House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 4/5/2005

Olaesta, Day 5, in the Year 5105

House meeting for Phoenix started on time at 10 pm EST.

Attendance: Gorde, Deevareeree, Lord Jaialias, Cryheart, Koleph, Adyr, Shirkon, Mirandabliss

Shirkon deeply says, "General Funds 135666478, Endowment 85000000, Loans Owed 0, Monthly Expenses 69500, Monthly Cash Flow 4180500 and Members 1998."

There was no old house business

New business was the vote for a new co-secretary Candidates is Adyr and Koleph. Votes can be cast from any house property, this includes any lockerh location in all towns. To cast a vote, type Vote House and select your choice. This is a secret ballot, no one will knows who cast votes fer who. Voting will be open fer a 2 week period from this date and time.

Planning started for the summer event, we are in need of house member to please aid with this function, including the planning. Planning meeting is the 12th at 10 pm eastern. Any good ideas can also be sent to the group mail.

Mirandabliss Van'Cur, House Phoenix Secretary