000
Loans Owed : 0
Monthly Expenses : 69500
Monthly Cash Flow : 4180500

Members : 1984

Warnings were made about going to solhaven because of the mularosian activity there.

Mirarte discussed making changes and additions to the house site, all submissions can be sent to her or group mail. If anyone wants to help plan events or send submissions, contact her at

Weekly drawing was held and won by Errethe for a black spidersilk cloak.

Shirkon deeply says, "Stitched in fine red spidersilk on the cloak you see a fire fueled by undead corpses. Flames from the inferno form a fiery phoenix and the champions of the battle stand in victory around the blaze."

Mirandabliss, House Phoenix Secretary