House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 11/10/2010

Day 10, in the Year 5110

The meeting was started after a bit of confusion due to time changes. Day light savings.

20th Anniversary is coming up. Each house is requested to hold some kind of event for this momentous occasion. There are 5 houses that will be 20 years old, but ALL of Houses can have an event for the celebration. So far there are no clues as to what the other 4 houses are doing, it seems everyone is keeping things a secret.

Shirkon will suggest that there be a Grand House Tour for all houses with the history of each particular House, told throughout it. Storys and legends of each house would be nice. As time permits such as stories of when the streets were named after some of the founders.

If any of the members have any stories of this. PLEASE Please send them to Shirkon. They should not be lost to the void.

We decided on gift bags, please submit designs to cosannie, shirkon, tebon, or Aurla. It should have something about 20th anniverary on them. We hope to make them large sacks so people can gather things from all the houses and put them into the bag. We would put a Trinket pin inside. We will use a telescope charm as our trinket.

Shirkon said he will send a few suggestions to the CHE. Ask all the Houses to design a charm for their House and then have it as a trinket for the anniversary. The White Diamond pins from our 10th Anniversary will return. Shirkon said he will ask for those for house members, but the charm for visitors to the house."

"A white diamond phoenix pin." Tapering gold leaflets flecked with chips of ruby and diamond resemble a ring of flames as the setting for a brilliant-cut white diamond. A finely faceted crimson crystal phoenix with gold-etched wings raised in flight and diamond inset eyes rests triumphantly at the center. Within its gold-tipped talons is an engraved oval medallion." Phoenix 10th Anniversary.

"Fear not the night, for it is in darkness that hope is born."

Dance, Trivia Contest, Scavanger hunt * Event Ideas: Scavenger Hunt
Drag the Giant
We need something extra special for this though
an Olympic sort of games..

Foot Race:

We can keep it local, so even youngins can participate...have say...five Phoenix members scattered about...with easy easy clues." fer tha first Phoenix member in tha Kobold mine. They run there, get a token or fer tha next Phoenix member in tha caves on tha cliffs where crabs dwell. Isn't one of those steps tha one ta arch wights in tha crypt in tha Graveyard? Atleast make 'em do tha "shadow bind my soul" part.

We'd 'have ta be very careful in the clues, so as to not give away any secrets. Last 13 tasks is definitely ta hard fer youngin's we needed a name and so we did.......

The Voln Tribute Relay:
Tokens will be asked for and made up

"Since all the tasks are paying tribute to the Arkati, can use the clues the monks give for clues, just reword them, just clues to the location, and not to what you have to do at that particular location. It really represents our house as well.

And i really liked the idea of a gift bag so that folks could collect items through out the tours. Be nice if we could have the trinket set up the obsertory for folks to pick up.. say on a table.