House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 1/3/2006

Lormesta, Day 3, in the Year 5106

Meeting opened with the induction of Aralim. In attendance were: Aralim, Morgiest, Jaialias, Rosamor, Koleph, Shirkon, Mirandabliss

Shirkon announced the passing of Midorii of White Haven after a long illness. A long moment of silence was observed.

Discussion was held about what we want NPC for raffles and house prizes, after much disagreement about race we agreed on a male human and dwarf female NPC for raffles and prizes. Half the proceeds for raffles go to the house an half to pay the NPC. A new system will be put in allowing people who want to resign from the house, an automatic warning will be given to them warning them about lockers

Shirkon won the monthly raffle of a shambling zombie miniature, a seige mini from Withywind's shop.

Mirandabliss, Phoenix Secretary