House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 3/3/2000

Charlatos, Day 3, in the year 5100

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: (Lady Evialla who is scribing), Lord Waldo2, Lady Heathyranne, Lord Cynric, Lauraellen, Lord Jaialias, Berillia, Lady Chryslyx, Leklee, Lightsky, Herry, Journeyman Tzaphquiel, Roja, Foresty, Stearpike, Graffy, Rosamor, Ceolmhor and Journeyman Kissendyl who are all seated.
Obvious exits: north.

You see Lord Jaialias Develen the Giantman Master Rogue.
He appears to be in his 80's, has long, braided black hair, violet eyes, and dark skin.
He has a small lockpick tattoo on his neck, and a tattooed symbol of Lumnis on his ankle.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a pearl-hilted longsword in his right hand.
He is wearing a gold ring, a veniom-plated golvern breastplate etched with the image of a fierce drake, a delicate golden and ruby wedding band, a simple golden locket, an intricately designed ruby armband, a giantman noble's cape emblazoned with the images of an ancient lockpick and a leering skull, a midnight-blue kilt lined with black pearls along the edges, a silvery-threaded midnight blue tam o'shanter intricately trimmed with majestic black pearls, a black tabard embroidered with a silver W in a ruby circle, some hammered eog coudieres, a mithril hammer earring, a pair of silver-threaded boots, a midnight blue silk pouch with black pearls sewn along the opening, a golden phoenix pin, a silver targe-shaped kilt-pin, a tiny jade nose ring, a pair of black pearl-clasped gloves, some steel-rimmed spectacles, a midnight blue veniom-threaded backpack, a golden spidersilk gem pouch, a mithril juggernaut pin, a black imflass shield emblazoned with the blood red visage of a leering skull, and a battle-worn blood-stained wand harness clasped with a pure golvern skull with leering ruby eyes.

You see Lord Cynric Dragon-heart the Giantman Priest.
He appears to be in his 110's, has shoulder length, wavy black hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing some ora-plated golden invar gauntlets, a pair of buckled leather bracers, a spidersilk medicinal satchel, a heavy gold Kuor symbol, a translucent spidersilk backpack, a high holy symbol, some reinforced black leather trousers, a leather locksmith's belt, a shining golden armband, some steel-toed white leather boots, a golden phoenix pin, an emerald wolf's paw dangling from a thick black twisted cord, some delicate ivory prayer beads, a white spidersilk pouch embroidered with exquisite golden holy runes and clasped with a crimson phoenix, a preacher's prayerbook pouch, a white scabbard trimmed with tiny emeralds and engraved with golden holy runes, a long white spidersilk greatcloak trimmed in grey puma fur and clasped at the neck with a fiery crimson phoenix, some ancient plate armor, a stark-white shield trimmed in golden veniom and emblazoned with a fiery crimson phoenix, and a crystal amulet.

You see Germinal Maegenbrod the Half-Elf Woodsman.
He appears to be in his 90's, has shoulder length, wavy black hair, green eyes, and fair skin.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a fiery ruby phoenix figurine, a crystal amulet, a moss green surcoat, some fitted elven scale mail, a rainbow glaes nugget ring, some mud-caked forest green trousers, a braided elven leather satchel, a braided leather belt, an imflass threaded war harness, some knee-high myklian scale boots, a leaf-shaped Imaera pin, a shield-shaped Voln pin, a sprig of Imaera's Lace, a puma hide pouch, a firecat skin pouch, some leather armor-backed gauntlets, a forest green glaes spider charm, a vultite belt buckle, a golden phoenix pin, a tiny green glaes spider, a glass amulet, a sable scroll case, a thick modwir armband, a deep blue wool cloak clasped with a golden acorn, and a crude gold ring.

Jaialias recites:"Good evenin everravon" Lauraellen says, "evening Jaialias"

Stearpike says, "Good, eve, m'lord"

Herry smiles at Jaialias.

Lightsky says, "Hello Jaialias"

Waldo2 points at Jaialias and says, "go jaialias go jaialias"

Cynric begins chuckling at Waldo2.

Waldo2 smiles, he gives Heathyranne a firm punch and backs away from her.

Germinal smiles, while Berillia and Lauraellen grin.

Jaialias leans on Waldo2.

Chryslyx grins and leans on Jaialias. Jaialias recites:

"Ah vould like ta velcome ya all ta our monthly meeting, and ah am verra glad ya all could make it. Before ve begin, ah vould like ta velcome back an ole officah back"

Cynric grins and says, "Waldo? He's been here for years."

Jaialias recites: "Lord Cynric 'as taken 'is rightful place as an officah 'ere, and ah assure ya 'e vill do an excellent job"

Tzaphquiel says, "havnt been to a meeting in forever"

(Heathyranne tsks at Tzaphquiel.)

Heathyranne grins and applauds, giving Cynric a smooch.

Roja says, "This is my first meeting ever"

Stearpike applauds and beams happily at Cynric!

Stearpike, Leklee, Germinal and Lauraellen applaud.

Cynric blushes and babbles a few incoherent words, looking sincerely flustered.

Tzaphquiel smiles at Heathyranne.

Berillia nods to Roja, as he Roja grins.

Cynric stands up, bows and says, "Thank you.", then smiling, returns to his seat.

Jaialias just hugged Cynric.

Tzaphquiel cringes as he says, "matter o' fact i dont think iv ever been to one"

Heathyranne pokes Tzaphquiel in the ribs, as Lauraellen smiles at him, he licks a grey Voln medallion.

Lightsky smiles, while Stearpike glances at Jaialias and Berillia leans back. Jaialias recites:

"Da first ordah o' business be an update on Teas and ales. Ah vould like ta call ta da floor me granddaughta 'eathyranne"

Jaialias smiles at Heathyranne and says, "proceed"

Heathyranne smiles at Jaialias and Stearpike smiles at Heathyranne.

Heathyranne recites:

"For those of ye that do nae know the House Tease and Ales Night is hosted by me on the first Saturday of every month at 5 p.m. elven. This Saturday, join us to hear Cynric recount a lovely tale from Icemule. Refreshments will be served, straight from the freezing land itself. Tis a time of socializing, History and storytelling and making new members welcome. I look forward to seeing ye all there! Spread the word"

Heathyranne smiles sweetly and takes her seat while Cynric smiles at her and says, "Very nice.", causing Heathyranne to blush a nice shade of off-pink.

Roja shivers and Herry says, "mmm, tarts"

Germinal smiles and asks, " one's this weekend, aye?"

Jaialias says,"anyvon 'ave any questions or comments fer 'eathyranne, please raise yer 'ands"

Berillia pokes Germinal in the ribs and says, "Dinnae know ye were Phoenix"

Germinal ducks his head, smiling as he raises his hand.

Heathyranne grins, smiling at Germinal and asks, "aye?"

Germinal blinks and says, " answered it, thank yah"

Lightsky raises her hand.

Jaialias smiles at Lightsky and says, "aye Lightsky"

Lightsky asks, "Where is this to be hald?"

Germinal leans on Berillia and smacks his lips as Berillia's face turns slightly pale.

Heathyranne grins and says, "verra good question. Twil be through the archway, by the pond". Shivering, she continues, "we need a warm place with all those freezing tales"

Lightsky nods to Heathyranne.

Lauraellen smiles and says, "oo, a nice location, we can play with the catfish"

Cynric nudged Heathyranne saying, "Here at the house. There are a lot of archways and ponds around. Hehe."

Jaialias leans on Cynric, as Heathyranne says, "aye, here in the house", tickling Cynric. Jaialias recites:

"Any otha questions fer 'eathyranne?"

Jaialias nods to Heathyranne and says, tank ye 'eathyranne."

Heathyranne smiles at Jaialias and Heathyranne returns to her seat.

Jaialias recites:

"Germinal vil now be discussing our 'ouse 'unts. Germinal, da floor be yers"

Germinal coughs and nods to Jaialias, as he stands up, while Chryslyx nudges him.

Germinal coughs and says,"Thank you Jaialias and House officers...I am proud to report at this time...That the Landing Hunt Schedule is now one hun'red percent complete!"

Germinal smiles.

Heathyranne beams happily at Germinal!

Foresty, Herry, Leklee and Lightsky applaud.

Germinal coughs, blushes a nice shade of off-pink and says, "...only took me a month..."

Jaialias nods to Germinal and says, "nicely done"

Cynric says, "Very good."

Germinal says, "Now then...We are still in desperate need of Guides for other areas. I currently only have two Icemule guides...and one of them is doubling as a Pinefar Guide I need guides for Solhaven, River's Rest, and Teras...""So, if ye be an elder hunter...or know of any who might be interested, please take me aside after this meetin"

Stearpike rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Lightsky raises her hand.

Ceolmhor asks, "Explain the function of a guide again?"

Jaialias smiles at Germinal and asks, "'ow often ya vant ta do Teras 'unts?"

Ceolmhor says, "Sorry", and clasps her hand over her mouth.

Germinal grins, leans on Ceolmhor and says,"The Guides purpose...Is to...Well, let's just say that guides are members who tend to hunt in non-landing areas routinely"

Jaialias put a pearl-hilted longsword in his stained wand harness and removes a galvorn and rularon plated broadsword from within it. He leans on his broadsword.

Germinal says,"and they put themselves on standby for any House member who happens to need some guidance or direction in their usual hunting ground...So say, if I went to Foggy Valley, I'd call for a Phoenix guide on the amunet, and, if th'guides around, they could provide some direction and maybe take me on a hunt. It's purely on a standby, case-by-case basis, and, if ye know th'guide's can make mailed arrangements with 'im or 'er""And obviously...we'd need some experienced folks for areas like Teras and Pinefar, but areas like River's Rest, Solhaven, can be any age group"

Ceolmhor beams happily at Germinal!

Leklee raises his hand.

Cynric nods to Germinal.

Graffy blinks.

Foresty says, "Sounds like a good idea."

Germinal nods to Jaialias.

Jaialias says, "ah can 'elp vit Teras"

Lauraellen raises her hand.

Jaialias says, "Leklee 'as a question"

Germinal says, "Well, that's one more"

Germinal nods to Leklee and asks, "Aye Leklee?"

Leklee says, "are there going to be scheduled hunts for different ages"

Germinal says,"Th'only current scheduled hunts are for th'Landing area...given the relative scarcity of folks in other areas. But, if we could assemble some younger hunt guides...they could serve in other areas"

Leklee nods and says, "thank ye"

Jaialias says, "Lauraellen 'as a question"

Germinal nods to Lauraellen.

Lauraellen says, "are there any plans to get guides for the Landing area so people can tour areas they don't normally go to? It's easy to get in a rut if you don't know the behaviors of other critters and their areas."

Germinal rubs his chin thoughtfully and says, "Well...most scheduled Landing hunt leaders are flexible, and th'beasts an'areas listed are too..." "I know of at least two hunt leaders who made it a proviso of leadin tha' they could change th'beast depending on the group that particular night..."

Lauraellen grins and nods to Germinal.

Lightsky raises her hand.

Jaialias nods to Lightsky and says, "Lightsky"

Germinal nods to Lightsky and asks, "Aye sir?"

Ceolmhor giggles, nudging Germinal and says, "Ma'am", to which Germinal ducks his head and blushes a nice shade of off-pink. Lightsky asks, "I could lead for most of SH but in my profession I am a lil weak at this age to be a huge help. Could there be other help fer me if I lead?"

Germinal says, "oh apologies..."

Ceolmhor giggles and Waldo2 chuckles, as Cynric smiles.

Germinal says,"Well, for Solhaven yer age be less a factor. There's plenty to lead younger folks to me after th'meeting, we'll see what we can do, ok?"

Lightsky says, "Ok"

Heathyranne raises her hand and Germinal nods to her, smiling as he asks "Aye Heathyr?"

Heathyranne asks, "for the far away areas, do we ever just hae a guide run a hunt and let any who want come? to further educate people about the benefits of our house? If we build our membership in our outlying areas ye will hae a better pool to draw from. A "hosted by phoenix guides hunt for adventurers of 20 trains that kind of thing"

Germinal says, "Well, like with House events...and with th'recently deceased House Militia....I think it prudent to take such things on a case by case basis. Ye just need to make a judgement of th'person at th'time...determine if they're a Luukosian, for an extreme example...and invite them if ye think they might be a good sort an'would benefit.""But I'd think House hunts are for th'most part for members"

"Unless there're objections from th'officers...I see no problem with that"

Germinal nods to Heathyranne.

Leklee raises his hand.

Jaialias nods to Roja and says, "Roja"

Roja asks, "quick question Is the schedule posted now?"

Germinal says,"Th'landing schedule is posted...along with a rather...brief...list of guides"

Cynric says, "House hunts should be for house members. It was developed originally get get members together and perhaps find new hunting partners."

Germinal nods to Cynric and says, "There you have it Heathyr"

Heathyranne grins and says, "aye, House Hunts should be...that was nae exactly my proposition. Tis alright"

Jaialias says, "'er proposition is ta 'ave ta guides teach da hunt leaders, so, ah take da teras 'unt leaders around Teras and show dem everrathing afore'and"

Heathyranne says, "well, and occasionally, since we nae hae house hunts out there, per se, just open it to all...nae a house hunt, but a hunt hosted by the guide of the house, to increase interest. But we nae do that now..and that's a different topic, so we can table it"

Germinal asks, "Ah, thus educatin th'leaders for a future schedule in that area?"

Jaialias nods to Germinal.

Leklee says, "why not rotate some meeting to other areas and have a hunt from there it would help build interest in other areas a number of people from the landing have moved to RR and Solhaven try having a meeting there once in a while"

Jaialias squints at Leklee and asks, "meetings or 'ouse 'unts?"

Germinal says,"Well, we need to keep the landing hunt schedule static, that's fixed. But, what Heathyr and Jaialias are proposing, is to set up new schedules for other areas, with hunt leaders trained by the guides in those areas""of course...we need guides in those areas first. But we first need a solid, reliable list of guides for all those areas""I'll be sticking around near th'tables after the meeting, for anyone interested in being a guide for any non-landing area, or who may know of one who wishes to contribute""oh, and to those who whispered to me, tha's where I'll be to answer yer questions an'complaints""Ok, tha's all I have..."

Germinal coughs, nodding as he says, "I think it's a great idea"

Germinal ducks his head and smiles.

Leklee says, "Not the monthly meeting but house hunts"

Jaialias asks, "any otha questions fer da 'untmastah Germinal?"

Germinal smiles and says, "Thank ye..." as he bows to Jaialias, Cynric and to Waldo2, returning to his seat.

Lightsky applauds.

Cynric says, "Very nicely done."

Waldo2 smiles.

Cynric says,"I would just like to add that if anyone has any questions, complaints or ideas, all the officers can be sent letters to from the house website, so please pass this info on to the members. There has been word of lack of communication on our part and the members, but its as easy as sending us mail from the website, under "meet the officers".

Jaialias asks, "now, Germinal, are ya done?"

Germinal exclaims, "oh, aye! Indeed I am, thank ye"

Jaialias says, "hmm, lets see"

Jaialias recites:

"Now a verra quick summary of da 'ouse funds"

Waldo2 rummages around in his pockets.

Cynric appears to be checking his pockets for something, but finding them empty, mutters under his breath, and says, "I'm poor as usual."

Roja rummages around in his pockets.

Germinal chuckles.

Heathyranne just handed Waldo2 some coins and examines her fingernails.

Germinal and Stearpike grins, as Lauraellen chuckles.

Germinal raises an eyebrow as he grins and asks, "hm...ain' th'hunters been linin' them coffers? Less someone 'as sticky fingers..."

Heathyranne snaps her fingers.

Jaialias recites:

"Ve 'ave in da general fund a total o' 24207630
Ve 'ave in da endowment fund a total o' 37478453"
ve dun owe any loans.
Our monthly cash flow far exceeds da monthly costs ve 'ave.
And ve 'ave broken da 1800 membah mark!"

Stearpike and Roja blink, as Rojsa says, "wow."

Roja beams!

Heathyranne beams, as she throws her head back and howls!

Germinal grins and applauds as he throws his head back and howls!

Cynric says, "Excellent."

Lauraellen smiles and nods to Cynric.

Waldo2 says, "going to hit that 50,000,000 barrier before too long for the endowment account"

Tzaphquiel's jaw drops, and Chryslyx smiles.

Tzaphquiel raises his hand.

Germinal raises his hand.

Jaialias says, "ah vil nae field questions. ah am jes recappin it"

Stearpike, Herry and Foresty applaud.

Germinal grins and exclaims, "Phoenix forever!"

Waldo2 says, "1811 now tonight"

Foresty begins chuckling at Germinal, as Heathyranne nods him.

Heathyranne says, "tis the idea"

Lauraellen winks at Heathyranne and grins.

Tzaphquiel raises his hand.

Lauraellen says, "i remember when we broke the 1000 mark"

Germinal nods to Lauraellen.

Waldo2 chuckles and says, "I remember when we had 20, or less actually"

Germinal chuckles.

(Tzaphquiel waves his hand around)

Ceolmhor smiles at Waldo2.

Jaialias leans on Waldo2.

Heathyranne just tickled Waldo2, mutting something about oldmen.

Lauraellen nods to Cynric and grins, nodding to Heathyranne.

Cynric says, "I remember the 300 mark."

Lauraellen says, "you're just older than dirt"

Lauraellen smiles innocently and tickles Cynric, giving him a smooch.

Cynric exclaims, "I ain't old!" as he blushes and babbles a few incoherent words, looking sincerely flustered.

Heathyranne nods and says, "I remember the 1800 mark"

Lauraellen smiles at Cynric, while Ceolmhor begins chuckling at Heathyranne, and Herry pokes Heathyranne in the ribs.

Germinal coughs and says, "well, seein as I'm only twenny and just joined las'week...I cinna make any such claims..."

Jaialias says, "now, ah vil speak a little bit bout da 'ouse events fer Foundah's month"

Tzaphquiel asks, "are ye gonna answer mine?"

Jaialias smiles and says, "ah said ah vil nae answer questions 'bout da treasury" Tzaphquiel coughs and says, "my bad"

Jaialias leans on Tzaphquiel and says, "ah nae am capable o' doin so now"

Heathyranne nods to Tzaphquiel and says, "can write the treasurer though"

Jaialias says,"if'n ya vould all take a moment an read news item 4 10

Dateline 2/29/2000:
* ~ *Think you know your way around the lands?* ~ *
The House of the Rising Phoenix is proud to present Jaialias' Elanthian History Races in honor of Founder's month. Races will be held on Saturday, March 4th, at 12, 2, and 4 PM Elven. The House of the Rising Phoenix will be the starting point for each race. If you think you know your way around the lands, then this is the race for you. Great prizes and a quick education on historic Elanthian locations. Contact Lord Jaialias, in front of Phoenix, this Wednesday at 8 PM Elven and Friday at 10 PM Elven for more details.

Jaialias says,"unfortunately da local government 'as asked me ta postpone fer 3 veeks. dey said due ta da unusual veatha ve be gettin lately, ah bettah ride out da storm"

Ceolmhor begins pouting as Foresty frowns and Roja babbles something unintelligible.

Lady Storiana just arrived.

Heathyranne just hugged Storiana.

Jaialias beams happily at Storiana!

Jaialias clasps Storiana's hand tenderly.

Storiana just hugged Jaialias.

Heathyranne beams and exclaims, "gran!"

Jaialias just kissed Storiana on the lips.

Storiana just kissed Heathyranne on the nose.

Lauraellen ducks her head and says, "good! then i'll get to come hopefully"

Germinal nods and says, "all things considered...prolly th'wisest thing..."

Heathyranne examines her fingernails and says, "and think how much time we'll hae to make it hard"

Jaialias says, "'eathyranne vil now give a brief recap o' da event ah 'ad planned"

Jaialias snuggles up to Storiana.

Storiana beams happily at Jaialias!

Storiana says, "sorry for the interuption"

Jaialias says, "yer certainly nae interuptin"

Heathyranne recites:

"History Races are a fun event!

Ye all start at the front of the House and a clue will be recited. That clue leads to a location. Run to that location and ye are given another clue, To another location, And so on...4 stops in all. The clues are all history related, About the lands and about the people. There will be a person to look for at each stop. Specific directions will be given at the time of the race. Twil be fun with great prizes. We are proud to host this event on behalf of the house For Founder's Month"

Heathyranne asks,"Questions?"

Lightsky raises his hand.

Germinal raises his hand.

Stearpike says, "Do sounds like grand funs"

Heathyranne says, "Lightsky"

Lightsky asks, "Is there a plan to post some study material fer use youngers who don't know our history to well?"

Heathyranne says, "nay, nae a plan fer that, but reading up on the official history helps. Also looking around at other adventurer's libraries and our house website"

Cynric says, "I believe there is some bit of history on our website."

Leklee raises his hand.

Lightsky asks, "Will the answers come from the offical history?"

Heathyranne says, "not all of them, some were formed as the lands evolved. So getting to know yer way about town and the lands and old scrolls such as Kelfour's Edition would be helpful"

Jaialias says, "may'aps ya may be vell served by readin da Kelfour's edition dat chronicles some o' da events o' Kulthea as vel"

Cynric says, "History in general, everything that has happened till that night of the race."

Heathyranne asks, "who else had questions?"

Rosamor raises her hand.

Heathyranne says, "Rosamor"

Germinal says, "there're many historical tomes out there, assembled by the wide variety of scholars in this town"

Rosamor asks, "Is this history month, or next month?"

Heathyranne says, "this is Founder's Month"

Germinal raises his hand.

Stearpike smiles at Jaialias and asks, "Twill be abits like the militia trainings we had, eh m'lord?"

Heathyranne says, "things are a bit postponed by the gods due to all the weather problems"

Heathyranne says, "Germinal"

Jaialias nods to Stearpike and says, "aye, verra much so, but much more organized"

Stearpike nods to Jaialias.

Germinal asks, "oh, well...just wonderin if an exact reschedule date's been rescheduled?"

Heathyranne says, "3 weeks from this Saturday for our History Race, that would be the 25th, I believe"

Cynric says, "The 18th."

Jaialias says, "25th"

Cynric says, "Nope, your right."

Heathyranne grins and says, "nay, 18th is two weeks, Cynric."

Jaialias says, "Cynric 'as von o' dem special calenders"

Cynric gives Jaialias a firm punch and backs away from him, grins and says, "I'll go back to sleep."

Heathyranne asks, "Leklee, did ye hae a question?"

Rosamor says, "25th is the big god auction, not a good weekend"

Jaialias smiles at Rosamor and "dat may be delayed"

Heathyranne peers quizzically at Jaialias and asks, "and we would be done before the auction, aye?"

Jaialias says, "auction all veekend"

Leklee says, "nae ye answered it for me already"

Heathyranne nods and says, "ah"

Cynric says, "The auction is a weekend event."

Heathyranne asks, "any more questions?"

Cynric raises his hand.

Heathyranne says, "Cynric"

Cynric grins and asks, "Umm...Are there prizes for the winners of the race?"

Heathyranne pokes Cynric in the ribs, grins and says, "wondered if anyone would ask that"

Germinal asks, "smooth stones, I Heathyr?"

Heathyranne nods to Germinal.

Germinal nods.

Herry laughs!

Heathyranne grins and says, "aye, smooth stones"

Storiana asks, "a good education?"

Stearpike chuckles.

Heathyranne beams happily at Storiana!

Heathyranne says, "actually, aye, we give smooth stones and a good education, and we keep the alters fer ourselves..."

Cynric says, "Other than that of course."

Jaialias nods to Heathyranne.

Heathyranne says, "seriously, the winner of each race will receive one auction from the kind and generous Lady Kristing"

Germinal says, "wow", and whistles tunelessly to himself.

Jaialias says, "each vinnah vil get a custom alter from a famed Elanthian artisan"

Heathyranne says, "tis a bring yer own material sort of thing...she will nae make things out of air, er auction"

Heathyranne mutters under her breath.

Cynric asks, "Auction or alteration?"

Heathyranne says, "I meant alter, and she is helping us find the artisan I believe"

Cynric nods and says, "Ah. Very good."

Heathyranne smiles adorably. She's always good.

Rosamor bounces around happily and exclaims, "Happy Founder's month, everyone!"

Germinal beams happily at Rosamor and says, "Happy Founder's month to thee, Rosamor"

Rosamor beams happily at Germinal!

Jaialias says, "now, moving on""Ve vil nae recap da clerical tings Cynric an Hyssopp be vorkin on 'til next meeting"

Jaialias adds, "Anyvon 'ave any questions 'bout anything, or vish ta 'ave anythin else brought up?"

Cynric says, "The only info I have on that is that I've sent Hyssopp the names of volunteers. There should be some info going out soon by her, through escroll though."

Jaialias recites:

"Den ah motion ta end dis meeting, any objections"

Jaialias rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Germinal stands up, stretches and flinches, as a pained expression crosses over his face.

Heathyranne grins and says, "I second the motion"

Jaialias recites:"Tank ya all fer coming, and may Lumnis vatch o'er ya and guide ya!"