House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes - 1/5/2000

Lormesta, Day 5, in the year 5100

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: Geijon, Jauvian, Shartan, Rubein, Elasar, Lord Waldo2, Haephestus, Berillia, Hyssopp, Graffy, Temetran, Hollylynn, Woustor, Ceolmhor, Lady Elidan, Dionket, Lord Italo, Lady Woundhealer, Washee, Germinal, Lauraellen, Moonbright, Cryheart
Obvious exits: north.

Waldo2 bows to Hyssopp and says, "have i missed anyting"

Ceolmhor just hugged Waldo2.

Temetran smiles at you, and you smile at Temetran.

Berillia cackles, and says, "Aye, ye hae Waldo. Me making a mule's rear out of meself with Hyssopp"

Elidan says, "nope"

Ceolmhor hugs you, and you hug her in return.

Temetran hugs you.

Shartan smiles at Waldo2.

Ceolmhor smiles at Geijon.

Geijon bows to Ceolmhor and smiles.

You say, "I, Waldo2..I forgot your beans and chili, muffins, cheese and beer this time", as you blush a nice shade of off-pink.

Haephestus and Geijon bash their forearms in greeting.

Geijon smiles says, "evenin Graffy, Dionket, Folks"

Haephestus says, "Weel met friend"

Berillia takes off a slate grey ribbon and offers it to Hyssopp.

Hyssopp tickles Berillia and says, "I am glad ye still love me's Berillia", as she snuggles up to her, saying, "I need somebody to"

Berillia grins and gives Hyssopp a smooch, as Hyssopp beams happily at Berillia!

Dionket smiles gently at Lord Geijon.

Graffy says, "Eve to ya, m'lord"

Dionket coughs as he blushes a nice shade of off-pink, bowing to Geijon as he says Greetings, . . . Geij."

Elidan says, "i know how ye feel--its been an awful weeek for me"

Graffy says, "Just ta lets ya know, me uncle Barquentine's on Teras and can't make it."

Berillia grins and waves a slate grey ribbon around as she offers it to Hyssopp again.

Temetran beams happily at you!

You hug Haephestus.

Dionket rubs his chin thoughtfully as he nods to Geijon and smiles gently, saying "Sorry... but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to say that, comfortably, M'lord."

Geijon chuckles.

You grin and smile at Dionket.

Geijon says, "most folk jus call me Geijon"

Dionket chuckles and nods.

You lean on Geijon and say, "or Grumpus", as you kiss Geijon.

Hyssopp says,"Thank you every one for coming to tonights meeting. My name is Hyssopp Gladishem and I am the secretary of this noble house." Waldo2, Germinal, Elidan and Italo applaud while Ceolmhor beams happily at Hyssopp!

Hyssopp says, "The house meetings are held each first day of Leyan of the month, at 10 elven after Tonis. The officers present tonight are ..Lord chair, Lord Geijon..treasurer. And myself”. Geijon chuckles, waves and smiles.

Elidan and Ceolmhor applaud while Germinal smiles.

Graffy and Italo bow to Geijon and Waldo2.

Geijon rubs Germinal gently as he smiles and says, "yer alive ah see, bud"

Germinal winces and says, "tha's m'bad shoulder"

Hyssopp says,

"Evialla is head of the Spirit of Phoenix Crew"

"Germinal is head of the hunt committee" Elidan applauds while Shartan curtsies to you and Ceolmhor beams happily at you!

Germinal smiles and waves while Rubein, Ceolmhor and Elidan beam happily at Germinal!

Hyssopp says,

"We always hear from our officers and the committee chairs"

"Tonight we expect a guest peaker..Lord Strendor." You exclaim, "yay, Germinal!", as Germinal chuckles and ducks his head.

Hyssopp says,"Now I have some new.. First of all Game Master Kristing dropped in on me this weekend. Always a interesting and nice suprise. She has started on the renovations for Phoenix..that are 3 years overdue." Dionket leans forward while Ceolmhor scoots over in front of Hyssopp and Waldo2 smiles. Dionket nods, leans back and smiles gently, while Elidan says, "ooo nice", and Ceolmhor beams!

Geijon says, "Closer to 4/5ish on some"

Hyssopp says,"Gaqs dungeon is finished. But we didnt get the entrance to voln. Now she is working on the Annex changes .”

Haephestus chuckles as Woundhealer applauds and Graffy beams happily at Hyssopp!

Woundhealer grins and says, "he promised to show it to me sometime"

Waldo2 begins chuckling at Woundhealer.

Hyssopp nods to Geijon and says, "They have to go through quality assurance"

Elidan nods and smiles at Waldo2 as Waldo2 shudders.

Hyssopp says, “So..we still may not get what we want..but at least..the room was completed by the builders. So Geijon said 4/5th"

Hyssopp says, "There will be some classes held for young ones of different professions by the Lorekeepers this month. Next month Lord Truekillr and I will again give our workshop on conducting Elanthian ceremonies. This should be around the 14th of next month. We will discuss planning weddings, religious ceremonies..ect. It was well received in we are being asked to give the workshop again" Hollylynn cocks her head and asks, "conducting Elanthian ceremonies?"

Graffy and Hollylynn blink.

Elidan asks, "weddings? handfastings?"

You point directly at Geijon and say, "c e r e m o n i e s..those things men fear so"

Ceolmhor and Shartan giggle while Woundhealer grins, Elidan chuckles, and Haephestus shrinks fearfully away from you!

Waldo2 ducks his head, and Rubein shivers.

You wink at Waldo2.

Shartan nods to you.

Hollylynn whistles tunelessly to herself as she snickers and says, "isnae the ceremonies they dislike so much.. it is the commitment"

You survey the area.

You nod vigorously to Hollylynn and Woustor nods to her too.

Hyssopp asks,"Waldo2 or Geijon do you either need the floor at this time? Okay..if not I will hand it over to Germinal..then Evialla"

Germinal bows to Hyssopp and says, "Thank you, m'lady"

Hyssopp says, "Hopefully Strendor will show up"

You say, "I am beginning to think he has stage fright"

Hyssopp curtsies to Germinal.

Germinal says,"Ok, first...I just want to correct something. I've told a few folks that the next hunt will be in Lesser Vruul tomorrow at 8:30 pm. That was incorrect. It is in Dirges, lead by Abelard. As always, meet here in the Library at 8:30 pm elven, and Abelard will take it from there. The Lesser Vruul hunt is this Saturday at 6pm, and I'll make sure there's some mana flowing afore the hunt"

"The complete schedule, as always, is posted here in the House Records" Geijon says, "nae haf much t'nite, nae Hyssopp"

Your jaw drops as you look at Geijon and say, "a Geijon with..nothing to say"

Hyssopp leans on Geijon, as Ceolmhor giggles and tickles you.

Washee raises his hand.

Germinal says,"If anyone wishes to lead a hunt, there are still one or two slots open"

Germinal gazes in wonder at his surroundings and smiles.

Elidan smiles and raises her hand, saying, "i wouldnt mind"

Washee asks, "what age should you be for the vrull?"

Germinal says,"You should have trained at least forty or so times, about forty, maybe a confident late thirties. So, as I said, there are a couple slots available for five to late teen training hunt leaders"

Elidan snaps her fingers and says, "ahhh, how bout hopeful twenties?", as she grins and ducks her head.

Hollylynn nods to Elidan.

Germinal chuckles as he looks over at Elidan and shakes his head.

Italo blinks and asks, "A couple of slots? I thought you were short for only one hunt?"

Germinal says, "I'm leadin that one...and I dinna wanna see you get hurt"

Germinal nods to Italo as he rubs his chin thoughtfully and says, "You might be right, yes I filled the other slot. One slot for a ten to fifteen leader"

Ceolmhor smiles at Germinal and raises her hand.

Germinal nods to Ceolmhor as he smiles and says, "aye, Ceolmhor"

Ceolmhor says, "The 10-15 slot I am leading was actually meant to be tentative til a replacement could be found ...Since I am leading 5-9 the week before"

Germinal says, "ah, that's what I was thinkin of..."

Ceolmhor smiles as she nods and says, "Ok."

Germinal says,"Anyway, if you wanna lead a hunt, see me after the meeting and I'll see what I can do. There are still one or two slots open. Thank ye for yer time"

Germinal smiles and bows to Waldo2 and Geijon.

Waldo2 smiles at Germinal.

You rub your chin thoughtfully as you say,"I think it is my turn, although I am not sure I have much this eve."

Italo swoons and asks, "An Evialla with... nothing to say?"

You feel the blood drain from your face as you nod to Italo.

Ceolmhor tickles Italo and giggles, while Elidan cackles!

Cryheart chuckles, as Graffy and Germinal grin.

You gulp and ask, "someone diagnose please?"

Ceolmhor starts chuckling at you!

You clear your throat and say, "although..."

Ceolmhor and Italo glance at you with a concerned expression, checking for injuries.

Italo puts his hand on Evialla's forehead and says, "Hmmmm. No fever..."

You laugh out loud!

Ceolmhor nods and grins.

Jauvian carefully diagnoses your injuries.

Cryheart says, "oh..we could only be so lucky"

You say,"Although, I would like to mention that if you are not receiving House missives..please do let Geijon know, and he will make sure to add you to the listing"

Cryheart asks, "how often are the missives being sent out?"

Graffy rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Geijon says, "Bout monthly"

Moonbright asks, "how about if you are receiving more than one?"

Cryheart nods to Geijon and says, "I got one last month I believe"

You say, "what he said"

Lauraellen points at Geijon and says, "Make him fix it", as she grins and whistles tunelessly to herself.

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Moonbright nods to Lauraellen.

Lauraellen winks at Geijon.

You say, "more than one then you have more than one listing in and need one taken out I assume"

You smile at Moonbright.

Moonbright nods and smiles at you.

You say,"Also, if you would like to volunteer to help with any Phoenix events.., please do contact one of our officers for information, there is always something to be done by all, and it is always most appreciated"

You wipe the sweat from your brow and sit down.

You exclaim, "hokay, Evialla is finished!", as you clasp a hand over your mouth.

Ceolmhor smiles at you and applauds, while Cryheart gives you a smooch and Cryheart leans on you.

Germinal chuckles.

You say, "finished I tell you", as you chatter to yourself, debating with your alter ego.

Cryheart grins, as Hyssopp hugs you.

You lean on Geijon and kiss him.

Hyssopp says, "Strendor apparently received a vision from Koar. He was coming tonight to discuss it with us."

Hollylynn asks, "perhaps you could gives us a summary of the vision til he gets here to give us the meat of it?"

Hyssopp says,"If any of you feel like sharing a talent like that or a story or piece of lore at these meetings..after the main business is done, feel free to do so"

You point at Haephestus as you gaze heavenward and exclaim, "Go, Haeph!"

Hyssopp grins.

Berillia grins and says, "Stop that"

Haephestus asks, "Wha?"

You scoot over in front of Haephestus.

Hyssopp says, "If there is no more business or entertainment."

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Hyssopp asks, " have something to share?"

Berillia peers quizzically at you and asks, "I died in excruciating pain once taday, is that nae enough fer ye?"

You beam at Haephestus.

Haephestus's face turns slightly pale, as he asks, "Me?"

You grin as you nod to Haephestus and say, "You"

Haephestus glares at you.

Cryheart blinks.

Hyssopp asks, "I you have that poem you did when we fought the Bregandians?"

Haephestus says, "Hrmmm, I tink I hae dat soomwhere"

Berillia says, "Aye love, go"

Cryheart says, "hmmm..there was once a lady named Venus..."

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Germinal says, "aye, tha' was a grand tale"

You say, "tha's a favorite"

You kiss Geijon on the forehead.

Germinal nods.

Hyssopp beams happily at Haephestus!

Hyssopp nods to you.

You peer quizzically at Cryheart.

Haephestus asks, "Ye tink dey like da kilt soon better Loove?"

Berillia points at a spiral staircase and says, "That way"

You ask, "aye?"

Berillia grins.

You nod to Haephestus and exclaim, "Kilt!"

Cryheart snaps his fingers as he rubs his chin thoughtfully and says, "forget the rest"

Berillia hangs her head and sighs resignedly.

Elidan squeaks oddly.

Haephestus says, "Folks, I kinna take credit fer dis soong"

Berillia asks, "Oh?"

Haephestus says, "Tis doon by a gent oota da Highlands go by da name O Cross"

Berillia says, "Ye take credit fer ever'thing else unner the sun"

Ceolmhor grins.

You wink at Berillia.

Haephestus grins and says, "Boot, I tink ye agree dat it fit weel in oor wee house"

Cryheart grins and says, "ahhhh..womens got to luv em"

Berillia grins, as Ceolmhor giggles.

You make a rude suggestion to Cryheart and get a firm punch for it.

Haephestus coughs clears his throat.

Cryheart leans on you.

(Haephestus begins to sing in a warm baritone....)

Haephestus sings:

"A Dwarf clad in a kilt left Helga's one evening fair. And one could tell by how he walked he'd drunk more than his share." "He staggered on until he could no longer keep his feet,

Then stumbled off into the grass to sleep beside the street.

Ring ding diddle diddle i de o
Ring di diddle i o

He stumbled off into the grass to sleep beside the street.
Later on two young and lovely elf lassies happened by,
And one says to the other with a twinkle in her eye,"
You see yon sleeping Dwarf who is so young and handsome built?
I wonder if it's true what they don't wear beneath their kilt?"

Ring ding diddle diddle i de o
Ring di diddle i o
I wonder if it's true what they don't wear beneath their kilt."

Germinal coughs.

Germinal chuckles.

Haephestus winks at Hyssopp.

You give a sigh of breeches as you shift your eyes to Geijon.

Hollylynn peers quizzically at Haephestus and asks, "a handsome drawf?"

Elidan clasps her hand over her mouth.

Haephestus sings:

They crept up to the sleeping Dwarf as quiet as could be,
Then lifted up his kilt about an inch so they could see,
And there behold for them to view beneath his Dwarven skirt,
Was nothing but what God had graced him with upon his birth."

Ring ding diddle diddle i de o
Ring di diddle i o
There was nothing there but what God gave upon his birth."

Cryheart ducks his head and asks, "a mole?"

Germinal laughs!

Haephestus smiles wickidly.

You poke Cryheart in the ribs.

Woustor chuckles.

Haephestus sings:

"They marveled for a moment then one said "We'd best be gone,
But let's leave a present for our friend before we move along!""

You say, "some what have n' some what have not I reckon", as you whistle tunelessly to yourself, remembering days past.

Haephestus sings:

"They took a blue silk ribbon and they tied it in a bow, Around the bonnie spar that the Dwarf''s lifted kilt did show.
Ring ding diddle diddle i de o
Ring di diddle i o
Around the bonnie spar that the Dwarf's lifted kilt did show." The Dwarf awoke to nature's call and stumbled toward a tree, Behind a bush he lifts his kilt and gawks at what he sees!"

Then in a startled voice he says to what's before his eyes, Lad I don't know where you've been but I see you won first prize!"

Ring ding diddle diddle i de o
Ring di diddle i o
"Lad I don't know where you've been but I see you won first prize!""

Cryheart and Wouster grin.

Germinal laughs and cackles!

Hyssopp blushes a nice shade of off-pink, while Elidan swoons.

You throw your head back and howl!

Dravis smiles and applauds.

Germinal shakes his head and chuckles.

Haephestus winks.

Ceolmhor applauds and beams happily at Haephestus!

Berillia smiles at Haephestus' kilt sorrowfully, wondering what color of ribbon consolation prices have...

Hyssopp coughs.

You applaud and smile at Geijon proudly, acknowleding Grand Prize.

Hyssopp, Germinal, Italo, Woustor and Cryheart all applaud.

You, Ceolmhor and Dravis all laugh!

Germinal chuckles.

Elidan cackles!

Ceolmhor rolls around on the ground laughing hysterically!

Haephestus begins chuckling at Berillia.

Haephestus just kissed Berillia on the ear.

(Graffy blushes as he uses his hands to close his kilt tight.)

Hyssopp says, "We are a multi-talented crew."

Cryheart says, "well done"

Germinal coughs.

Haephestus says, "Fer dwerves dere all Blue M'Love"

Germinal nods to Hyssopp.

Ceolmhor giggles.

Cryheart whistles tunelessly to himself and says, "some of us more than others"

Berillia and Wouster grin, while Hyssopp laughs!

Berillia grins and says, "I hae absolutely no talent, I'm happy to report"

Cryheart rubs Berillia gently and exclaims, "ye caught Haep....that skill enuff!"

Hyssopp says, "Okay then...from now on..when official business is's talent night."

You kiss Geijon on the lips.

Rubein grunts.

Haephestus says, "Nae skill in a Binding."

Germinal chuckles.

Berillia winks at Cryheart and says, "Nae, that was silencing an' stunning from his sister"

Cryheart chuckles and winks, while Elidan rolls her eyes.

Hollylynn points north and asks, "I got a question. Why do we need something to count walnuts?"

Italo blinks, glancing at Hollylynn as he asks, "What?"

Hyssopp asks, "What?"

Cryheart says, "count walnuts?"

Ceolmhor giggles.

Hollylynn says, "go by the bar"

Cryheart blinks.

Hyssopp, Rubein, Apprentice Dravis, Lady Woundhealer, Lord Italo, Ceolmhor, Cryheart and Lady Elidan all just stood up and went north.

Berillia laughs!

Haephestus recites:


Hollylynn says, "there is something to count walnuts with"

Berillia giggles and laughs as she asks, "Walnut counter?"

Ceolmhor just arrived laughing!

Berillia and Ceolmhor roll around on the ground laughing hysterically!

Lady Woundhealer, Hyssopp, Apprentice Dravis, Rubein and Cryheart all just arrived.

Ceolmhor rolls around on the ground laughing hysterically!

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Hyssopp laughs!

Hollylynn sticks out her tongue.

Rubein stares off into space.

Hollylynn begins pouting.

You concentrate on the Eye Spy spell...

Your spell is ready.

You gesture.

Casually you push your finger into your eye socket and cup it around the throbbing eyeball. With a little leverage you pop the eye from your skull and watch as it sprouts little batlike wings and begins to hover before you.

Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

You concentrate on moving the eye . . .

The floating eye heads north.

[House Phoenix, Grand Hall]
You stand in the Grand Hall of House Phoenix, a place of many a merry banquet and celebration. Dominating the room is a massive modwir table. Smaller tables are placed in alcoves along one wall for more private gatherings. Elaborately figured silken tapestries flank the great fireplace set in the eastern wall, while at the west end of the room, a small bar holds libations for guests and Householder alike. You also see a small walnut counter with a golden phoenix pin on it and a wooden door.
Obvious exits: south, west.

Cryheart glances at you and says, "yuck"

You grin.

Waldo2 chuckles.

Haephestus just went north.

Ceolmhor rolls around on the ground laughing hysterically!

You concentrate on moving the eye . . .

A disembodied, floating eye enters the room.

Berillia grins and says, "Dinnae e'en hae ta go an' look"

Haephestus just arrived chuckling.

You ask, "wha?"

You command the eye to return to you.

You hear a soft hiss as your wandering eye rushes towards you. You reach out and catch the squishy globe and quickly press it back into your eye socket. After a few blinks it seems to seat itself properly. You wipe off some gooey red residue with your sleeve, and feel yourself once again presentable.

Haephestus falls to the ground laughing hysterically!

Cryheart glances at you as a pained expression crosses his face.

You squint.

Hyssopp giggles and says,"Okay..on that note..I declare this meeting over. Thankye all for coming."

Ceolmhor rolls around on the ground laughing hysterically!

Italo shrugs and says, "Hey, it was a good excuse to go and get a dring..."

Italo takes a drink from his warm sake.

Graffy and Haephestus applaud.

Cryheart says, "amen"

Rubein nods to Italo.

Germinal smiles.

Ceolmhor exclaims, "Oh, it hurts!"

Cryheart gazes heavenward.

Rubein raises his amber lager in a toast!

Cryheart kneels down and begins to recite prayers.

Dionket smiles gently.

(Ceolmhor holds her sides tightly!)

Haephestus throws his head back and howls!, and exclaims, "Well an truely punned!"

Hollylynn says, "I serious had to ask that question without thinking of Alakhi when he first brought me in here"

Germinal bows to Waldo2.

You lean on Cryheart and ask, "think I was gonna walk all that way?"

Cryheart nods to you and mutters lazy.

You give Cryheart a good pinch!

You say, "I don't have on my slippers an dinnae want to get my toes chilled"

Haephestus rolls around on the ground laughing hysterically!

You kiss Geijon.

Germinal bows to Geijon and hugs you.

You hug Germinal.

Hyssopp nods to Haephestus.

Germinal and Cryheart exchange hugs.

Ceolmhor laughs!

Hyssopp just hugged Berillia and Haephestus.

Graffy just hugged Hyssopp and Geijon.

Germinal and Ceolmhor exchange hugs.

Haephestus just hugged Hyssopp.

Hyssopp just hugged Graffy and gave him a smooch, leaning on Waldo2.

Ceolmhor giggles.

Woundhealer smiles. Berillia gives Hyssopp a smooch and says, "Thank ye fer invitin' me, Hyssopp. I truly enjoyed meself"

Ceolmhor beams happily at Berillia!

Hollylynn takes some purple socks off her feet.

Hyssopp says, "Thankye for coming Berillia."

Elidan exclaims, "me too!"

Hollylynn offers you some purple socks. Enter ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

You feel the blood drain from your face as you say, "those used socks, Holly.."

Hollylynn says, "of course had to make sure they were quality"

Berillia grins.

Elidan just hugged Hyssopp.

Hyssopp says, "You have my permission to be my guest anytime"

Ceolmhor bams happily at Berillia and exclaims, "We truly enjoyed having you, Berillia ... you are good company!"

Hyssopp says, "I nae grant that lightly"

Berillia blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Berillia says, "Thank ye so much", as she beams happily at Hyssopp!

Haephestus says, "Aye, ferst ye hae ta eat yer shoen in froont O her"

Haephestus winks at Hyssopp.

Berillia says, "An' me cheeks will take WEEKS ta retain their natural form"

Waldo2 smiles at Hyssopp.

Washee says, "aye, wraiths"

Berillia grins and blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Hyssopp giggles and rubs Berillia gently.

Berillia says, "Nae remind me o' that"

Cryheart and Ceolmhor grin.

Berillia says, "Shhhhhhhh"

You lean on Berillia and cock your head at her as you ask, "what happen to ye cheeks?"

Haephestus grins and says, "Evvera time I bring ye in Love"

Berillia winks at you and says, "Stretched from grinning"

Hollylynn recites:

"...and the coming of the Unlife may take many forms. Some may garb themselves in shapes of terror and evil and dwell in the forgotten places of the world and in the realm of the dead. Others may come among you with secret words of power and mystic symbols to lure even those who would fight hardest against them."

You say, "Ohhhhh"

Hollylynn whistles tunelessly to herself.

Italo cowers away from Hollylynn!

Hollylynn recites:

"A host of armies gather together upon a broad plain and fight a long and bloody battle. At its height, a great wizard stands up and with a wave of his staff every soldier dies where they stand. The wizard waves the staff again and the dead armies stand up and begin to move again. You are suddenly overcome by grief and weep for hours. When you look up again at the wizard and the armies, you see him waving his staff and the armies fighting once again. Each one that fell soon rose again. Then you notice the wizard's staff change into a sword and the word "Slayer" enters your mind."

Haephestus recites:

"Soom may coom as singin warriors..." Rubein seems to be trying to figure out how to turn an ancient volume.

Rubein asks, "Me sing?"

You poiont at Geijon and say, "some may come as dancin warriors, to charm you..."

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully and asks, "warriors that sing?"

Haephestus grins.

Berillia grins as she whistles tunelessly to herself and says, "Some may come jist ta dish out insults"

Hyssopp works her fingers under her gem encrusted circlet and scratches her head as she says, "I thought warriors just polished their brass."

Waldo2 chuckles.

Berillia grins and says, "I think that might be my talent"

Haephestus says, "Aye, scares ta blades right oota da beasts hands"

Geijon suddenly awakens from his long lapse of consiousness and smirks.

Cryheart leans on Hyssopp as he winks and says, "aye..and what brass we hae lass"

Berillia says, "Insultin' me husband"

Ceolmhor begins chuckling at Berillia.

Hyssopp begins chuckling at Cryheart.

Rubein mutters something about kilts.

Cryheart grins.

Hyssopp says, "I aint seen it yet ..Cryheart."

You ask, "what brass is that?"

Cryheart blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Berillia grins.

Haephestus says, "Ye fair ta midlin at it naow Love, boot ye gettin better"

Geijon grins and says, "hokay, it bed time fer dis fitah mans"

You kiss Geijon on the lips.

You smack your lips.

Geijon just kissed you.

Geijon smiles as he winks and says, "Nite Nite folks."

Hyssopp throws her head back and howls!

Berillia grins.

Cryheart says, "well..ladies need to learn to polish"

Geijon throws his head back and howls!

Hyssopp just hugged Geijon.

Geijon just hugged Cryheart.

Cryheart and Italo wave to Geijon.

Berillia snorts.

Cryheart just hugged Geijon.

Geijon begins chuckling at Cryheart.

Cryheart laughs!

Ceolmhor waves to Geijon.

Geijon just left.

Cryheart throws his head back and howls!

Haephestus says, "Roon Geijon, ye covered"

Berillia asks, "Anything else we be needin' to do FOR ye?"

Ceolmhor beams happily at you!

Cryheart mutters retortback.

Haephestus chuckles.

Cryheart laughs!

You exclaim, "polish?!"

Rubein gulps.

Cryheart just tickled you.

Haephestus says, "Food, dronk, Silvers amd I tink O more later loove"

Haephestus leans on Berillia.

Cryheart grins.

Waldo2 chuckles.

Haephestus appears to be checking his pockets for something, but finds them empty.

Berillia snaps her fingers.

Haephestus looks over at Berillia and shakes his head.

Hollylynn rubs you gently.

Hollylynn says, "Strangely, nothing happens"

Berillia grins.

You mutter something inaudible.

Hollylynn rubs you gently as she snickers and ducks her head.

Waldo2 chuckles.

Ceolmhor giggles.

Haephestus says, "Whelp, been a pleasant eve, as allas within deese walls"