House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 11/4/2008

Meeting was called to order on Tilamaires, the 4th day of Eoantos, in the year 5108 by Shirkon with the Chairman present along with Tebon, Cosannie, Denissa, Sagelyn, and a visitor named Nigil.

Treasure report:
Tebon says, "General funds at 157, 695, 741; endowment at 100,000,000; no loans, 2029 members, 31 influence points."

Note: our influence points will be going down, when our house improvements goes into effect. We are looking forward to our new benches, and chairs.

New Members:
We have three new members this month. Melaighia, Blackember, and Goldstr. If you see them about please give them a big warm welcome to our home hug.

Ornament Contest For Solstice!
It's that time again folks!!! We need you to send in your designs for our solstice ornament contest.

Shirkon deeply says, "Our house has da one dat designs our ornament what is submitted be da one dat hangs da ornament on da Solstice Tree."

This is a great honor, and a great experience. Last year, it was Cosannie, this year it could be YOU, please send in your designs or bring them to next week's event planning meeting.

Ornament has to meet the 15/15/15 with a show rule. The winner recieves an alteration.

New nominations for two officer replacements were made.

Meeting was adjourned by Shirkon. Respectfully submitted by:
Cosannie Whemigor - House Secertary