House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 4/6/2004

Olaesta, Day 4, in the Year 5104

Monthly Meeting of the House of the Rising Pheonix was opened by Shirkon

I. New [House] Commands
There are a lot of new items available to the houses now, new roster verb, the ability to set up house events quickly, a blackboard to leave messages for members, a new voting system, and easy contact with house controller for officers.

II. report on Solhaven
Zerroth V'tull's man was defeated.
Eryael, of Mularo's is suppose to be on his way.
The fortuneers are planing a raid on Sankir's isle soon.

III. New Members.
new members Rinny and Koleph were added to mail list.

IV. Monthly Prize.
Raffle was won buy Murgin. a leather saddlebag style hip-satchel, some imflass chainmail, a horse-tail plumed cavalry helm an a reinforced ora jousting lance.

Mirandabliss, House Secretary