House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes - 11/4/2003

Eoantos, Day 4, in the year 5103

Shirkon led the meeting, in attendance were Garel, Eahlstan, Errethe, Pharg, Yviara, Laurencia, Graffy, Rosamor, Rhamor, Barquentine, and Shirkon.

Treasurers report was called for was as follows.

Eahlstan recites:

"General Funds : 135248402
Endowment : 85000000
Loans Owed : 0
Monthly Expenses : 69500
Monthly Cash Flow : 4180500
Members : 1975
Initiation Fee : 40000"

we had 1 visitor, Garel Laudame

Eahlstan talked about the Hunters ball

"On the sixteenth of this month, the House of the Rising Phoenix will be hosting the Hunter's Ball."

"This will include three major events in one day, columnating in the ball itself."

"Firstly, at 5 PM Empire time, we will be having the Giantman dragging contest."

"This will be an elmination style tournament, in which four folks will drag giantmen from Shanty Town, to the front of the House."

"The first one there, will win that particular heat, and the other three will be eliminated,"

"and that will continue until there is one final winner."

"We'll see how things turn out, if there's enough interest, we can have folks drag their own race. For that, we'll need a lot more volunteers."

"A few elves, a few dwarves, a few half-elves, a few humans, and a few giantmen. If I can get enough volunteers we can do it, if not, it will be folks dragging Giants."

"The second event of the ball will begin at 1900 Empire time. This will be the Ball Room Best Dressed competetion."

"The final contest will begin at 2000 Empire time, and will be the Ball Room dancing competition."

"One couple will be chosen as the final winner by a panel of judges."

"at 1800 then, we'll have the Arkati Trivia contest."

"After the best dressed cometition there is the Ball Room Dancing competetion, to be judged by a panel of four or five volunteers."

Laurencia was the monthly raffle winner of an ora-laced vultite corselet.

Mirandabliss VanCur, Secretary