House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 11/4/2000

Eoantos, Day 4, in the Year 5100

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: (Lady Evialla, who is scribing), Lord Geijon, Drizzsdt, Leomar, Hyssopp, Lord Shirkon, Melma, Lord Waldo2, Lady Jauvian , Kalasyl, Zylianara, Lord Shikel, Lord Guarrin, Cryheart, Herry, Lord Germinal, Lord Cynric, Lady Heathyranne, Hyssopp.
Obvious exits: north.

Geijon says, "Evenin boss"

Waldo2 nods to Geijon.

Heathyranne recites:

"I'd like to welcome you all to our monthly House meeting
Thank ye all for coming! We're going to see if I can get us invaded two months in a row. Last month we had an invasion mid meeting.
That's one way to keep us short and sweet!
First up, Lord Germinal with our House Hunt report"

Germinal recites:

"Ok, now's the time to get this new hunt schedule together folks..."

As of the second of this month, the current hunt schedule ends. That's tomorrow. I need anyone from ten trainings to a hundred, interested in helping out the House in a fun way...interested in meeting a few fellow members who ye may nae have gotten aroun' to meetin' afore...interested in makin a few silvers for the come on down and contact me.

All hunts are open..and more than that...each hunt requires two leaders: one primary, one backup.

Hunts are great ways to revisit some old old stomping grounds...I personally lead one down into Arch Wights last cycle, and it was like seeing an old friend again.

By the way, this last cycle was very, very profitable for the House. A lot of the new renovations that occurred this year were paid for by hunt and Protectors training it contributes substantially to the House, and is loads of fun."

Geijon says, "Plus Germinal is a fantastic ranger."

Germinal says, "Please whisper to me your interest during the meeting, or contact me afterwards."

Geijon grins.

Shikel grins.

Heathyranne grins at Geijon.

Germinal grins at Geijon.

Heathyranne says, "that too"

Hyssopp nods to Geijon.

Germinal just nudged Geijon.

Geijon chuckles.

Hyssopp says, "Aye..Geijon ..all the officers do agree on one thing..Germinal is definately kewl."

Germinal says, "Alright, that's what I'm talking about."

Cynric says, "I don't remember voting on that."

Heathyranne just tickled Cynric.

Germinal laughs!

Germinal rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Cynric winks at Germinal.

Hyssopp just nudged Cynric.

Heathyranne says, "like I said ...the mind is the first to go"

Cryheart grins.

Germinal says, "I'll put it on th'floor..."

Heathyranne asks, "that all for the House Hunts?"

Germinal asks, "Yes indeed...and if I may say a quick word on the Protectors?"

Germinal recites:

"Ok, the Protectors of the Citadel, which you all may or may not know is our House defense organization, was one of several units which participated in the raid on Thurfel's Icemule Keep a few weeks ago.

I just want to say, that we did extremely, extremely well. Your brothers and sisters fought with bravery, skill, and discipline, in the face of overwhelming numbers."

We help key positions at the portcullis, and allowed the main force to punch through to Thurfel"

We've also been very active in the defense of our home here in the Landing."

Shirkon says, "even when dem rocks started droppin arounds us"

Shikel winces.

Shirkon shudders.

Germinal says, "Such as last night's massive invasion of unlife. To briefly describe that to you, I pass the floor on to Captain Shirkon, leader of the Phoenix Centurians."

Germinal nods to Shirkon.

Shirkon stands up.

Shirkon bows to Germinal.

Germinal bows to Shirkon.

Cryheart applauds.

Hyssopp turns to Shirkon and cheers!

Heathyranne turns an inquisitive ear towards Shirkon.

You exclaim, "Battle Report!"

You raise your fist in a display of defiance.

Germinal nods to you.

Guarrin grins at you.

Shirkon says, "Okies, las nights da Protectors wid heps from House Onoir mets da invasion o' da GY"

Germinal says, "Our good friends in House Onoir are valiant fighters, aye"

Shirkon says, "Critters what attacked was temporal worm, wrathful bainsidhe, temporal hound, temporal wind wraith, ancient mummy and temporal defenders"

Germinal nods to Shirkon.

Guarrin shudders.

Shirkon says, "all was nasty critters an da young were advised ta avoids da GY"

Shirkon says, "Many waves at da GY and one on da drawbridge in RR"

Shirkon says, "Well, seein dat Truekillr nae lasted long, da young were soul fodder fer em"

Shirkon says, "all was undead doh"

Herry gasps.

Germinal winces.

Hyssopp winces.

Shikel asks, "The temporal creatures were undead?"

Shikel rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Germinal says, "Though, Lord Truekillr did take a whole roomful with 'im, afore he fell..."

Germinal smiles.

Heathyranne says, "sounds like the Protectors held well during all this" Shirkon says, "Waves lasted from abouts half past 9 elven ta abouts 11"

Shirkon says, "All was defeated an da gates ta da Gy held"

Shirkon says, "Protectors dids great werks."

Shirkon bows.

Shirkon sits down.

Cynric says, "I repelled them quite easily, wouldn't have worked if they weren't undead."

Germinal says, "We stood our ground, split into two groups, coordinated our forces."

Germinal applauds Shirkon.

Germinal stands up.

Germinal bows to Shirkon.

Heathyranne says, "if ye hae an interest in the Protectors, contact Commander Germinal after the meeting"

Germinal says, "Thank ye Captain. Sister Heathyranne, ah return th'floor to thee."

Heathyranne says, "same with for the House hunts"

Heathyranne recites:

"The floor now goes to our lovely Lord Geijon for the House Treasury report"

Geijon stands up.

Geijon recites:

"Been havin a few problems with th' Clerk so ah hadtae contact Lady Kristing. It appears she's eithah on leave, absent or simply her runners arenae vera good."

Germinal cocks his head at Geijon.

Germinal rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Zylianara asks, "Clerk scimming?"

Geijon recites:

"The main problem has been th' past two months our cash flow hasn't rolled over, totaling 7 millionish silver so ah've taken steps tae contact her and rectify the situation."

Zylianara says, "Clerks scimming. I outta go have a talk with him."

Heathyranne grins at Geijon.

Heathyranne begins chuckling at Zylianara.

Heathyranne says, "ye probably taught him"

Heathyranne stares off into space.

Brenann grins.

Zylianara says, "Must teach him how to scim without being noticed."

Zylianara winks at Heathyranne.

Heathyranne grins.

Zylianara says, "That's the key, I told him that already."

Heathyranne turns an inquisitive ear towards Geijon.

Geijon recites:

"Been investigating the maximum endowment amount for the benefit of solid revenue from our invested coin. Plan to accomplish that within 4 months or so. Been mixing in mah own coin monthly with the House funds, donations and House benefactors."

Shikel rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Zylianara smiles at Geijon.

Hyssopp peers quizzically at Geijon.

Zylianara says, "We thank you."

Zylianara smiles innocently. It looks odd.

Heathyranne grins.

Geijon recites:

"Ah'd assume that with an endowment o' 74 million, our revenue is easily among the top pair. A year ago only Silvergate had a bettah endowment so ah'd presume we've bypassed them since. Waitin tae hear back from Kristing, bout it.

Geijon sits down.

Geijon nods to Heathyranne.

Germinal nods to Geijon.

Heathyranne recites:

"Ok, next on the"

Tease and Ales is this Saturday at 5 elven. I've had a bit of trouble with getting a original one is hard to get ahold of. So it might be a bit "impromptu" but it'll still be fun! And I'm working with Truekillr for December's

House Phoenix Tease and Ales is held once a month

Tis a time of food, drink, fun and history/story telling"

I bring in guest speakers and food and we go from there. Past speakers hae been Lord Manny, Lord Cynric, Lady Ceolmhor, and many more!

We even kept Celtic from burning down the House and got him to tell two stories

Any suggestions, questions or ideas...whisper to me after!

Now, Lady Hyssopp with the Gladiator Games update"

Hyssopp recites:

"A few months ago..Lady Kristing approached..nae mandated that I try and get the ball rolling for the Gladiatorial Games

House Phoenix sponsered them in 5099.

I chaired them, but Waldo2 and Geijon were indespinsable

I laid out the game plan and the rest of Elanthian made it come about

The last games were won nobly by House Brigatta."

Seesfar was suppose to be organizing them this year..with me kind of like the cheerleader and guide, however he has been very very ill"

That is why the Games will be year"

Lady Kristing is still on my backside about they will happen"

Geijon says, "Its been routine we haf a 2 year break between gladiator Games. Psionix was originally scheduled to plan them, but dumped them on Seasfar, as it goes. At least thats what was stated at th' last quarterly CHE meetin. Ah actually think they're too large of an event to plan yearly."

Hyssopp says, "But Lady Kristing asked me to see that they happen..and that is what I will matter what. I didnt ask her for the job. I got swooped on. But that's okay"

Cynric says, "Its because you did an excellent job running it before."

Hyssopp says, "But..Waldo2 and you Cynric, Geijon and others did pull them off. And I am still very grateful"

Hyssopp says, "And Cryheart and Evialla."

Hyssopp grins.

Hyssopp says, "This whole place "

Hyssopp says, "Okay..that is all I have to say about that" Heathyranne says, "thank ye for taking that on, Hyssopp"

You say, "Yes, I think I had to practice killing Cynric..I think I didn't quite manage to"

You cough.

Hyssopp starts chuckling at you!

Cynric says, "I remember when we had about 25 people trying to kill me during practice."

Hyssopp rubs Cynric gently.

Cynric says, "We were much younger then."

Cynric says, "Was fun though."

Cynric smiles.

Heathyranne recites:

"Our interview process for new members is going well. We just inducted a few new members under the auspices of our amendments...we're excited to hae them join us!"

Melma, Zimrahn, Muteki, Kniles, Belstraga, Andaryel, Seanya, and Sylvanor. Those are some of the new faces ye should welcome to the house.

We also hae quite a few going through the interviews and some waiting for inductions. We appreciate the hard work of the Interview Committee and all the members, in helping make Phoenix the best house in Elanthia.

Anyone wishing to join, please tell them to meet with the officers outside the house on the old induction times. That is: every Wed. evening at 9 elven, or every sat. morn at 11 elven. Send more to Saturdays. Waldo2's getting bored of table dancing just for me"

That is the last business I hae. Is there any new business? Please raise your hand if ye wish to add anything"

Hyssopp says, "Just make it more interesting for him, Heathyranne..tilt the table."

Cynric says, "We are going to be holding a "who wants to marry an old man" game soon, so keep your ears open."

Herry asks, "you're getting lonely, Cynric?"

Cynric says, "Nah. Just bored."

Marinzol raises her hand.

Heathyranne says, "aye, Marinzol"

Marinzol says, "Hmm, we have a house list right, for message delivery? Personal, I mean."

Geijon says, "We do, yes"

Marinzol says, "I request using it more. Either that or I need to have my address changed."

Geijon says, "Anyone can use it, but we try to keep official missives low unless its noteworthy."