House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 2/8/2001

Fashanos, Day 8, in the Year 5101

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: Germinal, Lord Jaialias, Goeffro, Karinya, Lord Dorcelott, Ellgore, Gorde, Lord Cynric, Lady Heathyranne, Matti, Lord Shirkon, Journeyman Nepanth, Lady Nureau, Hargo, Cryheart, Midgar, Rosamor, Monax, Yzan, Marinzol, Washee
Obvious exits: north.

Jaialias recites:

"Now, ah say ve should get started"

Jaialias says, "ve 'ave many tings ta go o'er dis evenin. Ah vould liek ta begin vit 'eathyranne an vhat is new in regards ta da glad games. 'eathyranne, da floor is yers"

Heathyranne smiles.

Heathyranne says, "but we did get an update at the quarterly CHE meeting I wanted to pass along, with telling of the glad games. The houses have til this friday to respond to whether or not they will participate, we of course already responded affirmatively. We need two more Master of Games and 1 more alternate. I have some volunteers already, but am waiting ti lnext week to send the names to the officers to pick"

Nepanth grins and raises his hand.

Heathyranne says, "just in case someone here wanted to, so if you are interested, you need to send me a scroll"

Nepanth says, "depends when it is heathyranne"

Jaialias says, "an fer those o ya dat dun know vhat affirmative means, ve agreed ta kick some arse dis 'ear agin"

Shirkon says, "I kin be a Master, Heathyranne"

Nepanth grins at Jaialias.

Heathyranne says, "aye, we plan on winning it back, we do not have a date yet"

Nepanth asks, "you going to do those things either way so what we got to lose?"

Nepanth leans on Jaialias.

Jaialias says, "von vord fer ya"

Nepanth nods to Heathyranne.

Jaialias says, "Drizzsdt"

Germinal grins.

Heathyranne says, "once Psionix gets all the Houses participating, he will set up weekends for our trials"

Jaialias gazes heavenward.

Midgar asks, "Who's gonna be fightin'?"

Rosamor says, "I just wanna cheer."

Heathyranne says, "trials will be where we decide"

Midgar says, "ah"

Midgar nods.

Jaialias says, "anyvon who vants ta participate can try ta qualify"

Nepanth nods to Jaialias.

Heathyranne says, "soon as we know how many trial weekends, then Psionix will be able to firm up an actual date for the games"

Midgar asks, "How do ye qualify?"

Heathyranne says, "and I or Hyssopp will pass that information on"

Jaialias says, "ya can come vatch Cryheart and ah beat each otha up relentlessly, tis a great time"

You ask, "have a guess?"

Heathyranne says, "midyear, probably. That is really all the information I have right now..they will happen...they are progressing. We will win"

Jaialias asks, "can everravon please vait until she is done afore ya ask questions?"

Cryheart grins.

You say, "we need a strategy team and coaches or 4 or 5"

You let out a cheer!

You raise your fist in a display of defiance.

Heathyranne smiles at Jaialias.

Heathyranne says, "thank ye, granddad"

Heathyranne asks, "now...any other questions?"

Rosamor raises her hand.

Heathyranne asks, "aye, Rosamor?"

Rosamor asks, "Would anyone else like to cheer?"

Rosamor smiles winningly.

Hargo raises his hand.

Heathyranne says, "I am sure many will...and as we get closer to the time you can help put together a cheering group"

Heathyranne asks, "aye, Hargo?"

Shirkon says, "Ya kin leads da cheerleaders fer us"

Cryheart sings:

"Rah rah ree...kick em in the knee"

Rosamor asks, "You fightin' daddy?"

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Nepanth just nudged Cryheart.

You grin at Cryheart.

Shirkon says, "Nae"

Cryheart says, "oof"

Hargo asks, "As a member, I've never had the chance to participate, so I must ask what sort of games will be had?"

Cryheart clasps his hand over his mouth.

Rosamor begins pouting.

Nepanth grins at Cryheart.

Shirkon says, "I heps Heathyranne"

Monax says, "knew the old coot would lose his marbles one day"

Monax leans on Cryheart.

Heathyranne asks, "gladiator games are fighting games. I know not much about how they work. Granddad, answer that one?"

Cryheart nods to Monax.

Heathyranne grins at Jaialias.

Jaialias says, "L'Infamy is comin out o' retirement ta compete in both da magical an non-magical classes"

Cryheart mutters shaman.

Heathyranne grins at Jaialias.

Cryheart says, "tis on one"

Cryheart says, "mano y mano"

Hargo nods to Cryheart.

Rosamor says, "mana a mana"

Rosamor glances at Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "and that too"

Hargo says, "and is it to defeat or death?"

Jaialias says, "an dey e'en make me take me armor off and vear sum off da shelf stuffs"

Cryheart grins.

Rosamor says, "hand to hand"

Jaialias grins.

Midgar asks, "Do ye get yer armor and weapon given to ye?"

You say, "woman y o mano y, etc too"

Rosamor smiles at Cryheart.

You grin.

Shirkon says, "House wids da most wins, wids da games"

Cryheart nods to Midgar.

Hargo nods to Shirkon.

Cryheart says, "no magical gear"

Jaialias says, "ah dun tink ve can lose dis 'ear"

Hargo asks, "What is the victory condition?"

Cryheart says, "until one is left"

Shirkon says, "Losers usually knockeds outs"

Hargo asks, "To the death then?"

Hargo says, "ah"

Cryheart says, "also team competitions"

Heathyranne says, "as we get closer to the time, I am sure we will have more details. Also the rules were posted on the local message tree if any wishes to dig them up"

Cryheart nods to Heathyranne.

Rosamor says, "Maybe I bring cookies for da fighters."

Midgar says, "Ye cannae die in the arena I believe"

Hargo bows to Heathyranne.

Cryheart nods to Midgar.

Jaialias says, "der be some verra tuff competition"

Hargo says, "I see"

Washee asks, "cookies?"

Hargo says, "thank ye"

Washee asks, "chocolate ones?"

Jaialias says, "specially magikally"

Rosamor nods to Washee.

Washee asks, "or almond ones?"

Washee beams!

Rosamor says, "make em strong"

Heathyranne says, "that is all I had on this, granddad"

Heathyranne nods to Jaialias.

Cynric says, "Shall we continue with the meeting, this glad games discussion could continue on our house boards."

Jaialias says, "dem Dhe'nar vit Celtic, Kree and Snuffy"

Jaialias chuckles.

You mutter blech.

Hargo asks, "Was this the only topic for discussion?"

Jaialias says, "Brigatta got lots o' casters. ah am sure Kadesha vil bind me first"

Shirkon shakes his head.

Heathyranne says, "oh...just remember, if you want your name in the pot to assist, please send me a scroll"

Nepanth nods to Heathyranne.

Jaialias says, "Next ordah o' business is ..."

Jaialias says, "'eathyranne vit 'er tease and Ales update"

Germinal chuckles.

Germinal mutters something about hats.

Heathyranne recites: "Our one year anniversary Tease and Ales will be held this Saturday at 5 elven"

Hargo raises his hand.

Jaialias nods to Heathyranne.

Heathyranne recites:

"Jaialias will be our guest speaker
Food and drink provided as per usual!
Come join the fun and learn some history!"

Jaialias says, "vonce agin, please 'old all questions until da speakah requests questions"

Shirkon just tickled Rosamor.

Hargo says, "sorry"

Jaialias removes a wicked grey laen handaxe from in his stained wand harness.

Jaialias waves his grey laen handaxe, and a deep, rumbling sound resonates through the air around it: *ROOOooo-ahhhhhh*.

Heathyranne asks, "aye, Hargo?"

Jaialias put a wicked grey laen handaxe in his stained wand harness.

Hargo asks, "Dear Lady, could you explain what the Tease and Ale is please?"

Heathyranne says, "certainly"

Jaialias removes a pale yellow leather bankbook from in his noble's cape.

Jaialias opens the cover on his yellow leather bankbook.

Heathyranne says, "Tease and Ales is a monthly gathering. I bring in a guest speaker and some food and drink"

Jaialias studies his yellow leather bankbook for a moment.

Jaialias blinks.

Heathyranne says, "we listen, we drink, we eat, we learn, we socialize. Tis once a month, first saturday of the month. But this month's was postponed so Granddad could make it"

Rosamor asks, "cookies too?"

Rosamor smiles at Heathyranne.

Hargo says, "sounds most enjoyable"

Heathyranne says, "foods vary"

Heathyranne smiles at Rosamor.

Shirkon bows to Germinal.

Heathyranne asks, "any other questions?"

Jaialias says, "Next ordah o' business, 'eathyranne, yet agin vit a report o' da 'ouse funds"

Heathyranne recites:

"General Funds: 11452130
Endowment: 85,000,000
Loans: 0
Expenses: 69500
Cash Flow: 4180500"
Heathyranne recites:

"Donations: Zizzle's inventory to be auctioned at a later date
A golden vultite shield with our coat of arms engraved on it by an anonymous donor"
Jaialias says, "'eathyranne doin a good job fillin in 'ere"

Heathyranne recites:

"Protectors deposits: a lot...I just lost my scrolls with the amounts..."

Jaialias asks, "is dat 96 million total?"

Jaialias blinks.

Heathyranne nods to Jaialias.

Heathyranne says, "we are prospering nicely"

Cryheart rubs Germinal gently.

Heathyranne asks, "any questions on the treasury report?"

Jaialias asks, "96 million total?"

Jaialias squints at Heathyranne.

Heathyranne says, "almost yer bank account"

Heathyranne nods to Jaialias.

Jaialias studies his yellow leather bankbook for a moment.

Nepanth says, "i say we add onto the house with that much coin"

'I don't think we got paid yet eithah on the endowment interestNepanth ducks his head.

Heathyranne says, "nae quite that high though"

Heathyranne grins.

You say, "I don't think we got paid yet eithah on the endowment interest"

Germinal clears his throat.

Cryheart raises an eyebrow.

Jaialias says, "fer da first time in 'ears da 'ouse 'as more den me"

You ask, "that make it a hundred?"

Jaialias chuckles.

Germinal chuckles.

Germinal shakes his head.

Cryheart glances at Jaialias.

Cryheart smiles.

Germinal gawks at Jaialias.

Nepanth grins at Jaialias.

Nepanth rubs Jaialias gently.

Heathyranne says, "aye, if Kristing hae nae rolled over the endowment interest, we've got a bit more in the general fund"

Jaialias put a pale yellow leather bankbook in his noble's cape.

Cryheart mutters moneybags.

Heathyranne says, "the endowment tops at at 85 mil"

Jaialias taps a coin pouch with the Elanith Bank symbol stamped on it and "Property of Jaialias" stitched below the stamp in xenium thread.

Jaialias winks at Cryheart.

Heathyranne says, "we are self sufficient and always will be"

Heathyranne smiles.

Rosamor raises her hand.

Cryheart chuckles.

Heathyranne asks, "aye, Rosamor?"

Nepanth grins.

Rosamor asks, "Kin we do somefin fun wid all dat money?"

Shirkon chuckles.

Karinya chuckles.

Heathyranne says, "aye, I'll discuss that later"

Cryheart grins.

Heathyranne grins at Rosamor.

Germinal says, "Eh, I've taken a vow of poverty..."

Germinal shrugs.

Shirkon asks, "More chocolate Rosamor?"

Heathyranne nods to Jaialias.

Rosamor says, "Like install a cookie tray...ok."

Rosamor nods to Shirkon.

Jaialias says, "Germinal, yer up"

Nepanth grins at Germinal.

Germinal bows to Jaialias.

Germinal says, "M'lord, thank you."

Jaialias says, "protectors den 'ouse 'unts"

Rosamor licks some fine elven chocolate.

Cynric says, "The Tease and Ales monthly event is paid for using some of the house funds."

Jaialias says, "verra velcome rangah"

Rosamor smiles at Cynric.

Nepanth leans on Jaialias.

Jaialias nods to Nepanth.

Germinal says, "Well, the Protectors continue to hone their martial skills. If you know not...we meet every Sunday at five pm elven time 'ere in the House Library. For those unfamiliar with our group, or for those newly initiated, the Protectors of the Citadel is a cadre of House Phoenix members who's sole purpose is to defend our House, and our Home here in the Landing. During our excursions, we strive to exemplify the code of honor and decency upon which our noble House is founded. Many times during our trainings, we are remarked upon by passersby as showing excellent teamwork and morality. Such a thing occurred during our most recent training, in fact. It is by deeds that we spread what we here assembled already know - those precepts which aid us in turning back Chaos and the Unlife. Now, I'd like to turn the remainder of the Protectors report over to Captain Shirkon, as he has some very important news regarding the tactical situation within Icemule Trace."

Germinal says, "If anyone wishes to learn more of the Protectors...Please contact Warrant Officer Nepanth, or myself, after this meeting."

Jaialias asks, "Marinzol, ya 'ave a key to da workshop?"

Germinal says, "Captain Shirkon..."

Germinal bows to Shirkon.

Marinzol says, "Aye, Jaialias."

Marinzol taps a sparkling black mein key.

Jaialias says, "'and it o'er fer a second"

Jaialias nods to Marinzol.

Marinzol removes a sparkling black mein key from in her lavender silk bodice.

Marinzol offers Jaialias a sparkling black mein key.

Jaialias accepts Marinzol's black mein key.

Jaialias stands up.

Nepanth says, "if anyone has wish's to learn more or join the protectors please pass me a whisper friends"

Shirkon says, "As mosts o' ya knows I be da laison twinxt da Protectors an house Onoir an da Northern Fury"

Lord Jaialias just went north.

Nepanth ducks his head.

Rosamor gazes fondly at Shirkon.

Cynric asks, "Why did you give him the key?"

Marinzol says, "He asked for it."

Marinzol says, "He's an officer."

Shirkon says, "Las weekend der were portents in da sky which drews me ups ta Ice Mule"

You ask, "what if he's a spy?"

You gasp.

You grin.

Heathyranne says, "he's running to get washee something"

Heathyranne just tickled you.

Washee blushes a glowing shade of red.

Rosamor exclaims, "portents!"

Marinzol says, "He's also a wolf."

Washee says, "speaking of washee"

Heathyranne touches one finger to her lips.

Shirkon says, "Flaming stars in da sky an such"

Washee raises his hand.

Lord Jaialias just arrived.

Jaialias offers Marinzol a sparkling black mein key.

Cynric says, "Marinzol is capable of doing it."

Jaialias sits down.

Marinzol accepts Jaialias's black mein key.

Marinzol put a sparkling black mein key in her embroidered cloak.

Jaialias offers Washee a black steel axe.

Washee drools.

Washee accepts Jaialias's steel axe.

Washee bows to Jaialias.

Jaialias bows to Washee.

Marinzol nods to Cynric.

Shirkon says, "Wells, I rans up ta Mule and mets wids Lairde Tebon o' House Onoir"

Cynric says, "I also hold the officers key for the workshop."

Marinzol says, "Sorry, Cynric, I thought since he was an officer, he wouldn't ask without a good reason."

Washee put a black steel axe in his ruby-dusted longcoat.

Shirkon says, "We was on Penguin Hill watchin da stars turns red an winks outs when we heared dat der were a new buildin in town"

Jaialias rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Washee nods to Shirkon.

Heathyranne says, "Shirkon is updating us for his part of the Protectors situation"

Heathyranne nods to Jaialias.

Marinzol raises an eyebrow in Shirkon's direction.

Rosamor shudders.

Shirkon says, "We wents ta town center and saws Thurfel"

Germinal frowns.

Germinal nods to Shirkon.

Rosamor exclaims, "glad I wasn't der, I woulda been scart!"

Germinal tightens his grip on his wool greatcloak.

Shirkon says, "Ya all shoulds knows by now abouts da truce twinxt him and da Northern Fury which phoenix be honorin"

Rosamor gazes fondly at Shirkon.

Germinal nods.

Nepanth nods.

Shirkon says, "Well, Thurfel started rantin abouts stargazers in "His" town widouts him permission"

Rosamor's jaw drops.

Nepanth sighs.

Nepanth nods to Germinal.

Rosamor asks, "he owns da town?"

Rosamor says, "methinks da townspeople all own it."

Rosamor smiles as she blows bubbles in her milk.

Shirkon says, "We searched fer da new guild and was by one o da abandoned houses, when Lairde Blizzerdd cames ups an saids him found it. We alls joined him ceptin Thurfel who gots a thing fer Blizzerdds wife"

Heathyranne says, "no accounting for taste"

Nepanth shivers.

Heathyranne stares off into space.

You say, "methinks all I can think is making shredded Thurfel biscuits"

Goeffro smiles.

You lean on Rosamor.

Rosamor smiles at you.

Nepanth says, "nae forget rills evialla...nae forget him"

Nepanth mutters under his breath.

Shirkon says, "Well, Blizzerdd tryin ta be friendly tooks Thurfel's hand an leds us all ta da Sorcerer's Guild"

Jaialias removes a Cay embossed ivory hilted broadsword from in his noble's cape.

Jaialias shows Karinya his ivory hilted broadsword.

Shirkon says, "Well, Thurfel blowed a few brain cells I tells ya"

Jaialias put a Cay embossed ivory hilted broadsword in his noble's cape.

Marinzol raises an eyebrow.

Cryheart says, "some are already blown I suspect"

Shirkon says, "Ordahed his bodyguard Rills ta kills Blizzerdd"

Hargo gasps.

Nepanth nods.

Nureau gasps.

Shirkon says, "In fronts o' abouts 40 o' us"

Marinzol frowns.

Shirkon says, "Rills did it"

Nepanth says, "very nasty shot to"

Nepanth shivers.

Hargo mutters brigand.

Jaialias asks, "Could ah take 'im son?"

Jaialias squints at Nepanth.

Nepanth shivers.

Nepanth says, "i hope so dad"

Germinal says, "In point of fact, Thurfel's soldiers' skills are not as formidable as their master...a clever and skilled fighter is all that is needed."

Germinal frowns.

Shirkon says, "Den Thurfel started goin on's abouts no one gittin his permission ta builds da guild in his town and den he warned us ta gits outta town"

Rosamor exclaims, "mean guy!"

Shirkon says, "Most everyone lefts but I fer one wonna runs from such as he"

Rosamor nods to Shirkon.

Washee frowns.

Nepanth nods to Shirkon.

Hargo's entire body tenses as he clenches his fist.

Washee nods to Shirkon.

Shirkon says, "He tooks outs his sceptre started wavin it around and den it gots hot and poof, we all founds ourselves on da dock on da Isle.

Shirkon says, "Founds outs latah him were tryin ta drops us in da volcano"

Rosamor says, "oooo ouch"

Rosamor shudders.

Cryheart says, "shows his aim is off"

Germinal says, "No way to treat honored guests..."

Shirkon says, "Sums o' dem what were sents were o 9 trains an I tells ya der reception on da Isle werena pleasant. Dat all I kins reports since tooks quites a whiles ta gits back waitin fer da boat an alls"

Nepanth says, "i would like to add one more thing"

Nepanth ducks his head.

Nepanth smiles at Shirkon.

Shirkon bows.

Heathyranne nods to Shirkon.

Germinal frowns.

Germinal nods to Shirkon.

Heathyranne says, "quickly, Nepanth. We're short on time"

Germinal says, "Thank you Captain...tis most troubling indeed"

Shirkon sits down.

Nepanth says, "after you were brought to the isle shirkon blizz attacked rills"

Jaialias just arrived.

Germinal asks, "aye Nepanth?"

Jaialias mutters under his breath.

Rosamor just kissed Shirkon on the cheek.

Nepanth says, "rill almost killed blizz for a 2nd time"

Rosamor giggles.

Nepanth says, "but thurfel stopped him"

Rosamor joins Shirkon's group.

Rosamor snuggles up to Shirkon.

Nepanth says, "just alittle additive"

Heathyranne nods.

Shirkon says, "Were when Blizzerdd tried ta weed Thurfel"

Germinal exclaims, "Eh, his arrogance knows no bound. Rills strikes at citizens of Icemule, in the very light of day!"

Germinal says, "A clear violation of the treaty..."

Germinal mutters under his breath.

Germinal says, "But that is for the Fury to decide."

Shirkon nods to Germinal.

Karinya raises her hand.

Germinal says, "Afraid I must proceed, please hold your questions for later. The Hunt."

The Hunt Schedule is now posted here in the Library. I apologize for it's..."

Germinal clears his throat.

Germinal says, "lateness."

Germinal exclaims, "But, it is ready!"

Rosamor asks, "where?"

Germinal says, "The next hunt will take place on the morrow, and will be lead by none other than Captain Shirkon, to Banshees, in Darkstone"

Rosamor exclaims, "Banshees!"

Germinal says, "One note on the hunts..."

Karinya gulps.

Rosamor cowers.

You say, "Ohh, good one"

Rosamor exclaims, "Banshees is mean!"

Rosamor shudders.

Germinal says, "I have added, for elder members who may need a guide to the area, a lead hunt to Seekers"

Nepanth says, "stay safe everyone i shall see you all soon, if you are intersted in the protectors please seek me out! my amulet is always open"

Nepanth coughs.

Nepanth ducks his head.

Germinal says, "The hunt leader, Kismia, is very experienced. Her hunt will be lead next Thursday. If any wish to be backup hunt leaders for any hunt, of any age, please whisper to me or contact me after the meeting. My lord, I thank you for the floor. Er, my lady"

Germinal bows to Heathyranne.

Germinal smiles.

Heathyranne says, "thank you, Germinal. Granddad appears to have become....indisposed"

Heathyranne says, "since I'm filling in for the rest of the agenda...I figure I can fill in for leading it. Anyway....we're going to move quickly.

Heathraynne says, "Interview Committee...We have a full complement of interviewers, but if you wish to be on the committee that interviews new members, please contact an officer and we will keep you in mind for when gaps occur. It continues to go well. We cut off new interviews for about a month to catch up after the holidays. I found that an excellent way to discern who was truly interested in the House and who wanted a large locker. We might try it again sometime even if not backlogged! My thanks to all the committee members and officers who put in the time and effort to weed out the mediocre and keep the good!"

Heathyranne says, "next...Waldo2's health. Llast month it was announced by Lauraellen about our leader's grave condition. He was thought for a time near death. His soul that is. Fortunately, I have good news! He took a turn for the better within days of that meeting"

Germinal says, "That's such a relief"

Germinal sighs.

Shirkon lets out a cheer!

Germinal shakes his head.

Cryheart stands up.

Cryheart applauds.

Germinal applauds.

Germinal stands up.

Shirkon says, "Aye, it is"

Cryheart says, "good news to hear"

Germinal applauds.

Heathyranne says, "he is still in a place called rehab...but now near his home and not halfway across the country"

Heathyranne says, "I hope to hear more from Lauraellen soon"

Marinzol asks, "That was a month ago, he continues to do better?"

Cryheart gazes heavenward.

Shirkon applauds.

Cryheart says, "great Kai"

Heathyranne says, "he continues to improve"

Germinal nods to Heathyranne.

Marinzol exclaims, "Good!"

Hargo nods.

You exclaim, "Whoo hoo, Go Boss!"

You let out a cheer!

Cynric nods.

Germinal asks, "When can we welcome him back, do you think Heathyr?"

Monax just touched a carved rosewood prayerbook.

Heathyranne says, "and he appreciates, so my sources say, all the love and good wishes we here in Elanthia have given him. I have no estimate as to his return yet, unfortunately. I hope to hear more from Lauraellen soon"

Rosamor asks, "Kin we say a prayer to thank da gods?"

Germinal nods to Heathyranne.

Rosamor smiles at Heathyranne.

Shirkon nods to Rosamor.

Heathyranne says, "certainly, Rosamore...a brief one though please"

Heathyranne grins.

Heathyranne kneels down.

Shirkon says, "Most o' us been prayin ta da gods fer him"

Dorcelott moves to a kneeling position.

Marinzol moves to a kneeling position.

Heathyranne says, "please say it for us"

Hargo moves to a kneeling position.

Germinal kneels down.

Heathyranne nods to Rosamor.

Heathyranne places her hand on her black prayer beads.

Shirkon moves to a kneeling position.

You get up into a kneeling position and begin your prayers.

Germinal checks his footing.

Rosamor asks, "me?"

Karinya moves to a kneeling position.

Dorcelott continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Cryheart kneels down and begins to recite prayers.

You place your hands beneath your chin and turn your eyes up to the heavens.

Rosamor's face turns slightly pale.

Germinal hangs his head.

Cynric moves to a kneeling position.

Marinzol just touched a vultite Lumnis symbol.

Shirkon nods to Rosamor.

Rosamor gets up into a kneeling position and begins to pray.

Midgar moves to a kneeling position.

Germinal just touched a soft green Imaera symbol.

Midgar rubs a golden Voln medallion.

Cryheart continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Germinal continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Nureau moves to a kneeling position.

Washee kneels down.

Shirkon continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Washee continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Marinzol continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Nureau continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Gorde moves to a kneeling position.

Gorde continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Shirkon gazes heavenward.

Monax removes a ceremonial jeweled eonake crosier from in his leather greatcloak.

Rosamor says, "Gods above us, have mercy on us, and bring lord Waldo2 back to us soon."

Dorcelott gazes heavenward.

Rosamor gazes heavenward.

Heathyranne smiles reverently.

Germinal says, "May all the forces truly at this noble man's recovery."

Marinzol continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Shirkon continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Heathyranne places her hand on her black prayer beads.

Heathyranne nods.

Rosamor just touched some intricate ivory prayer beads.

Dorcelott continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Shirkon says, "Lady Lorminstra, guides our guide backs ta us"

Heathyranne smiles softly as she stands back up to continue.

Heathyranne stands up.

Hargo grunts pensively, deep in thought.

Marinzol sits up.

Germinal stands up.

Germinal sighs.

Shirkon sits up.

Cynric just touched some delicate ivory prayer beads.

Washee stands up.

You sit up.

Rosamor sits up.

Hargo sits up.

Karinya sits up.

Nureau bows.

Heathyranne says, "I have heard Kadesha will be giving a lesson on Lorminstra day after tomorrow at 9 elven, hearthstone steps" Monax put a ceremonial jeweled eonake crosier in his leather greatcloak.

Nureau sits up.

Heathyranne says, "should be fascinating for all who wish to learn more of the Arkati"

Heathyranne nods.

Heathyranne says, "and now..."

Germinal sits down.

Rosamor asks, "what's a lesson for?"

Heathyranne says, "the Events Committee. As some of you know, we celebrate this year our 10th Anniversary. Thus our events committee is going to be busy planning a gala bash! We have our first meeting of the year tomorrow at 10 elven"

Cynric says, "Hopefully."

Washee says, "10 years"

Cynric grins.

Washee whistles tunelessly to himself.

Rosamor nods to Marinzol.

Germinal applauds.

Rosamor nods to Karinya.

Germinal exclaims, "A decade!"

Heathyranne says, "we need your help and support and ideas. If you are interested, please come to the meeting Twil be held at the Lumnis Tapestry table in the House, 10 elven. That is one way we will be spending some of those wonderful funds"

Hargo asks, "ten elven tonight?"

Rosamor asks, "on cookies?"

Heathyranne says, "tomorrow night"

Rosamor beams happily at Heathyranne!

Hargo nods.

Hargo bows.

Shirkon nods to Cryheart.

Heathyranne asks, "any questions on anything?"

Rosamor raises her hand.

Midgar nods to Heathyranne.

Heathyranne asks, "aye, Rosamor?"

Rosamor asks, "We gonna have a WinterFest this year?"

Shirkon says, "Bettah has"

Heathyranne asks, "I do not remember Phoenix putting on a Winterfest...did we in the past?"

Monax raises his hand.

Rosamor nods to Heathyranne.

You say, "yes'm"

You say, "with snowballs"

You wink at Rosamor.

You grin.

Germinal says, "Aye, I believe so..."

Germinal rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Rosamor says, "two and three years ago"

Heathyranne nods.

Rosamor says, "I threw snowballs"

Rosamor smirks.

Marinzol says, "we better do it while it's still winter if we're going to do it"

Rosamor says, "got uncle Geijon good"

Marinzol gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Karinya raises her hand.

Rosamor winks at you.

Heathyranne says, "well, unfortunately, an event like that does take a lot of planning and help...which we haven't had yet"

Germinal says, "True enough"

Germinal nods to Marinzol.

Dorcelott says, "twas two years ago I believes.."

Cynric says, "Well, thats a long way off though, we'll know more later...we are more worried about our 10th anniversary."

Heathyranne says, "and we will be expending our "help" allotments on the 10 year bash"

Dorcelott says, "twas afore me long nap"

Heathyranne says, "but issues like that will be good fodder for Event COmmittee meetings"

Heathyranne asks, "alright, midgar?"

Heathyranne asks, "ye had a question?"

Midgar asks, "What's goin' on with the assistant secretary possition? Are ye still waiting on Waldo2's health?"

Cynric says, "The winterfest was held by the Mentor Society."

Heathyranne says, "'we will be starting interviews shortly; we've decided we hae to move along and keep it going despite our leader's health. He would wish us to do so"

Midgar nods.

Rosamor raises her hand.

Midgar says, "Ye seem to be in need of more help"

Midgar nods.

Heathyranne says, "anyone interested should contact Cynric"

Washee rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Heathyranne says, "all of us, before Waldo2's illness, did get together and put names down. We will contact them first, but will also consider others"

Heathyranne asks, "karinya?"

Midgar says, "Welps, I'm interested. I'd love to take up the position."

Karinya asks, "can someone maybe post on the message tree when house hunts, meetins, tease an ales an stuff is gonna be held?"

Marinzol nods to Karinya.

Karinya grins sheepishly.

Cynric says, "The position open will be the co-treasurer seat."

Heathyranne says, "House Hunts are always on the same two days and have an extensive schedule in the library"

Marinzol says, "And the house list"

Rosamor asks, "Kin anyone go to da meeting tomorrow?"

Heathyranne says, "er, aye, co-treasurer"

Heathyranne nods to Cynric.

Heathyranne says, "I try to post Tease and Ales"

Dorcelott asks, "um, da sleep's still in me eyes, but where in ere be da hunts posted?"

Marinzol nods to Heathyranne. Heathyranne says, "and a reminder of the meeting. I will endeavour to be better at that"

Germinal says, "Aye, tis posted 'ere in the House Library...but if ye canna find it 'ere I can send you a copy."

Cynric says, "On our house site I'd imagine."

Karinya nods to Heathyranne.

Rosamor snuggles up to Shirkon.

Heathyranne says, "I also sent out last week a reminder via house scroll system"

Heathyranne says, "if you are not on that list, write Geijon"

Dorcelott slaps himself on the forehead.

Dorcelott nods to Germinal.

Rosamor exclaims, "oh, dat's my big question!"

Germinal says, "Any needing to know where the hunts are posted, please join me an'I'll tell ye"

Heathyranne says, "and since people do not seem to remember our scroll they are...right off Lumnis Lane, I promise"

Rosamor just tried to pull Heathyranne towards her!

Hargo joins Germinal's group.

Shirkon says, "I dinna gits a reminder Heathyranne"

Ellgore joins Germinal's group.

Hargo stands up.

Marinzol joins Germinal's group.

Karinya joins Germinal's group.

Shirkon struggles to stand, but fails.

Heathyranne stares off into space.

Cynric says, "Wrong."

Shirkon stands up.

Germinal smiles.

Heathyranne says, "er"

Heathyranne says, "wrong"

Shirkon joins Germinal's group.

Heathyranne says, "soryr, old habits die hard"

Cynric says, "Correct."

Heathyranne says, "anyway, now you all know"

Rosamor asks, "Could someone please send reminders of these house meetings to us who have only sweets on their mind?"

Heathyranne says, "join the mailing list" Rosamor joins Germinal's group.

Karinya grins at Rosamor.

Rosamor says, "I am on it"

Shirkon tries to pull Rosamor to her feet, but she is too heavy.

Heathyranne says, "it was sent"

Rosamor struggles to stand, but fails.

Shirkon tries to pull Rosamor to her feet, but she is too heavy.

Shirkon tries to pull Rosamor to her feet, but she is too heavy.

Heathyranne smiles.

Rosamor exclaims, "too many cookies!"

Rosamor wails!

Heathyranne says, "please stop"

Shirkon pulls Rosamor to her feet.

Heathyranne says, "gods"

Cryheart says, "more exercise"

Germinal stands up.

Heathyranne babbles something unintelligible.

Shirkon says, "Eatin ta many sweets"

Rosamor nods to Shirkon.

Karinya renews her songs.

Heathyranne says, "if you dinnae receive the missive, something is wrong with either your scroll address or it got lost somehow on the missive list...please write Geijon and ask. We want you all to be receiving these! it's the easiest way for us"

You say, "or go directly to the sign up page and plunk in th'info"

Shirkon says, "I lets Geijon knows"

Rosamor says, "all a dem for da teas an stuff, just not one right before dis meeting..."

Heathyranne says, "exactly"

Rosamor gazes heavenward.

Heathyranne says, "this meeting is always the same"

Rosamor says, "I gonna send uncle Geijon a request den."

Heathyranne says, "so even if you don't get one, you should know...first wednesday of the month, 10 elven, library"

Heathyranne nods.

Heathyranne says, "we do try to send the reminder though, yes"

Karinya smiles to herself while muttering about always forgets

Heathyranne says, "but if you do nae get it, just remember that and yer fine"

Heathyranne grins.

Heathyranne says, "and with that..."

Heathyranne says, "meeting adjourned"

Heathyranne exclaims, "thank you all for coming!"

Heathyranne says, "your activity and caring for the House is appreciated and necessary"