House of the Rising Phoenix - Documents

Meeting Minutes – 10/4/2005

Jastatos, Day 4, in the Year 5105

House meeting opened at the regulare time, with Shirkon chairing, present were Lord Balantine, Cryheart, Eahlstan, Rosamor, Shirkon, and Mirandabliss.

General Funds 152876479, Endowment 85000000, Monthly Expenses 69500, Monthly Cash Flow 4180500 and Members 2008.

Trouble is brewing in foggy Valley in solhaven, a strange mist has been coming from the valley and the critters are more abundant and talkative.

Sir Eahlstan, after a number of years serving as an officer, will be resigning as soon as a replacement can be found due to time restraints. He will remain active in the house.

We will have nominations fer Co-Treasurer an promotes Cryheart toa Treasurer

There was no raffle this month, raffles will resume next meeting.

Mirandabliss VanCur, House of Rising Phoenix Secretary.