House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 8/2/2005

Tilamaries, Day 5, in the Year 5105

The house meeting was called to order on: Tilamaires, the 5th day of Fashanos, in the year 5108, at 10:00 pm Elven, by Shirkon.

Minutes of meeting:

Treasure report: Influence Points 27, General Funds 157964741 and Endowment 100000000. A special note was made that the influence points are available for events and items for the house.

Shirkon gave us a warning on "GrimSwarm crittahs" They are mean and deadly, and can pop up almost anywhere. He went on to say: "Took a rescue party ta da rope bridge on da way ta da Nations da uddah night an outta da 6 in da party, 4 o' us was killed." And "An a coupla was ovah 80 and I be ovah 70." I, Cosannie, took a fall inside of town by one of their witches. So keep an eye out and be super safe.

We need to plan now if we want a summer event. A couple of ideas were brought up. They were a summer splash, and a sing-a-long storytime around a campfire. If you have any ideas for a summer house event, Please send them in ASAP. Planning meeting next Tilamaires, at 10 pm elven.

Shirkon made mention of a new house officier, Cosannie Whemigor, as house secretary, since Adyr resigned.

In conclusion of the meeting, Shirkon had a drawing for a prize. Lord Vuluroth won a very nice runestaff. (a red-gold mesille runestaff capped with a firestone phoenix)

Officiers in attendance were: Shirkon - Chairman and Cosannie - Secretary

Members in attendance were: Lord Foogly, Lord Vuluroth, and Lord Kriztoffen

Hope to see more of you next month's meeting! WE MISS YOU!

Sincerely your Secretary:
Great Lady Cosannie Whemigor