House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 10/5/2004

Jastatos, Day 5, in the Year 5108

House meeting opened with induction of Asrak.

Shirkon announced that our submition for the fall festival we were planning was rejected, we will plan something later.

He then turned the floor over to Theradose

He spoke about the house pins and our need to use them to bring the house close together again. People were reminded that the black board has info about upcoming events on it.

Theradose wanted to start recruiting in other towns, and he was made ambassador for the house in Ta'Vaalor

Shirkon gave a list of the items he wanted to submit for out fall festival

Party Favors/Grab-bag items: a gaudy orange spider ring, some black and orange confetti, A cauldron shaped mug and a tiny white skeleton pin. Engraved on the mug "The House of the Rising Phoenix Harvest Festival Ball, 5104."

Drinks: a cool glass of pumpkin juice, a stein of honey beer, a mug of warm apple cider, some chilled blood red fruit punch and some nutmeg dusted cocoa A beaker of Wind witches brew."

Snacks: a vanilla frosted ghost cookie, a candy-topped orange cupcake, a handful of jelly candies, a gooey chocolate brownie, some fried salted pumpkin seeds, a square of white fudge, a gingerbread zombie, caramel apples and a cinnamon skeleton tart. All on a silver tray engraved with the house emblem of the house."

Decorations: Baskets of harvest fruits, sheafs of grains, a garland of multi-colored leaves and a phoenix ice sculpture."

Dinner foods: Lamb chops, mince pie, Honey glazed carrots, Herbed roasted taters, roasted corn, Baked glazed ham, spicey pumpkin soup."

Falicor won the monthly raffle

Meeting closed at 11:15

Mirandabliss, House Phoenix Secretary