House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 10/4/1998

Jastatos, Day 4, in the Year 5098

[House Phoenix, Library]
The library of the House is a largish room, with the walls completely hidden by bookcases. A wide selection of reading material can be seen from a cursory glance at the shelves. Treatises on science and history stand next to ancient volumes on forest lore and magic. One rather extensive section seems devoted to arms and armor and the many subjects dealing with the arts of war. Locked glass-fronted cabinets hold rare tomes and fragile scrolls and even the odd clay tablet. You also see a spiral staircase, a carved red sandstone pedestal with an ancient volume on it, a trash barrel and a plain wooden table with a gold-trimmed modwir plaque on it.
Also in the room: (Lady Evialla who is scribing), Lord Geijon, Lord Draxmor, Galdrus, Strayster, Lord Mnar, Lord Longvein, Lady Mirarte, Lord Shirkon, Lord Hercule, Lord Barquentine, Lady Kymberly, Lord Leofred, Lord Graliud, Lord Daegot, Lord Morgiest, Hatraxyl, Daleila, Lord Germinal, Lord Dorcelott, Italo, Waldo2, Lady Hyssopp and Lord Aeolius, all of whom are seated.
Obvious exits: North

Mnar says, "I just returned from the Isle on a bit of research.. I'm sad to report it hasn't changed. Bastion of the power-hunter, don't go there if you can avoid it"

Hercule blinks as Aeolius grins.

Kymberly asks, "The Isle or the research?"

Leofred pokes Kymberly in the ribs.

Mnar says, "Oh, the Isle hasn't changed. About a month ago a young lad by the name of Caer arrived up in Pinefar, speaking of his hometown, Yuriqen. Yuriqen being the home-city of the sylvankind.. He told us that the town was under siege by a necromancer, and that he was one of the last to escape"

Hyssopp says, "Aye...that is an actual place somewhere in lands."

Mnar nods to Hyssopp and says, "Yes, we have a map now, and Yuriqen is on it. So be on the look out for further news from Yuriqen"

You say, "if I may, I do believe he paid another very brief visit just this past week and had a yurt set up near the steps to the lodge"

Aeolius asks, "is it harder to get to than pinefar?"

Mnar rubs his chin thoughtfully as he replies, "I wouldn't know, Aeolius"

Mnar says, "On a further, and very important note.. I'm afraid I'll have to stray into OOC here for a bit. Some of you may have noticed changes occuring to a certain society"

Hyssopp and Aeolius nod, while Kymberly peers quizzically at Mnar and Leofred says, "Bathers dear"

Mnar says, "These are not the first changes, and they won't be the last... According to certain sources the entire concept of the Council and the Unlife is being reworked"

Morgiest blinks and asks, "Changes?", as he furrows his brow.

Galdrus asks, "Reworked? How?"

Mnar says, "This is obviously important to us, because in the near future the Unlife could cease to exist, with no equitable counterpart.. We just don't know what Aephir is going to do to it"

Kymberly says, "I hear they're not going to be a secret any more. Already the worst-kept secret in the lands"

Mnar shrugs and says, "All we know is that things are changing. Before winter, most likely"

Hyssopp says, "Wow..that effects Voln big time. Wait..that is confusing", as Mnar raises an eyebrow in her direction.

Graliud nods to Hyssopp and Longvein says, "very confusing"

Aeolius says, "gonna get bloody"

Kymberly says, "Well the gods always say this or that change is coming. I'm still waiting for the Baron to show up"

Mnar says, "The Unlife, as you probably know, isn't a term we're supposed to use anymore.. its an ICE term"

Galdrus says, "What term should we use.", as he blinks and asks, "ice?"

Mnar says, "In all probability, it'll be replaced by 'Chaos' or 'The Demonic' or some such. For the moment, keep using Unlife"

Galdrus shakes his head and says says, "I hate change."

Kymberly says, "Undead" Is a common term"

You chuckle and cough.

Mnar says, "Undead isn't the same, though. Until I can get some clarity from Aephir, continue with 'The Unlife'"

Kymberly says, "Everyone I know calls them undead"

Hyssopp says, "Chaos is served by undead and by COL..but undead and COl are not aligned"

Mnar says, "Undead and Unlife are two seperate things, Kymberly"

Hyssopp nods and says, "Thats already got me confused"

You say, "for those that are not aware of it, the trolls that have invaded recently offered prayer directly to the "Unlife"

Mnar nods to you and replies, "That was.. curious"

Galdrus nods and says, "Odd."

Kymberly asks, "What's the difference between the undead and unlife?"

Mnar scowls and asks, "We let people into the house who don't know that?", as he peers quizzically at Hyssopp.

Hyssopp asks, "Dont we just love semantics..did someone say to the Troll..define your terms?"

You say, "the undead, as you probably really know are captured souls enslaved within a body not their own..thus we release them from that bondage"

Mnar says, "Let me explain. We all know what the Undead are.. they're the things we kill for favor. Formerly-living creatures bound to death for various reasons. The Unlife is something totally different, and hard to describe or define. It is not from this plane of existance, it originated in a different world, which it destroyed millenia ago. It is a sentient force, that survives by consuming life. By consuming life, I don't mean killing.. It utterly destroyes the life, feeding on what we call the soul"

Barquentine asks, "Sort of "anti" life?"

Hyssopp asks, "The Talan?", as she says, "We had odd visions of people screaming and running the other day..from something consuming all."

Mnar says, "I don't believe so, Hyssopp, that sounds different"

Hyssopp and Mirarte shudder as Kymberly's face turns slightly pale.

Aeolius says, "like the vruual"

Mnar nods to Aeolius and replies, "When we first encountered the Vvrael, that's what we thought they were. They might be, they might not be.. we don't know. But the Unlife is intelligent.. it has tools, and uses them to gain access to our world. One of those tools is the undead.. it is the force that animates them. The other tool is a certain society..."

Kymberly says, "That reminds me... my daughter told me of an odd experience she had recently"

Mnar raises an eyebrow as Galdrus glances at Kymberly.

Hyssopp asks, "How does this play into Chaos?"

Kymberly says, "She was hunting, minding her own business, when suddenly she heard vioces arguing in mer head. This was not the net, mind you, as she hasn't learned to use it yet. The voices grew steadily louder, making it difficult to think....until suddenly the stopped! Then she felt they were all... watching her, turning their attention to her! Then the feeling left as suddenly as it came... but she wasn't the only one to feel it"

Mnar says, "Unlife is an out-dated term, left over from the ICE age.. we were never given a new one, so we continued to use 'The Unlife'. That's now being updated, and Chaos is one thing being considered to replace it"

Hercule points at an ancient volume and says, "The book over there would need to be changed too"

Mnar and Hyssopp nod to Hercule.

Mnar says, "There's nothing else to say, for the time being. It will change, probably. To what, we don't know. If the house will still be relevant afterwards, we don't know."

Hyssopp says, "Can ye give us a brief history of Estrevion"

Mnar sits down and says, "Anyways, Bandur Etrevion"

Mnar recites:

"Bandur Etrevion lived about 20,000 years ago, in this area, the Vornavian Coast"

"Bandur and Kestrel--his brother--lived during the Wars of Dominion, or the Undead Wars, when Despana's forces were slowly consuming the elven empire. Like most humans caught in that time, they realized that the path to true power lay in siding with Despana and the Unlife, and so they pledged their souls to the Unlife"

"As promised, they both became powerful.. Kestrel's strength of arms was so great that he became a famous general, leading vast campaigns through the area, until eventually he carved a kingdom out of the chaos, along this coast"

"Bandur was not a warrior, his powers came from the occult.. With the Unlife's aid he became a powerful sorcerer, and holed himself up in a tower in Kestrel's palace, studying quietly and increasing his powers. He learned the secrets of exchanging his spirit for powers, and became a leading scholar of the time, eventually writing the famed book 'Servants of the Shadow: Power through Thralldom' "

"He was content to slowly grow in power through his studies, but Kestrel was not. He became restless and bored with rulership, and set off on missions of conquest, leading his armies further and further abroad in search of riches. Eventually Kestrel's need for war was so great he set off on a mission across the oceans, leaving his kingdom for years at a time"

"It was during one of those campaigns that the land began to degrade.. Without Kestrel's firm leadership, the Unlife began to influence itself, and society broke down.. Bandits roamed freely, laws were meaningless, and cults dedicated to the Unlife sprang up in every village, often involving human sacrafices.. It was a time of chaos"

"Eventually the chaos became so rampant that Bandur was unable to study in peace. Leaving his tower one day he assumed control of the kingdom, reestablished a powerful army, and set about to ruthlessly reassert law and order, killing any who disobeyed his edicts. The myriad of cults to the Unlife he crushed, and established a powerful, central state-run cult, which all were encouraged to join and pledge their souls away"

"A bit about this cult. It was benevolent, on the surface.. It proclaimed greater powers through knowledge, and claimed to be serving the Light"

"Relics of this cult can be found in the crypt in the graveyard. A large marble tablet, a string of modwir beads. These were used by the cult in their ceremonies.. Members of the cult chanted 'Kadaena Throk Farok' during their ceremonies, Kadaena being the Goddess of the Undead at the time, and consort of the Unlife"

"Eventually, however, Kestrel returned. Being a virtous man, he was appalled by what had become of his kingdom.. He fell into arguing with his brother. Before anything could come of it, though, messangers arrived telling of an invading force to the north"

"Anyways, these invaders were most likely Krolvin, though we'll never know. Kestral left the palace to fight off the invaders, but it quickly became apparent that he was outmatched. Desperate, he called on his brother for aid using a talisman given to him years ago, when they were still close"

"By this time Bandur was a powerful channel for the Unlife, and used his powers to gate in an army of minor demonics, which he used to crush the invaders. Kestrals army was entirely demoralized by this, and fled back to the capital, despite their victory.. Kestral again fell into arguing with his brother. Bandur was incenced by his brothers ingratitude, and consumed in a fit of rage slew him with the spell Absolution Pure (implosion)"

"Bandur, after his brother's death, was crushed. He realized how much the Unlife had controlled him, and began constructing a graveyard for his brother, that being the Graveyard outside our town. Kestral's tomb is the one beneath the mound, where the tomb wights reside"

"Anyways, consumed with grief Bandur slew himself deep in the tomb, destroying most of his remaining army in the process. The kingdom soon fell apart without the leadership of the brothers, the only relic to survive being the cult Bandur had founded"

"Sadly, as in Bandur's time, the larger portion of the population belongs to this cult"

"You can still see Bandur deep in the crypt, in the Iceroom. Most of you should have preformed Phoen's task, whereby you bring the light and warmth of the sun deep into the earth where death sleeps cold"

"That death, being Bandur, who is merely sleeping, someday to wake. And that is Bandur's story"

Aeolius applauds, as his face turns slightly pale, while Hyssopp nods sadly and Longvein and Hercule shudder.

Barquentine applauds and says, "Wonderful story, thanks Mnar"

You say, "an excellent telling, Mnar"

Morgiest applauds and says, "Well told Lord Mnar"

Hercule says, "Are ye sure he isn't aware? Tis pretty creepy"

Mnar says, "No, we're not sure at all"

Hyssopp applauds as she beams happily at Mnar!

Graliud, Hatraxyl, Longvein, Italo and Hercule all applaud.

Hyssopp says, "Mnar I do hope you will bless us again next meeting with this. You are truely a jewel."

Mnar peers quizzically at Hyssopp as he says, "Not the same story, I hope", and mutters godsforbid.

Hyssopp says, "Nae..maybe the GrandPoohbah and his dark assassins next time."

Hyssopp says,"Next house meeting will be 4pm EST November 8th. If no other business then meeting is ajourned..thankye all for coming"