House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 5/2/2006

Ivastaen, Day 2, in the Year 5106

House meeting started with Shirkon leading, in attendance were Jaialias, Murgin, Cryheart, Stearpike, Graffy, Rosamor, Rhamor, Caranorn, and Shirkon.

Cryheart gave the financial report saying, we have over 156 million in the general fund, and our endowment is maxed out as usual.

Shirkon reported, On a related note, dis froms Tressle Phoenix began Olaesta 2006 with 11 influence points. This House ran 0 influence-earning events in Olaesta (0), spent no influence (0), and has a capped endowment entering Ivastaen 2006 (+1). At this time, Phoenix has 12 influence points.

We discussed having a regular weekly spell up, perhaps during interview time, suggestions or volunteers are appreciated.

A few quakes happened and was a good sign for raffle, Rosamor won a supple leather weapon harness glittering with ruby dust and a vultite estoc with a ruby-studded gold hilt

Mirandabliss, House Phoenix Secretary