House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 3/7/2006

Charlatos, Day 3, in the Year 5106

House meeting was called to order by Shirkon, at 10:00 Elven

In attendance: Hillgren, Cryheart, Stearpike, Tiirs, Lord Jaialias, Graffy, Rhamor, Rosamor, Shirkon, Mirandabliss.

Treasury Report:
176,397,980 silver in the General Fund

We will be voting as a house on option 7 of those given to us. It reads; "Set a "soft cap" on the endowment. (For the purposes of debate, consider 2 million silver as the soft endowment cap-- that's not a solid number, but it is in the ballpark of what might be considered acceptable.) Monthly interest payments and monthly fees continue with a maximum payment determined by the soft cap. The hard cap is removed entirely. Once a year, Houses receive bonus influence points in an interest calculation based on the total amount of silver in the endowment.

We will be getting food in our pantry. Everyone please send in your suggestions for the food carts. There was a clerk put in allowing us to design and have made items for prizes.

Interview times have been moved 30 minutes earlier on Wednesday nights, the time is 9:30 elven time

Cryheart won the monthy Raffle, this month's prize was an ebon mandolin painted with winged cherubs

Mirandabliss Vancur, House Phoenix Secretary