House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 11/7/2006

Eoantos, Day 7, in the Year 5106

Tonights meeting started at 10:00 Pm EST in attendance was Lord Adyr, Rhamor, Shirkon, Rosamor, Murgin, Cryheart,

meeting open with the financial report from cryheart General Funds is at 155123216 silvers.Cryheart spent abit over 2 million for raffle prizes from authorized by shirkon,

Next Subject brought up was the nominations for co-secretary are reopen once again,Rosamor had been nominated for this position,This month raffle was for a glossy paper elven princess doll,and a black glass mirrorwhich was won by Cryheart who gave it to Rosamor as a gift.

the meeting concluded at 10:45 PM Est

House Secretary