House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 4/4/2006

Olaesta, Day 4, in the Year 5106

Meeting started at 10:05 pm est in attendabce were myself Lord Adyr, plus Graffy, Shirkon, Barquentine, Cryheart, Matti, and Rosamor.

The Meeting was opened with the treasury report by cryheart. Our endowment has been maxed to 100, 000, 000 silvers.
Our current general fund has 156,386,980 silvers.

Shirkon announce that Da Houses gathahed ovah 160 million in a bit ovah a week ta makes sure all Houses is capped.

Da new cap will gain us 10 Influence Points ta use fer events, House improvements and da like.

We still needs more ideas fer food fer da House Pantry.

We is plannin ta has a big event in bouts 2 months though ta celebrate da 15th Anniversary o' da House.

We gonna needs ideas fer events/contests ta hold durin our Anniversary Event, sa gits ya brains werkin on it.

The raffle for the month was for a a drakar-plated glaes war hammer, which was won by Barquentine and an elegant drake ball and chain won by Matti.

Meeting was Adjorned at this time at 11:05 pm. House Phoenix
~Lord Adyr Dreae~