An Troubled Lord Truekillr

Lady Evia hears the distressed thoughts of Truekillr in her mind, and goes to Lorminstra's temple to see what is troubling her friend. (4/22/98)

[Temple, Altar]
The altar is plain, and bears only onyx bowls of smouldering incense and smoking paraffin. Draped behind it is a cloth banner, appliqued with an ancient mystical pattern. A legend is embroidered along the bottom. On the far side of the room at the end of an aisle, you see two pillars.
Also in the room: Elbromo who is kneeling, Lord Truekillr
Obvious exits: out.

You wave to Truekillr.

Truekillr smiles.

Truekillr waves to you.

You say, "came to say hello and to see if ye need anything"

You smile at Truekillr.

Elbromo nods.

Truekillr says, "Thanks Evia. Im just really getting an awful feeling..."

Truekillr sighs.

Truekillr says, "Its probably nothing."

You nod to Truekillr.

You say, "ye may be right, can't hurt a thing to be here though"

Truekillr nods.

Truekillr says, "I really dont know where this huge fear comes from..."

Truekillr sighs.

Truekillr removes a gleaming gold Lorminstra symbol trimmed with glistening onyx and engraved with the scene of an etheral spirit passing through a mighty ebon gate from his neck.

Truekillr tightens his grip on his Lorminstra symbol.

Truekillr gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Truekillr says, "It is as if this temple is the only place I can be safe."

You say, "from deep within mysterious realms of powers we only graze at the knowledge of, me thinks"

Elbromo asks, " some kind of curse?"

Truekillr sighs.

Truekillr says, "Nae. I cannot be cursed"

Elbromo nods.

Truekillr says, "At least not by any power less than that of my Lady"

Truekillr grumbles.

Truekillr says, "Perhaps I am over reacting"

Elbromo says, " methinks whatever troubles ye is worse fer all else"

You rub Truekillr.

Truekillr says, "Just a VERy strong feeling and this stench of death that follows me."

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

Truekillr nods to you.

Truekillr grumbles.

Elbromo rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You say, "I am sorry to see you so troubled friend"

Truekillr says, "Thank you for coming and looking in on me"

Truekillr just gave you a smooch.

You smile.

You say, "anytime"

Truekillr says, "And thank you for asking"

Truekillr smiles at Elbromo.

You say, "I nae forget ye ever, even though you don't see me for a bits"

You hug Truekillr.

Truekillr nods.

Truekillr hugs you.

Truekillr says, "thank you."

Truekillr says, "Ill let everyone know if anything changes."

You say, "if I can ever help you, or help you in your doings..remember me also and I will come"

You kiss Truekillr on the cheek.

Truekillr smiles.

Truekillr says, "Thank you my dear"

You say, "I'll leave ye be now..with the lady"

Truekillr just kissed you on the cheek.

You wave to Truekillr.

Truekillr bows.