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Meeting Minutes - 11/6/2001

Eoantos, Day 6, in the Year 5101

House of the Rising Phoenix
Meeting Minutes
November 06, 2001
Minutes taken by: Heathyranne

Attendance: Aeillien, Cerridween, Dervio, Nureau, Cryheart, Goeffro, Heathyranne, Arimantis

Meeting was called to order at 10:05 p.m. elven by Heathyranne

Treasury Report:
We have over 49.5 million in the general fund, a maxxed endowment and 1957 registered members (not that the latter number is by any means accurate since the clerk is daft). Five million silvers were spent on prizes for the Phoenix Anniversary Gala.

We are in great shape financially.

Events Report:
1) Anniversary Gala with Silverwood went great. We'll be considering making this an annual match up. Twelve million silvers worth of prizes were given away, plus a number of alters, and we only paid for five million of the prizes. Great deal!

2) House Haunts on Eve of the Reunion went great as well. We gave out about 300 items to trick or treaters over a 3 hour non-stop span.

3) Event Meetings: Second Tuesday of the month at 10 p.m. est at house tables. Come show up if you wish to help!

Glad Games:
Show up at the next events meeting to discuss it. We will be looking at putting them on next year and need to get on track. In addition, we will need to coordinate with the CHE (Cooperative Houses of Elanthia). The Officers will do this via the CHE mailing lists and quarterly meetings. Glad Games are ultimately a CHE event and the more input and help we can get, the more streamlined we can make the rules and regs, the easier it will be for the winning House to run it effectively.

Officer Candidate Interviews We still have three more to interview, so unfortunately our picks for the positions were not available for the member's sustaining vote and ratification. We will thus have these for you at December's meeting.

Other: To join the interview committee or receive information about it, write Cryheart

We are in need of a House Hunt Coordinator to follow in Germinal's well-done footsteps. House Hunts have fallen by the wayside. It was brought up that many are interested in participating; we just need someone who has strong organizational skills and the time to implement a schedule, follow up and maintain it. If you are interested contact Heathyranne at heathyr@....

Meeting was adjourned at 10:40 p.m. elven.

Respectfully submitted,
Heathyranne deChantal
Secretary, House of the Rising Phoenix