House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 2/7/2006

The house meeting started on time at 10pm elven ,in Attendence were Koleph, Tart Girl Augie, Shirkon, Mirandabliss, Lord Jaialias, Hillgren, Great Lord Moswell, Cryheart, Rosamor, and Lord Adyr

shirkon opened the meeting with the financial report which is at,

In da general account ve 'ave 160372980
Da endowment obviously is at its maximum 85000000
69500 be our monthly expenses.
Cash flow be 4180500.

Next order of bussiness shirkon went over the option's for the new CHE plan's,the majority of those who attended the meeting liked and choose option 7

"Option 7 is set a soft cap on endowments. 2 million were what she mentions. Monthly intahest an fees continue with a maximum payment based on da soft cap. Once a year houses woulds recieve bonus influence points in an interest calcilation based on the total amount in the endowment fund.

The meeting came to a end after the option was choosen.

Phonenix Co-Secretary
Lord Adyr Dreae