House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 12/2/2008

Tilamaires, the 2nd day of Eorgaen, in the year 5108

Meeting was called to order by: Shirkon

Treasure Report:

Tebon says, "Phoenix currently has 34 influence points, general funds of 157,695,741 silvers, endowment of 100,000,000; no' 2029 members."

Won't need a fundraiser this month.

Business talked about:

Shirkon has sent in an inquiry on how our 3rd quarter house requests are coming along.

Solstice time is around the corner, and our tent will be out and snowglobes be on sale once again.

Tents location:

Shirkon deeply asks, "Anyway, ya knows dat path ups on North Ring Road west o' da path ta Helden Hall?"

Shirkon deeply says, "Dat leads ta da CHE Festival grounds."

Shirkon deeply says, "Alsa, der will be a CHE tent an in der everyone will be ables ta gits a present."

These gifts are free, one per person.

Shirkon deeply says, "Oh, Tebon gots ta be ats da Solstice hangin since it were his design we submitted."

Good Job Tebon! Just make sure you go up the ladder before Plur.

Shirkon deeply says, "Oh, aye. Da Silvah Gryphons will be havin da Dame Wanton Memorial.

This is tomorrow night at 9 elven..12-7-08

Shirkon deeply says, "Dame Wanton passed aways bouts 6 er 7 years ago nows."

Shirkon deeply says, "She passed same time dat Lady Galadriell did."

Shirkon deeply says, "Dame Wanton were da foist felmale knight in da lands."

These game are similar to Glad. games.

We all joined together, and took a field trip to the Memorial Glade.

Garden, Statue]
Not as lush and colorful as the rest, this part of the garden is dominated by a larger-than-life statue of two female warriors with their arms wrapped around each other's shoulders in easy camaraderie. A green lawn, sprinkled with small white daisies and bright yellow buttercups, surrounds the base of the statue.

After Shirkon shared with us about the statue, we came back to the house.

Moswell won the raffle. Got it right on the nose!.. Good job Cousin Moswell.

Officers in attendance:

Leader - Shirkon

Secretary - Cosannie

Treasure - Tebon

Co-Secretary - Denissa

Members in attendance:








This coming event meeting will be talking and planning for our Sweetheart Ball..12-09-08..10 elven in house library

Looking forward in seeing everyone there!

Respectfully Submitted:
Cosannie Whemigor - House Secretary