House of the Rising Phoenix - Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 4/5/2011

House of the Rising Phoenix, monthly meeting for Olaesta 5, 5111 (April 5, 2011)

In attendance:
Denissa, Gillien, Geijon, Goldstr, Cosannie, Tebon, Shirkon, Eahlstan, Ryski, Brandain, Evialla.

Financial statistics:

Tebon says, "House of tha Risin' Phoenix...currently 'as 57 influence points, general funds of 251,774,802 silvers, no loans owed an' hangin' tight at 2039 members."

Total Members by House Roster: 637

There was a brief discussion about the Houses view on Grishom Stone, which can be summed up by these few remarks:

Shirkon deeply says, "Iffin he were buried alive I would stroll slowly ta his gravesite to dig him ups. Probably take a few hours."

Speaking to Shirkon, Tebon says, "I'd add dirt."

Tebon says, "An' stand on it."

Goldstr says, "Canna believe Mestanir declared him a hero."

Shirkon deeply says, "'ya kin speaks fer da house on dat Tebon."

Tebon announced an event with House of Argent Aspis:

Speaking to Shirkon, Tebon says, "On tha 15th of this month, Seomanthe, on behalf of House Aspis 'as asked me ta do a speech on Lord Voln an' tha Order of Voln."

Shirkon dicussed that our house doorman and heralds should soon be wearing our house crests.

The upcoming Honoring the Chosen event was discussed, including the possibility of an idea suggested by Evialla, for a commemorative wreath to be left:

Evialla says, "Well, first of all, we're thinking on having an event loosely called Honoring the Chosen."
Evialla says, "Geijon, and I think Dionket had an idea about bringing white roses, and going on a pilgrimage to that unpronouncable place.
Geijon asks, "Pinefar, Aentumgana?"
Evialla says, "And I thought about it thought perhaps we could do a commemorative wreath."
Evialla says, "Which might look something like.."
Evialla says, "This commemorative wreath has been woven of interlocking leaves and branches of fragrant laurel entwined with white-veined ivy. Carefully arranged amongst the greenery, perfect blossoms of white chrysanthemums, passionflowers, white roses, irises, red roses, and white lilies signify the virtues of truth, piety, humility, faith, courage, and honor. Set at the heart of the wreath, small stones in clear crystal, milky white, dull grey, flawless silver, veil iron and reflective glass have been pierced and wrapped with thin gold wire to form a cluster. A large white satin bow near the bottom of the wreath flutters twin streamers of gold edged white ribbons. Embroidered down the length of the first ribbon are the words, "Truth, Piety, Humility, Faith, Courage, Honor", while on the other are the names "Merry, Beldin, Nyte, Heathyr, Terate, Tedra"."

We then discussed whether we might be allowed to leave the wreath as a permanent commemoration.

Denissa broached the request that perhaps we might think about spicing up the room just inside the archway. Several ideas were given, including perhaps a small orchard of flowering fruit trees such as plum or cherry; and a beehive for honeybees and honeycomb and for pollinating the trees.

An additional idea for future work was added by Geijon:

Geijon says, "We could spruce up a few of th' items about th' House too, but that might be rather longterm such as Wisraith's Staff or Maruko's Wolf (Loresong and script additions)"

Shirkon cautioned that we should take care not to heavily alter designs created by the house elders in years gone by.

Expansions and revisions to the basement area were discussed as possible future projects, and our long-wished for tunnel to Voln.

Geijon brought up additional even ideas:

Geijon says, "As to Voln. I'd like to have a society fair and possibly an Arkati Festival at one point."

Geijon says, "I also want to broaden th' perception of Sunfisters being welcome to join us. I don't entirely know how to balance that."

Our new Message of the Day (MOD) feature was discussed, which can be used to give important announcements of the house as one enters the lands.

Next, discussions were held about firming up plans and details for our Arcane Brilliance event, to be held on April 30th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Evialla,