House of the Rising Phoenix - Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 5/3/2011

Monthly meeting for House Phoenix, day 3 of Ivastaen, 5111

1. Treasury and IP Report
2. Membership Inductions/Interviews
3. Arcane Brilliance Summary
4. Upcoming Events
5. House Expansion and Additions
6. Q&A

In attendance:
Aurla, Ryski, Geijon, Shirkon, Cosannie, Gawyane, Evialla, Gailiana, Ryski, Goldstr, Psyryn

1. Treasury and IP Report

Members: 640
Influence 59
General Funds 251 million

2. Membership Inductions/Interviews

No inductions were conducted.
Introduced newest inductee: Gawyane Holbrith, paladin follower of Lord Kai
Eligble for induction after waiting period: Gillien

3. Arcane Brilliance Summary

Geijon reports:

35 tickets were sold to the four times enchanted perfect Maul that Aurla enchanted. Net of about 2,550,000 after th' raffle table cost.

We eventually got coaxed to spell a few people as we had some event conflicts in th' beginning and did about 7 rounds of that with Dionket and Evialla doing th' majority of protection spells.

We gave out 15 giftbags with 15 imbeds total including blessed gems, potions, and imbeds.

Once Droughtman's started we had severe weather, but surprisingly once it cleared th' event really picked up steam.

More people came as th' raffle time grew closer with Moreno eventually winning th' maul. It was purified by Aydan and blessed by Shannivar and given to him.

Afterwards Dionket and Evialla headed into th' Workshop with just under a dozen and held a charging session that included an Enchanting Lecture, instruction and questions on Charging, then th' basics of scroll infusion by Evialla.

Dionket and Evialla were considerable assistance during th' event and should be commended. We ended around 11:50p.m. and responded to th' invasion forces of th' massive ice trolls.

Concluding Arcane Brilliance of 5011.

All in all about 40 people attended or stopped by.

4. Upcoming Events

Bounty Run:

Shirkon deeply says, "Na dis month but next month we is responsible fer da calendar item fer da multihouse/MHO Bounty help."

Shirkon deeply says, "Which I invites alla ya ta utulize an support."

Shirkon deeply says, "Bounty Runs are on da 1st and 3rd Feastdays o' da month fer dem what na knows."

Cosannie says, "Bounty Run is held inside the tent, that sits outside the AG building."

Cosannie says, "10 pm."

Cosannie says, "Elf zone."

Undead Lore Series:

Geijon says, "We can discuss th' Undead Lore Series at th' event planning committee, but it'll be a Lumnea request for support so will probably take place in Koaratos (July)"

Honoring The Chosen:

You say, "Honoring the Chosen,"
You say, "Restday, the 19th day of Lumnea, in the year 5111."
You say, "Phoenix, Gryphons, Onoir."
You say, "A ceremony here, with a wreath and candle lighting."
You say, "A pilgramge to key location centered on the Vvrael Saga, and to the Drake's Shrine."
You say, "Gryphon's, Onoir, and our sturdy people will serve as guides and Honor Guard."
You say, "We are looking for Truekillr, if we find him he will be invited to speak."
You say, "As will Beldin."
You say, "Xanith, as a finder of one stone, will also be asked to say a few words."
You say, "We also seek speakers of poems, verses, songs, or short paragraphs on those 6 key virtues."
You say, "We also hope to carry roses to the Drake's Shrine to leave."
You say, "Gryphons via Sir Cryheart, and Onoir via Cosannie have already consented to join with us in the evnet."
You say, "A wreath has already been approved, as well as the candle stand, news items, event, and calendar item."

We are seeking healers, clerics, and bards to sing peace songs on our journey

Balantine has been suggested by Cosannie as an amazin storyteller.

Ytierra has been volunteered as a priestess or Koar to participate, at the Drake's Shrine.

Shirkon will write to Truekillr with an invitation to write a scroll to be read, since he will not be able to attend.

6. Q&A:


General Discussion:

Discussions continue on renovations and upgrades for our distant annexes, and our Courtyard area.

Upgrades and renovations to possibly our Teras and Zul Logtoth annexes were discusses.

Ideas are being considered for some beautification to our Courtyard.

Reported by:
House Phoenix, Secretary