House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 1/7/2001

Lormesta, Day 7, in the Year 5101

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: (Lady Evialla who is scribing), Lady Elidan, Yzan, Leomar, Lord Cynric, Kilnhaert, Lord Guarrin, Lady Heathyranne, Falicor, Barquentine, Kaylisidee, Lord Eahlstan, Kniles, Lord Tatetrick, Lauraellen.
Heathyranne recites:

Welcome to the first meeting of the New Year"

Elidan lets out a cheer!

Kilnhaert throws his head back and howls!

Cynric groans and asks, "Another year?"

Heathyranne grins at Cynric.

Elidan says, "aye"

You grin at Cynric.

Heathyranne says, "that means Cynric's getting odler than dustballs"

Heathyranne nods and coughs.

Cynric says, "Time flies."

Tatetrick leans on you.

Kniles grins at Heathyranne.

Guarrin chuckles.

Lauraellen grins.

Elidan smirks and asks, "must have been the cups a few days, aye Cynric?"

Lauraellen says, "cynric was already older than dirt..."

Yzan chuckles.

Lauraellen whistles tunelessly to herself.

Cynric says, "I dust myself off regularly."

Lauraellen winks at Cynric and says, "didn't think he could get much older"

Heathyranne sighs sadly and says, "ok....I have a serious situation first"

(NOTE: to protect the privacy of indivuals, the full context of this portion of the meeting has not been presented in its entirity due to the personal nature of this discussion. Out of respect for this privacy, we will suffice it to say that an announcement was made by Lauraellen, concerning the recent ill-health of the soul of our Chairman, Sir Waldo2 Ptolomy and to update his friends and fellow House-mates on his current condition. This announcement was met by all with deep caring and concern for our much-beloved Chairmen, with well-wishes for a speedy recovery and quiet moments of personal prayer offered.)

Heathyranne says, "quick treasury report..."

Heathyranne recites:
General Funds: 6,702,000
Endowment: 85,000,000
Monthly Expenses: 69,500
Monthly Cash Flow: 4,180,500

You say, "Endowment is maxed. General funds always have room for more. No loans out. We're doing well. A great deal will roll over into General Funds.

You say, "I think if I understand the formula at all, even vaguely it will pay out roughtly 4 million a month, or something" Heathyranne nods to you.

Heathyranne says, "I do not see Germinal for a Protector or House Hunt update"

Elidan says, "he has sent messengers for the House Hunt schedule"

Falicor says, "He got the house hunt list out"

Heathyranne says, "oh...Geijon's sporting a hurt wrist...I heard Evialla broke it trying to get him to the altar, so he's home resting"

Heathyranne stares off into space.

Elidan giggles.

Kamul snickers.

You cough.

Kilnhaert begins chuckling at Heathyranne.

Kniles chuckles.

Guarrin appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Falicor says, "Cord works better"

Barquentine chuckles.

Falicor taps a thin leather-covered cord.

Falicor just nudged you.

Heathyranne nods to Cynric.

Elidan smirks.

Heathyranne says, "Tease and Ales will be this Saturday at 5 elven...Mnar will be speaking on the Unlife. Bring friends! I have more food than...Imaera."

Heathyranne nods.

Eahlstan says, "errmm."

Eahlstan asks, "Mnar is setting foot in this house?"

Elidan giggles.

Heathyranne says, "of course"

Heathyranne nods to Eahlstan.

Heathyranne asks, "Why would he nae?"

Heathyranne says, "only time I've had to hold a Tease and Ales outside was when Celtic was my guest speaker"

Heathyranne stares off into space.

Heathyranne says, "mine uncle gets a bit...pyromanical around us"

Heathyranne coughs.

Elidan giggles.

Heathyranne says, "Mnar has promised me utmost respect and courtesy...and I believe him"

Heathyranne grins.

Cynric says, "If not, I can throw him out."

Heathyranne exclaims, "any ideas or suggestions for that monthly event should be sent to me!"

Heathyranne exclaims, "ooh big year for us this year!"

Elidan asks, "oh yeah?"

Heathyranne says, "tis our tenth anniversary"

Elidan lets out a cheer!

Cynric says, "10 LONG years."

Elidan says, "gotta design something special"

You say, "Mnar, actually was a signigicant contributor to the House History renewal project, several years ago"

Kilnhaert lets out a cheer!

Cynric gazes heavenward.

Heathyranne nods to you.

Kilnhaert exclaims, "ah think we should celebrate with anniversary weapons for everyone!"

Kilnhaert grins.

Elidan says, "heh"

Kilnhaert ducks his head.

Kniles grins.

Barquentine nods to Kilnhaert.

Eahlstan nods to you.

Heathyranne says, "we're going to plan something if ye are interested in the Events Committee and planning an officer"

Kamul says, "house auction"

Cynric says, "Sure, I can purchase some broadsword from the weaponsmith and bless them for everyone."

Kniles nods.

Falicor rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Cynric smiles.

Kamul says, "put the pride of Phoenix out for bids"

Heathyranne says, "I'd suggest Jaialias, Cynric or myself until Waldo2 and Geijon are back in action"

You throw your head back and howl!

You say, "I volunteer"

Elidan exclaims, "me too!"

You blink.

You shriek in panic, trembling as you flail around on the ground!

(Evialla seems delerious)

Falicor says, "Ummm..."

Falicor raises his hand.

Falicor says, "I don't want to be some type of a miser...but...who is the chairman now. It says in the house charter that is an officer is to be gone for over a week he/she needs a replacement"

Heathyranne says, "Waldo2 is the chair"

Heathyranne says, "Cynric is the co-chair. Cynric will fulfill Waldo2's duties until he is back in action. Waldo2 is chair. He switched out over the summer while on vacation, yes. I do not think we need to do that right now however. I think we're in good hands with Cynric. If something prolongs the situation, we'll take action"

You say, "thats part of what a co-chair exists for, just such situations, not to worry"

Falicor says, "Was just wondering. Because he might very well be gone for alot longer than expected"

Heathyranne says, "good question though"

Heathyranne grins.

Cynric says, "And my first action will be...A 2 million silver note to all that show up at meetings."

Falicor says, "I was afraid to ask...without being pelted with stones"

Falicor chuckles.

Eahlstan removes a donut-shaped rock from in his grimy leather backpack.

Eahlstan glances at a donut-shaped rock.

Eahlstan glances at Falicor.

Heathyranne smiles at Falicor.

Kamul drools.

Leomar cackles!

Barquentine beams happily at Cynric!

Heathyranne says, "we wish"

Cynric says, "Heh."

Heathyranne grins.

Falicor says, "Sad thing is, I knew that rule"

Falicor chuckles.

(Elidan pelts falicor with flowers)

Heathyranne says, " order of business. Another one I hate doing! Cynric, ye do it. I'm tired of bad news"

Heathyranne wails!

Cynric says, "Ok."

Cynric says, "This meeting doesn't count."

Cynric winks.

Cynric says, "As some of you may know, Zizzle is the wizard that handles the workings of the workshop here in the of this friday he will no longer be with us, he is retiring.."

Kilnhaert asks, "we have a workshop?"

Guarrin appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Guarrin nods to Kilnhaert.

Elidan nods to Kilnhaert.

Falicor nods to Kilnhaert.

Elidan says, "a nice one"

Kilnhaert rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Falicor frowns.

Kamul blinks.

Kniles sighs.

Kilnhaert frowns.

Barquentine says, "oh dear"

Elidan bursts into tears!

You say, "Oh dear is right"

Heathyranne sighs.

Falicor asks, "Who is taking his place?"

Kilnhaert says, "sheesh just when ah found out we had one"

Kilnhaert snaps his fingers.

Elidan points at you.

Elidan smiles.

Kniles grins at Kilnhaert.

Kilnhaert beams happily at you!

You rub your eyes.

Guarrin mutters bad_week.

Elidan giggles.

You ask, "wha'd I do?"

You exclaim, "am nae a mage!"

>Elidan just tickled you.

Cynric says, "He has stated to the wizards and the officers that he is giving up all his items for a house auction for members only.."

Elidan exclaims, "ooo!"

Elidan exclaims, "and Im poor!"

Elidan wails!

Barquentine says, "Ya nots alone"

Kamul says, "sad way to come by such wares"

Kilnhaert sighs.

Kamul shakes his head.

Guarrin nods to Kamul.

Cynric says, "It seems that the wizards are favoring Geijon to take over the scheduling of the workshop as Zizzle did."

Heathyranne nods to Cynric.

Falicor raises his hand.

Falicor says, "Ummm"

Heathyranne asks, "aye?"

Heathyranne smiles at Falicor.

Falicor asks, "Shouldn't we have a wizard head the workshop?"

Falicor says, "It just seems like the thing to do"

Heathyranne says, "the coordinating of it really is just moving the cycle along"

Falicor says, "I mean, Geijon could handle it and all, but a wizard would be best suited"

You say, "He has very long experience with handling it in cooperation with the wizards, so thats why I think they would be leaning that way"

Heathyranne says, "and Geijon hae been working with themin the circle for a long time"

Falicor shrugs.

Cynric says, "Well, we the officers have left the workshop to the wizards to run it as they see fit, so as far as i'm concerned they can have anyone do the scheduling of the workshop."

Falicor says, "I guess it just seems odd for a fiter to be head of an enchanting workshop"

Heathyranne says, "we monitor, but let them vote and decide who will be coordinating it"

Heathyranne smiles.

Kilnhaert says, "well we trust ya Heathyranne, but dat Cynric gotta be getting a bit senile by now"

Kilnhaert smirks.

Heathyranne begins chuckling at Kilnhaert.

You notice Kilnhaert botch an attempt to conceal himself.

Cynric says, "I guess there isn't a wizard in the circle that wants the job."

Falicor exclaims, "Can you imagine...everyone will point and laugh saying, There's the house that has a warrior leading the enchanting workshop!"

Falicor appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Heathyranne says, "and we'll laugh and say we're the House with the best people and wizards"

Heathyranne shrugs.

Kilnhaert says, "hey we can just bash anyone dat laughs"

Guarrin nods to Heathyranne.

Falicor rolls his eyes.

Heathyranne grins.

Kilnhaert grins evilly.

You exclaim, "right!"

You nod to Heathyranne.

You say, "and then we'll poke 'em in the eye"

Eahlstan says, "Yes, because all you need to know is magic, you certainly don't need proven orginizational skills and leadership qualities. No, certainly any wizard off the street could do a far better job than Geijon."

Falicor laughs!

Eahlstan smirks.

Heathyranne begins chuckling at Eahlstan.

Cynric says, "Zizzle is passing on his items to someone, I'm not sure who at this time though, and we'll have a members only house auction for all sorts of armor, shields, weapons, all of various enchantments."

Heathyranne asks, "as we know more, we'll pass it along via the house scrolls, I'd say, eh?"

Kniles asks, "when might that be?"

Heathyranne peers quizzically at Cynric.

Falicor says, "I've never heard of Zizzle before tonight"

Barquentine asks, "Is there any talk of continuing the house enchants?"

Heathyranne says, "nothing will change, Barquentine. Just a different person whipping the wizards inline"

Cynric nods to Heathyranne.

Falicor asks, "Anything else?"

Barquentine nods to Heathyranne.

Falicor grins.

Heathyranne recites:

Anyone hae any new business to bring up?"

Cynric says, "Everything will stay the same as far as the workshop goes, we'll just have someone new scheduling the wizards usage with the workshop."

Eahlstan raises his hand.

Barquentine rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Heathyranne nods to Cynric.

Washee raises his hand.

Kilnhaert raises his hand.

Heathyranne says, "sorry Cynric. thought ye were done"

Heathyranne blushes a lovely shade of bright pink.

Guarrin blinks.

Falicor says, "If anyone in the interview committee could stay after the meeting, I would appreciate it"

Cynric says, "I'm finished."

Cynric smiles.

Heathyranne says, "ok, Eahlstan, Washee then Kilnhaert"

Heathyranne nods to Eahlstan.

Eahlstan stands up.

Eahlstan says, "Heard rumors of gladiatorial games in the near future. I was wandering what, if any truth there was to that."

Heathyranne says, "yes, Brigatta is in charge this year"

Eahlstan nods.

Eahlstan says, "Thank you."

Heathyranne says, "Hyssopp was helping get them organized since we did them before"

Heathyranne says, "nae sure the dates, but they're coming"

Heathyranne asks, "Washee?"

Cynric says, "Last I heard, they will be late febuary I believe."

You say, "and we will win"

Kamul leans on you.

Elidan raises her fist defiantly.

Falicor says, "And Falicor will be the champion"

Falicor nods.

You wink at Kamul.

Falicor appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Kamul grins.

Washee asks, "might have missed it but did you mention how the house enchants were going while talking about the wizards?"

Heathyranne says, "the actual house slots from the raffle? nae sure. I know they're moving along in their cycle is all."

Cynric says, "I hope everyone knows why we won before."

Washee says, "just wondering been almost a month now"

Kamul says, "better folks in the arena"

Washee says, "was just curious about it"

Elidan asks, "good tactics?"

Falicor asks, "Phoenix is better than all the other houses?"

Cynric says, "Geijon did a huge raffle, there are currently about 20 people waiting to get an enchant."

Heathyranne says, "Geijon hae the information on the raffle ones"

Washee says, "i know, they have mine and my sisters weapons, just wondering if you knew about where they were. Was told they would be done about 2 weeks ago"

Washee chuckles.

Heathyranne says, "with the holidays things might hae slowed down"

Heathyranne asks, "ok...Kilnhaert?"

Cynric says, "Merlock, myself and 2 younguns won the last team match against silvergate to win un the extra point to win the games."

Kilnhaert says, "ah been thinking o takin up drinking and think maybe we should stock up on some more potent giantish liquors just in case."

Cynric winks. Kilnhaert cackles!

Heathyranne begins chuckling at Kilnhaert.

You raise your fist in a display of defiance.

Heathyranne says, "doubt we'll get more alcohol...we hae more than most houses"

Heathyranne stares off into space.

Elidan giggles.

Falicor chuckles.

Guarrin gazes heavenward.

Kilnhaert sighs.

Falicor exclaims, "No ale though!"

Heathyranne asks, "anyone else before I close?"

Elidan asks, "cant we get somethin with a kick to it?"

Kilnhaert nods to Elidan.

Kilnhaert says, "dat what ah is saying"

Elidan says, "mebbe a stun"

Elidan giggles.

Falicor rolls his eyes.

Kilnhaert says, "just in case ah decides tae take it up"

Heathyranne recites:

"Meeting adjourned. Please keep Waldo2's soul in your thoughts and prayers. Lumnis bless"