House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 10/7/2003

Jastatos, Day 10, in the Year 5103

Shirkon opened the meeting with the passing out of cookies. In attendance were Lady Vixi, Marex, Rhamor, Rosamor, Lord Oskarr, Lady Yviara, Eahlstan, Lady Araika, Errethe, Shirkon, Lady Lecea, and Morgiest

Eahlstan gave treasurers report:
General Funds : 131067902
Endowment : 85000000
Loans Owed : 0
Monthly Expenses : 69500
Monthly Cash Flow : 4180500
Members : 1975
Initiation Fee : 40000"

Secretary's report on the results of the vote for co secretary resulted in Matti as winner of the election.

Eahlstan reported on Events commitees meeting with Soraya, the possibility of a showcase for historical items was mentioned and the upcoming festival that we are planning for the house. The 16th of november was approvaed by Soraya. Suggestions for a festival name will be entertained, Harvest Festival was taken by mentors. Volunteers are also needed as well as suggestions for games.

The meeting was ended with a drawing for a polished ruby vultite chain hauberk.

Mirandabliss, Phoenix Secretary