House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 3/1/2005

Charlatos, Day 1, in the Year 5105

Attendance: Adyr, Yviara, Eahlstan, Koleph, Cryheart, Shirkon, Balintine and Mirandabliss.

We had nominations for the co secretary spot, nominates are Koleph and Adyr all voting will be done in the lands, messages and reminders will be placed at the blackboards outside the house and through the Mailing List.

The situation in Solhaven was discussed.

The House had returned a sack of game medals that the winners never claimed and we will be trying to find the proper owners

Raffle was for a red phoenix crested pouch and scripted scroll and quill, winner was Adyr

Mirandabliss, House of the Rising Phoenix Secretary