House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 12/1/1999

Eorgaen, Day 1, in the year 5099

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet.
You also see some tawny cinnamon incense, a bountiful but curiously incendiary looking Thrakmas feast consisting of a gracious plenty of chocolate cherry-cordials, Tyrecean cinnamon bon-bons, frosted Elven chocolate cakes, frosted Dwarven bundt cake, spiced hazelnut cookies, plump ginger cookies, custard-filled danish, frosted Elven chocolate muffins, frosted buttercake muffins, wedges of sharp cheese, grilled skewers of vegetables, steaming biscuits, cheese-topped roasted potatoes, chunks of roasted velnalin, roasted rolton haunches, broiled rolton steaks, red beans and ribs, barbequed cockatrice wings, juicy roasted drumsticks, mugs of spiced hot cocoa, cups of honeyed mint tea and blackberry teas, cups of cranberry punch, red Vornavian wine, mugs of golden wheat beer, and some spiced rum, a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.

Also in the room: (Lady Evialla who is scribing) ,Cryheart, Temetran, Strendor, Lord Italo, Lord Xazak, Lord Shirkon, Lady Vickie, Lord Nickoalus, Lord Drayfitt, Allirea, Lord Truekillr, Lord Micromage, Gleneth, Mandorallenvon, Woundhealer, Merlock, Cassundera, Aurla, Hyssopp and Lord Waldo2, all of whom are seated.
Obvious exits: north.

Everyone contentedly munches on their Thrakmas feast favorites.

A trickle of cinnamon-scented smoke rises from some tawny incense.

Waldo2 picks up a trencher of red beans and ribs and begins gobbling them down ravenously.

Shirkon glances at Waldo2 and says, "Now he eatin red beans. He loadin up fer bear"

You laugh out loud!

Vickie scoots over in front of Shirkon as she says, "I sit in front of em"

Waldo2 says, "I can’t eat the muffins or i would explode"

Cryheart laughs!

Waldo2 picks up a wedge of sharp cheese and starts packing it in on top of the red beans and ribs.

The incense emits some tawny smoke which disperses, leaving a faint scent of cinnamon.

Waldo2 says, "ER put that incense out or we might blow up"

Vickie scoots over in front of Waldo2 as she smiles and says, "In front of Waldo too"

You laugh out loud!

Shirkon says, "Dat cheese gonna adds ta yer gas problem"

You say, "thats very good cheese"

Waldo2 picks up a mug of golden wheat beer and begins guzzling it down on top of the red beans and ribs, chili and cheese.

Vickie laughs as she asks, "Evialla did ya think about dis food?"

You work your fingers under your silver circlet and scratch your head as you grin and say, "well..not its incendiary properties no"

Waldo2 chuckles.

Shirkon says, "Sheesh, don't needs ta goes ta archies ta see's killer clouds tanight"

Vickie exclaims, "I not think so!"

Temetran is admiring himself again as he exclaims, "Whew,I need to go on a diet!"

Nickoalus takes a drink from his golden wheat beer and Cryheart chuckles as you laugh out loud!

Cryheart takes a bite of his steaming biscuit.

Waldo2 sniffs at a spiced hazelnut cookie.

Some tawny incense emits a tendril of cinnamon-scented smoke, which forms a lacy pattern in the air before fading away.

You grin as you exclaim, "Waldo there..chili, beans,, whoo!"

Cryheart says, "should probably eat this stuff before ye hae a House hunt"

Waldo2 ducks his head.

Vickie laughs!

Cryheart says, "he loading up"

Shirkon says, "He probably gonna go try and kiss Klidel after dus too"

Vickie scoots over in front of Shirkon and Waldo2 as she asks, "Who else eating the chili?"

Temetran pokes Waldo2 in the ribs.

Cryheart says, "not I"

Temetran raises his hand as he says, "I was"

You laugh out loud!

Vickie scoots over in front of Temetran.

Shirkon says, "I jist had da one bowl" Waldo2 says, "bBBBBARRRRAAAPPPP"

Waldo2 says, "ok who poked me"

You throw your head back and howl!

Cryheart ducks his head and says, "sheesh", as he covers his nose tightly.

Nickoalus covers his nose tightly.

Vickie says, "Excuse you milord"

Italo buries his face in his hands.

Shirkon says, "Whew........"

(Waldo2 cowers from the incense)

Vickie laughs!

Cryheart glances at some tawny cinnamon incense.

Vickie covers her nose tightly.

You wipe the sweat from your brow and fan yourself.

Vickie scoots over in front of Shirkon as she takes a drink from her honeyed mint tea.

Temetran smiles at you.

Cryheart picks up a cup of honeyed mint tea as a pained expression crosses his face and he says, "drinking too much...way too much"

Cryheart glances at a cup of blackberry tea as he says, "may have to excuse myself soon", glancing at his other cup of honeyed mint tea.

Vickie rubs Cryheart gently, as he takes a drink from his honeyed mint tea.

Nickoalus picks up a Tyrecean cinnamon bon-bon and carefully examines it.

You giggle as you ask, "next time more chili and beans then?"

Cryheart glances at youm while Vickie shifts her eyes to you and exclaims, "Right!"

Italo says, "Ah, no one must have told Hyssopp about all the food Woldo's eaten..."

You say, "Mmmm", as you pick up a cheese-topped roasted potato.

Nickoalus says, "maybe some chili and cheese potatos"

Mandorallenvon picks up some red Vornavian wine and sips at it.

You nod to Nickoalus and say, "Oh yummie" as you take a bite of your roasted potato.

Cryheart says, "how about some potatoes steamed in beer, or marinated rolton steak"

You beam at Cryheart.

(Waldo2 waldo tries to hide from his stomach)

Shirkon chuckles.

Waldo2 says, "bratwurst cooked in beer, then grilled"

Cryheart nods to Waldo2 and smacks his lips, as you exclaim, "whoo!", and Shirkon drools.

Waldo2 says, "hard to drink the beer after that though, kind of warm"

Shirkon says, "Some good sourbratten"

You say, "just bring a huge barrel of beer, soak all the food in it, drain it out, and light it up maybe"

Cryheart chuckles, then rubs his chin thoughtfully and says, "some old roltonwurst and sour acantha leaf"

Waldo2 begins chuckling at Cryheart and Cryheart ducks his head.

Vickie takes a bite of her skewer of vegetables.

Shirkon says, "Dey gots good strudel down as Solhaven guild"

You say, "I like that wurst n' leek soup too", as you take a bite of your roasted potato.

Mandorallenvon pours a small amount of liquid from his red Vornavian wine on the floor. It puddles, and then quickly evaporates.

You exclaim, "Strudel?!"

Shirkon nods.

Waldo2 says, "it is the wurst when your soup leaks"

Vickie takes a bite of her roasted drumstick.

Shirkon says, "Spiced apple strudel"

Cryheart says, "they got some fudge in that winter cottage"

Vickie takes a bite of her roasted drumstick.

You elbow Waldo2 in the ribs in a playful sort of way, as you laugh out loud!

Temetran takes a drink from his red Vornavian wine.

Woundhealer just arrived, saying, "wow a party and nobody reminded me"

Cryheart chuckles as he nods to Waldo2 and says, "da leeker the wurster"

Cryheart glances at a cup of honeyed mint tea.

You stare at Cryheart, as he blinks

Cryheart glances at a cup of honeyed mint tea as he asks, "you put something in this tea Evialla?"

Waldo2 chuckles.

You say, "hummm"

Vickie picks up a cup of blackberry tea and offers it to Cryheart, who accepts it.

Shirkon says, "Better stop talkin about leeks or stop drinkin Cryheart or it will gits wurst"

Waldo2 picks up a barbequed cockatrice wing and begins munching it down.

You grin and say, "course not"

Cryheart grins as you laugh out loud!

Woundhealer peers quizzically at Waldo2.

Woundhealer gestures and utters a phrase of magic, gesturing at Waldo2.

Waldo2's skin takes on a more pinkish tint.

You say, "all pink now"

Woundhealer says, "might help that indigestion"

Cryheart carefully pours a little bit from his blackberry tea into the other blackberry tea.

Cryheart blinks.

You glance at Cryheart and giggle.

Cryheart blinks.

Waldo2 chuckles.

You move to a kneeling position and manage to take a bite of a frosted Elven chocolate cake, which is on the floor.

You sit up and say, "Mmm"

Cryheart carefully pours a little bit from his honeyed mint tea into the other blackberry tea.

Cryheart throws his head back and howls!

Cryheart carefully pours a little bit from his honeyed mint tea into the other blackberry tea.

Cryheart says, "mixing up a batch here"

Cryheart carefully pours a little bit from his honeyed mint tea into the other blackberry tea.

Cryheart blinks.

You lean on Cryheart and say, "gourmet tea blend"

Cryheart sniffs at his blackberry tea, inhaling its warm aroma.

Cryheart nods to you and grins.

Waldo2 asks, "any questions before we start the meeting?"

You smack your lips as you ask, "yes, where is the napkins?"

Waldo2 chuckles as he says, "hmm i think we charge for the linen service, the food is free the napkins cost"

Cryheart chuckles as you laugh out loud!

Woundhealer picks up a grilled skewer of vegetables and offers it to Waldo2 as she says, "now these are what you should be eating"

Waldo2 glares as he accepts Woundhealer's skewer of vegetables and pokes Woundhealer in the ribs, ducking his head.

Cryheart grins and says, "hmm...she making ye eat your veggies"

Waldo2 takes a bite of his skewer of vegetables.

You ask, "could you slice this open please?", as you offer your steaming biscuit to Cryheart, "I want to put my cheese in it"

Cryheart blinks as he accepts your steaming biscuit.

(Vickie wipes the cake crumbs from her mouth with edge of Waldo2's cloak)

Vickie says, "That works"

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully and pours his tea on the biscuit. The liquid quickly evaporates.

Cryheart says, "yummy"

You say, "you're wetting my biscuit", as you give Cryheart a good pinch! (Waldo2 hides the vegies behind his back) Woundhealer gestures and utters a phrase of magic.
Woundhealer gestures at Waldo2.

Strands of webbing shoot forth towards Waldo2.
CS: +255 - TD: +206 + CvA: -21 + d100: +85 - +5 == +108
Warding failed!
Waldo2 avoids most of the webbing.

(Evialla slips the cheese between the two warm steaming

You say, "Mmmm"

You take a bite of your steaming biscuit and clasp a hand over your mouth as hiccup.

Cryheart takes a bite of his custard-filled danish.

Cryheart looked like he was about ready to punch the danish.

Waldo2 takes a bite of his skewer of vegetables.

Temetran removes some very sticky cotton candy from in his brocade backpack and offers it to Waldo2, who accepts it.

Cryheart licks a custard-filled danish.

Waldo2 takes a bite of his sticky cotton candy.

Waldo2 makes a horrible face!

Waldo2 says, "interesting candy tried to web me"

Cryheart nods to Waldo2.

Vickie says, "Some of ya will has to leave the room in the middle of the meeting"

Italo coughs as you laugh out loud!

Cryheart picks up some spiced rum and pours it on you!

Hyssopp just arrived.

Hyssopp smiles and says, "hello"

Cryheart whistles tunelessly to himself.

You giggle and beam at Cryheart.

Cryheart makes a rude suggestion, and you give him a firm punch.

Cryheart smacks his lips.

Cryheart glances at some spiced rum, then tips his head back and empties some spiced rum down his gullet!

Cryheart taps a frosted Dwarven bundt cake and asks, "Dwarfs can bake?"

You say, "so the bake shop said"

Waldo2 says, "I am stuck to the floor and full of gas today"

You laugh out loud!

Hyssopp rubs Waldo2 gently.

Cryheart says, "don't punch him", as he cowers away from Waldo2!

Vickie scoots over in front of Waldo2.

Temetran pokes Waldo2 in the ribs.

You hear the ringing music as you run your fingers over the bells.

Hyssopp says,"Okay..the web wars are entertaining..but we must start. Hello everyone..I am Hyssopp..and this is Waldo2"

Hyssopp says, “Besides partying ..we will discuss this months agenda. the end of the meeting..if any of the members wish to voice anything..good or bad..this is a good time to do it."

Hyssopp says, "So..lets start."

Hyssopp says,"There is a contest that Soyvn is sponsering. The house that designs the best ornament"

Vickie asks, "Ornament?"

Hyssopp says,"Aye..if we submit the best ornament, the Gods will give us a big old party the weekend of the 18th. Evialla is heading up the committee."

Gleneth grins and says, "I say we get a young empath scalp, and put it on a cherry."

Vickie asks, "What dis ornament for?"

Hyssopp says,"Its for a Soltice tree that will be displayed in the park I think. Something like that. So..submit your ideas to Evialla by the first of next week. A committee that she chooses will judge them and submit the best one. If your idea is submitted we will award you our own little gift to you at the Jan house meeting, whether it wins the over-all prize or not."

Drayfitt raises his hand.

Vickie says, "Maybe if I can find me witch broom ya can use it"

Gleneth chuckles and asks, "who's Jan?"

Shirkon sings:

"On dat first dy of Yule
Dat gods dey gave to me
a ranger huggin a tree"

You gaze in wonder at your surroundings, as Allirea squints at Shirkon, Truekillr moans and Hyssopp laughs!

Truekillr nods to Shirkon and says, "Stick to killing things"

Hyssopp says,"So..this contest will be fun. Submit your idea for an ornament to her by next Tuesday. I know this is short notice..but Sovyn house gave us all short notice"

Gleneth asks, "how long/short, descriptive, scripted?"

You say, "am trying to get the specific details still from another musty ole priest"

Truekillr chuckles and asks, "Lots of us eh?"

Gleneth sniffs and says, "yes, it's positively moldy in here."

Hyssopp says,"Lord Truekillr and I recently gave a forum on conducting ceremonies and weddings. I have sent my notes to Evialla. She will place them on our house sight"

"Okay..that is all from me"

Temetran raises his hand and asks, "how many enteries are we allowed for the contest??"

Hyssopp says,"Remember a lot of houses are going to have events. Try to go to them..they are fun. The Thrakmas party of Twilight one of the best in the lands. I know that the Lorekeepers are planning some things also"

You glance at Waldo2 and "I think..he's swelling", as you carefully examine Waldo2's physique and figure he weighs about 362 pounds.

Vickie says, "ack", as she scoots over in front of Waldo2, who ducks his head.

Shirkon says, "Jist don't poke him"

Gleneth glances at Vickie as he grins and says, "not here."

Cryheart stands up, goes north and returns a moment later.

You giggle as you glance at Cryheart and ask, "better?"

Cryheart sits down and rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Drayfitt blinks and asks, "thrakmas?"

You point to Waldo2 and say, "dun't touch him, whatever ya do"

Cryheart tips his head back and empties a chaya of warm sake down his gullet, then rubs his eyes and blinks.

Vickie says, "Please not for me am lil and em will blow me out da window"

A pained expression crosses Drayfitt's face.

You rub your chin thoughtfully as you say, "I think we could make a fine ornament of Tk there, all those shimmers and jingles"

Truekillr chuckles as he taps his cloak. With a nearly silent sigh, it falls still, while Truekillr blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Hyssopp says, "Evialla I will give you the hand some messages from Lord Strendor."

You stand back up and say, "I'm so pleased to see so many of you here this evening, and as you see..our meetings are NOT dull by any means"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Gleneth yawns and chuckles as Vickie giggles, Cryheart grins and Allirea and Truekillr smile.

Italo says, "Mind you, the janitors hate us...", as he checks his footing.

Vickie says, "They will really hate us if Waldo2 blows up"

You say,"Besides the ornament contest, Geijon has a couple of prior ones he needs to announce and finish up, which I am sure he will soon. And our Hunts are off and running again, happy day"

Hyssopp beams happily at you!

Vickie nods to you.

Gleneth says, "I could help with those."

You ask, "I think the next one is..Vickie's?"

Vickie says, "Yes, Tomorrow eve. I left a note in our spiderweb"

You say,"If you can help with hunts, the person to contact is Germinal, or else Geijon. I know Germinal mentioned still needing some guides also, for areas such as Teras, Pinefar and so forth, and the groups can always use help with spells before heading out. We've also had a request to add a new event, that being Storytelling/Tales/Lore type of thing. Any of yas like stories?"

Gleneth grins as he chuckles and says, "I volunteer for undead hunts, otherwise I look silly. So we'll be following Hyssopp around...", then gazes heavenward as Hyssopp tickles him.

Cryheart mutters something about going-to-get-lost as he glances at Hyssopp and ducks his head, whistling tunelessly to himself.

Shirkon nods as Vickie beams and says, "aye"

Drayfitt nods to you, while Micromage says, "i like excitement"

Gleneth snickers as he exclaims, "tell me a story mommy!" whistling tunelessly to himself as he gazes fondly at you.

You give Gleneth a good pinch!

Cryheart raises an eyebrow and asks, "what kind of stories?"

You say, "Any and all, even bawdy maybe"

You squint at Truekillr as you grin and say, "I know he can tell some whoppers..I mean good ones"

Truekillr smiles.

Vickie ducks slightly and covers her head with her arms as she says, "Truekillr the moldy old priest is good at telling stories"

Truekillr flails his arms about.

Drayfitt sniffs at Truekillr and says, "'e dun smell moldy"

Gleneth mutters something about the-big-whoppers..

Truekillr nods and replies, "Sometimes, if I can remember em"

Cryheart says, "first musty..then moldy...they nae giving ye a break this evening", as he rubs Truekillr gently.

You rub your chin thoughtfully as you say,"hmm, les see, so we'll be looking for ideas and volunteers for that please. And if you don't volunteer, I will recruit you one way or another"

You say, “And now, we have a guest speaker this eve who has something interesting to tell us of, m'Lord Strendor"

Hyssopp asks, "Do you have the new hunt times listed?"

You nod to Hyssopp and say, "yes'm"

Truekillr searches around for a moment, then rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully and gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

You ask, "cept he poofed?"

Vickie asks, "Where em at?"

Vickie laughs!

You mutter poof'rs.

Cryheart says, "he got afraid when he heard how much chili and beans Waldo ate"

Shirkon asks, "Did he eats da chili too?"

Hyssopp says, "Well..Truekillr has a tale to tell in the mean time."

You applaud and beam at Truekillr and curtsy to him as you sit back down.

Truekillr asks, "eh?, I do?"

(Truekillr struggles to his feet.)

You say, "aye aye Sir"

Truekillr stands up.

(Truekillr whispers loudly to Hyssopp, "What was it about again?")

Hyssopp says, "Everyone an illustrious elder of our house..Lord Truekillr."

You, Waldo2, Cryheart, Micromage and Vickie all applaud.

Hyssopp rubs her chin thoughtfully as she smiles and whispers back to Truekillr..the key word is Onoir.

Truekillr says, "bah no no. None of that."

Truekillr exclaims, "Ah Onoir!"

Truekillr coughs and says, "Yes yes, "Well then."

Truekillr says,"A few of us have begun a fledgling House called House Onoir. The house is built on much the same ideals the Phoenix once held highly, and still does to this day, albeit more diplomatically. The house is based on Honor"

Truekillr says, "Lord Krisenfest has invited the officers of our fledgling house to meet with some of you folks. There is a strong following already in the light of Honor and loyalty."

Truekillr says, "The House will be built, Builders willing and Dwarfs paid enough, in solhaven. Twill be a grand keep."

Truekillr smiles.

You pick up a chocolate cherry-cordial and take a bite out of it.

Gleneth grins and says, "I licked that Evialla.", as you groan and Cryheart rubs you gently.

Cryheart asks, "in Solhaven ye say?"

Truekillr nods to Cryheart and replies, "On Jag Hill. Highly defensible."

Truekillr says,"Onoir is interested highly in working with Phoenix. In fact many of us are Phoenix members. The House has approximately 40 members already."

Truekillr says, "The Lord Paladin, Lord warlord (Chair and co chair) the Sensechal and scribe (secretary and well scribe) and the Treasurer and Tyler."

Hyssopp ducks her head and says, "I think the Secretary gets to be a General. What is this joint venture you have in mind Truekillr. Don't recruit any members now hon"

Micromage asks, "what the house got to offer us there mate?"

Truekillr says, "We have not yet decided. It depends on what Phoenix wished to offer. Obviously Phoenix is dear to my heart. And I would not like to see anything change in my relationship with you all."

Cryheart scratches his head and asks, "you have a scribe in a well?"

Truekillr nods to Cryheart as Cryheart blinks.

Merlock asks, "Just so I'm straight, you're retracting from Phoenix and building a seperate house which might work with Phoenix in various ways?"

Micromage asks, "up to Phoenix got to offer?"

Truekillr says, "Not retracting my friend. Not until we are offically accepted by Solhaven's government. Had I the choice I'd be a member of both."

Merlock nods.

Truekillr sighs and says, "Pheonix is not something I give up lightly."

Micromage asks, "this gonna drag Phoenix down a bit?"

Hyssopp asks, "Phoenix should offer?"

Truekillr says, "No no. Consider us allies of a sort. We believe in much the same things, just Onoir being the more...adamant? of the two. Perhaps the ability to be so."

Cryheart nods.

Micromage asks, "how about out coffers?"

Truekillr says, "It is an idealistic house with a rigid and difficult acception process. Phoenix has much of our ideals and to be allied with this House would be wonderful. Again, a meeting this weekend will show more. Kris will post on our Tree I'm sure."

Micromage asks, "but membership is to be with one house yes?"

Truekillr nods to Micromage and says, "Aye."

You smile and say, "its a separate House"

Truekillr smiles at you and says, "Not yet but hopefully"

Hyssopp asks, "So..what is Krisenfest bent on this?"

Hyssopp smiles supiciously as usual.

Micromage paces back and forth.

Truekillr smiles at Hyssopp and says, "He is simply extending a welcome hand to a group that serves the same ideals"

Shirkon says, "One of our goals is to be more active in teachin Honor to da yongsters in da lands"

Hyssopp says, "That is a good goal. But better define yer terms clear."

Truekillr smiles and says, "There are no terms between allies"

Hyssopp says, "There is a difference between honor and a zeolot"

Truekillr smiles at Hyssopp.

Gleneth shrugs.

Truekillr smiles and says, "Onoir embodies honor, loyalty without fail. Our Codes and Measures outline our expectations"

Micromage asks, "shall this house reign superior?"

Truekillr says, "Not at all. In fact we are completely the opposite we teach by example and a bit of preaching...of course. Trust me, we shall not reign or ring supreme."

Drayfitt asks, "'ow rigid or militant will y' be?"

Hyssopp sighs and says, "No house is superior to Phoenix."

Truekillr says, "Even though some uppity priests might.", as he blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Micromage asks, "how long it been in the works?"

Gleneth says, "the only reason some may think we're zealot's is that we don't admit the folks that go to the brothe... er bathing house."

Hyssopp asks, "My interest is will a workable relationship withi Onoir help Phoenix?"

You hear the voice of Merlock say, "You'll just create a house seperate from Phoenix to preach what Phoenix isn't doing efficiently enough."

Truekillr says, "We have been going strong for over a year now. the last 3 months more so that ever. The plans for the house are almost complete."

Hyssopp says, "Oops..looks like I opened up another can of worms again."

Truekillr says, "Perhaps Merlock, but we have different confines than Phoenix. "

Vickie says, "Is nae like you think. But you can think what ya will"

Cryheart says, "some people prefer a waraxe..and some people prefer a falchion"

Truekillr nods to Cryheart.

Truekillr says, "A grand analogy good warrior. Thank you."

Cryheart just touched a dark crimson Kai symbol.

You ask, "True?"

Cryheart bows to Truekillr.

Truekillr smiles at you and asks, "Aye?"

Truekillr bows to Cryheart.

You ask, "ye comin also to Krisenfests gathering? And if so..maybe can answer some more questions and such then eh?"

Micromage says, "i will not say i want to join but I back ya up there Truekillr"

Kaelozin says, "I believe action should be taken to influence the younger age of our society to choose to become one of us and not one of them, I believe we should elect a task force for this."

Hyssopp says, "I hope noone here leave Phoenix for Onoir."

Truekillr smiles as he nods to you and says, "I shall try to be here aye, but will be traveling. IT will be close. I'd love to."

You say, "hokay"

Hyssopp asks, "I wasnt invited to this gathering..why?"

Truekillr smiles and says, "Sorry for babbling. My intentions weren't to try and woo folks. Just to let you know what Onoir embodies"

Micromage says, "allies like friends"

You smile and say, "tis posted for all of the House to attend, Hyssopp, on our two trees. He invited everyone"

Truekillr shrugs and says, "I'm unsure Hyssopp. Kris approached Onoir"

Hyssopp says, "Well..allied in friendship is always a good cause"

You hear the voice of Merlock ask, "In the case of a waraxe and falchion, both are improved because of the use of both and need to improve the market for each. I don't feel the simile remains for Houses with ideals. I suppose the question is, where does Onoir's philosophy differ?"

Hyssopp frowns and says, "Krisenfest did nae approached any of the officers that I know of Truekillr. He is taking on a bit for granted"

Truekillr says, "We preach, live, breath and die Honor and Loyalty Merlock. We cannot kill, we must defend the honor of anyone less able to, we never allow oursleves not to offer a helping hand. "

Cryheart smiles and says, "I think ideals can be improved as well"

Truekillr smiles and says, "I know he approached Geij at least lass, Nae sure who else."

Hyssopp asks, "Then why didnt Geijon tell the rest of us?"

Truekillr says, "I think it is on your trees hon."

Truekillr says, "Again, perhaps there is a better time, I do not wish to take away from the good of Phoenix and our meeting."

Hyssopp says, "Well..I think I will show up anyway. Crash Lord Krisenfest gathering per say."

You exlaim, "You WERE invited. Everyone in this House was invited!"

Truekillr smiles at Hyssopp and says, "Please do. The Lord Paladin will be attending, as will the Lord Warlord"

Micromage says, "sounds like it got a few kinks to work out yet"

Hyssopp says, "I will be representing the interest of Phoenix. Phoenix first and last."

Truekillr smiles patiently.

Truekillr says, "My apologies. The Lord Paladin Cannae make it. I mis-spoke. This will not be the only meeting I'm sure."

You ask, "who that be, 'xactly?"

Shirkon says, "Lord Drandar"

You ask, "and the other ye mentioned?"

Cryheart says, "ahhh..Drandar..hae not seen him in ages"

Truekillr says, "Lord Warlord is Brianus. Lord Seneschal is myself. Ravenwulf is the treasurer, Tebon the scribe and who be the Tyler?"

Truekillr rubs his chin thoughtfully and asks, "Cloud magnet?"

You hear the voice of Merlock say, "When things aren't meant to be spread, they aren't spread."

Truekillr peers quizzically at Shirkon.

Shirkon flails his arms about and says, "Oh, awwww....."

Truekillr nods and says, "Garth is the lord Tyler."

Shirkon says, "Dat it"

Truekillr flails his arms about and says, "Bah. My apologies friends. Another meeting is called...."

Truekillr stands up and bows as he says, "I shall return if I am able."

You say, "Strendor was going to relate some information, but his portal collapsed I believe"

Drayfitt says, "forgive m' all,but this house meeting tis nae what I had hoped for. I bid y' a good eve"

Micromage says, "what the hell, get back in here"

Hyssopp says, "Okay..who is head of the hunt committee?..Like an update"

You say, "Germinal"

Washee chuckles and says, "that was kind of rude"

Hyssopp says, "One thing..about Phoenix house meetings..they are never dull."

Micromage hangs his head.

Hyssopp says, "Oh..we take all kinds here. We love em all too."

Mandorallenvon says, "I would like to know more about the hunt committee also"

Hyssopp asks, "Aye...when is the next hunt?"

Shirkon says, "Tomorrow night"

Vickie says, "I have the hunt tomorrow eve Lady Hyssopp. Will be taking em to Vereris around 8:30 elven. I posted it on our trees."

Italo raises his and and says, "I have a question."

Allirea asks, "where exactly will you be hunting?"

Hyssopp asks, "Can I give you all my take on what just happen here?"

Micromage says, "please do"

Hyssopp says, "Well..Phoenix is a house who's members are asked only one remain pure of heart."

Your furrow your brow and say, "Well..a bit more than that I belive, and hope.

Hyssopp says, "Some members interpret this differently. Mine is purty simple I am more tolerant than most. Ones heart is tainted by making a pack with the undead like the bathers do."

Vickie raises her hand.

Hyssopp nods to Vickie.

Vickie says, "Lady Hyssopp, Would ya give the address to the house site so all can find the hunt schedule"

Hyssopp says, "Aye..Vickie..let me finish my thought please."

Vickie says, "Thank you and sorry"

Hyssopp says, "We have had a history of Zealots in our house. Krisenfest was is a fervent Zealot. If you do not follow a God of the Liabo, then he marks yer heart less than pure. This is where my concern is. Phoenix has made some sort of understanding with the bathers. We dont attack them..they dont attack us. We had a terrible war with them. I dont' think it is Waldo wants us to go back to the old days. see my concern and reservation. I may not like a persons ways in the lands. But I will defend their right to have their ways. That is where I feel I go a different route than many."

Waldo2 says, [Wayback machine!]

You smile at Waldo2 and kiss him on the cheek.

Italo ducks his head and says, "We don't help them skin, either..."

Mandorallenvon says, "I don't like them"

Cassundera asks, "What are ye worried about Hyssopp?"

Waldo2 says, "yes the old days where blood ran in the streets from phoenix members and col members, involving even those who sought to avoid the conflict, folks used spells on mass destruction indiscriminatly in crowds"

Hyssopp says, "Since I have been Secretary of this house..I have preached moderations and tolerance. Some of our members are unhappy with me over this philosophy. But ..I love this house and the members of this house..every last one of you. And I will not let you go down the path of bigotry."

Micromage says, "it what make us all different"

Gleneth snickers and exclaims, "I'm not a bigot, I hate everyone!"

Mandorallenvon asks, "If we form an alliance with this new house and they have an all out war where does that leave us?"

Hyssopp says, "Well..maybe my concerns are unfounded."

Hyssopp says, "That leaves me saying no to them. And Waldo will back me." You blink and ask, "Huh? What are you talking about?"

Micromage says, "we all thought alike... be only one house"

Gleneth raises his hand and says, "I don't see a need to associate, affiliate or otherwise join another house. We can be civil of cource, but not tie our name to theirs. And if they use our name, they need to be asked to stop."

Cryheart nods to Gleneth.

Shirkon says, "I don't think you have anything to fear, Hyssopp"

Cassundera says, "I am afraid I don't understand what you are afraid of tho."

You say, "Neither the heck do I. I think we do not have enough information one way or the other, and that is why there is some tension here you see. Not to mention a lot of misinterpretation without full knowledge going on.

Micromage says, "i with Phoenix"

Hyssopp says, "I think Waldo2 knows what I am saying..because I know the folks and the history."

You chuckle and say, "uhm..we're not able to understand what we have not seen or met"

Vickie nods to you.

Waldo2 says, "yep Hyssopp"

Hyssopp says, "I just dont want be confused with bigotry"

You say, "So, you can label this new venture as bigotry, out of hand, never having met with them in any way?"

Micromage says, "it is the vision these leaders see"

Hyssopp says, "It was honor that lead us to the bath house massacre."

You shake your head.

Vickie raises her hand.

Hyssopp asks, "Aye..what is their vision?"

Micromage asks, "to rule?"

Vickie asks, "How can Honor be confused with bigotry?"

Hyssopp says, "Well..I am a zeolots nemeisis. They know me."

Cassundera shakes her head. Shirkon says, "Hyssopp, I can define how Onoir see's Honor"

You sigh and say, "alright, please let us not put words in the mouths of House Onoir when we know so little of it yet and have not even truely spoken one to another about anything, tis wrong and confusing to all, not to mention less than honorable to do that."

You frown.

Cryheart says, "also unfair"

You nod to Cryheart.

Micromage nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "time will tell and provide information"

Hyssopp says, "Okay..I will shut up..but you know..I will leave judgement to this alliance on the burner for now"

Hyssopp says, " had a question"

Italo nods to Hyssopp and "Is anyone going to lead the 20 to 29 group on House hunts?"

Hyssopp says, "Italo..they probably dont"

Hyssopp asks, "do you know Shirkon?"

Shirkon says, "Not off da top of me head"

You say, "me either, but what is filled in is posted already"

Hyssopp says, "Since Strendor did not show..I guess we can close"

Italo glances at Shirkon and asks, "Shirkon, do you need to be older than the group itself to lead a Group Hunt?"

Shirkon says, "Should be. Is best, so you can get da group out of difficulty if need be"

Micromage raises his hand.

Hyssopp nods to Micromage and asks, "Aye Micromage?"

Micromage asks, "i have a question please, simple one, i get asked alot, there maps of the house yet?"

Waldo2 says, "there have been maps of the house on the website for quite a while i believe, as well as a transcript of my house tour from a few years ago"

Micromage blinks and flails his arms about as he says, "i havent been there in awile, never changed much. i check back more often"

Washee says, "i used it me self not just the other day"

You blink at Micromage and say, "it changes lots"

You pout.

Temetran rubs you gently.

Hyssopp asks, "Evialla..when is Krisenfest's gathering? Waldo2 and I would really like to know. I think the chair of our house should be on any negotiations"

Shirkon says, "I think is supposed ta be Saturday"

You say, "this..coming Friday I think"

Cryheart asks, "negotiations?"

You say, "No one said anything about there being anything to negotiate about, its simply a gathering.

Cassundera says, "Its Sunday I think Evialla."

Hyssopp says, "Look..he said and I quote.."What Phoenix has to offer Onoir. That didnt settle with me well at all."

Micromage glances at Hyssopp.

Hyssopp asks, "Evialla..I will not be able to attend..but could you take very exact notes for me please?"

You say, "Sunday at 3" A gentle breeze causes the last of the fog to dissipate.

Cryheart blinks.

Italo asks, "Brrrr! Where'd that breeze come from?"

Italo shivers and exclaims, "Someone close that window!"

Shirkon glances at Waldo2 and says, "Waldo's chili and beans", as he ducks his head.

Waldo2 says, "ERP"

Waldo2's breathing becomes more shallow.

You exclaim, "told everyone..don't touch im!"

(Italo pulls his cloak about him.)

(Italo pulls his cloak over his head!)

Waldo2 says, "thanks for reminding me shirkon"

Cryheart grins and buries his face in his hands.

You laugh out loud!

Shirkon says, "Watch, Waldo is gonna goes home, goes ta bed wid his missus and pulls da covers over her head and......."

Cryheart stretches and grins as he exclaims, "kaboom!"

You feel the blood drain from your face.

A pained expression crosses Italo's face.

Waldo2 says, "BOOOOM"

Hyssopp ducks her head.

You say, "oh my gosh"

Waldo2 chuckles.

Italo says, "Wow. I thought only Wizards could do that spell..."

Vickie says, "maybe dis will help"

(Vickie utters a phrase of magic, waggles her finger at Waldo2, *POOF* he turn into a toad)

You say, "you better get a dispelling amulet first"

Cryheart grins.

Shirkon says, "Even better Waldo. Lie down and spit toward da ceilin and she pull da covers over her own head"

Micromage laughs!

You start a careful diagnosis of Waldo2's condition . . .

He is in perfect health.

You say, "80% gaseous mixture"

Shirkon says, "an da pressure risen"

Waldo2 chuckles and says, "good night all have sweet dreams of happy hunts and wild meetings"