Opposition & the Battle of Melgorehn

[Rogues Guild, Mustafo's Chambers]
This is a very well lit room that gives you the feeling that its much larger than it really is. A large teak desk draws your attention to the center of the room and on the desk are various lockpicks of different styles and materials. On the far wall you see a portrait of a beautiful dark elven female and on further inspection, you notice that its Mustafo's wife. Off in the left corner there is a well crafted canopy bed with a small nightstand on each side. If you look closely on each nightstand, you will see several interesting daggers that look like they were placed there in case someone had to get to them really fast. Candles of various sizes give off the light and its because the room is so well lit, you notice there is no door out of the room. You also see Lord Mustafo, who is sitting.

You hear a short pinging sound that seems to eminate from a wall, of which you can not be certain of. Mustafo takes one of the lockpicks off his desk and slides the lockpick into part of his desk. Very odd you think to yourself until you see a panel slide open on the western wall.

Out walks a very large man who seems to be having problems from scraping his head on the roof.

You see Lord Sagan Necropolis the Giantman. He appears to be in his 80's, has very long silver hair, violet eyes, and black skin

Mustafo says, "Good evening. Thanks for taking time out to answer some questions for my readers. Im sure they will appreciate your time."

Sagan smirks.

Mustafo asks, "So tell me and everyone, what do you like most about Elanthia?"

Sagan chuckles.

Sagan says, "That's a tough question."

Mustafo grins.

Sagan says, "What I like most are the people, but not all of them."

Mustafo asks, "which are the people or groups that you have a less than a liking for?"

Sagan says, "The first name that comes to mind is Catrissa."

Sagan grins.

Mustafo says, "hmmm, I have heard of that name before"

Sagan asks, "She was a rather loud member of that evil House...what's it called?"

Sagan says, "Phoenix."

Sagan nods.

Mustafo says, "ahhh, that House. A dastardly group"

Sagan nods to you.

Sagan says, "The absolute worst that this land has ever seen."

Mustafo asks, "her or the house?"

Sagan says, "The House, always has been. The people in it today know nothing of what the founders were like or what they stood for."

Sagan says, "They have no idea what they are supporting."

Sagan chuckles.

Mustafo asks, "Is'nt that House reported to prefer Voln members only?"

Sagan says, "So I've been told. They've been around much longer than Voln has."

Sagan says, "It only made sense for two such organizations to join together though."

Sagan says, "Both of them are bent on the destruction of all that is good."

(These events were primarily from Winter 1991 to Fall 1992)

Mustafo asks, "How many summers have you seen in the lands?"

Sagan says, "I've been thinkin about that one for awhile..."

Sagan says, "And I still can't really pinpoint it. Somewhere between six and eight. I went travelling for quit a bit of time in the middle...so it is hard to says."

Mustafo asks, "wow, that is a long time. Where did ya travel that it made ya sorta lose track of time?"

Sagan says, "I'm not really sure where I went. I left the Landing over a small dispute that had grown into something much larger than it should have been."

Sagan says, "I mourned when I left...and just wandered."

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, "I bet it was hard to leave"

Sagan smiles at you.

Sagan says, "It was the hardest thing in the world that I had ever done. It still ranks up there pretty high."

Sagan says, "I left to save my wife's life...but lost my own in the process."

Mustafo asks, "was this conflict thing over with by the time ya came back?"

Sagan says, "When I returned, she was long dead."

Sagan says, "Aye. It was over. Many friends had fallen victim to it."

Sagan says, "This was when Phoenix was but an idea in the founder's heads."

Sagan says, "Lythe L'Green was one of the founders."

Sagan says, "They called him "The Mad Mage"."

Mustafo chuckles.

Mustafo asks, "Why was that?"

Sagan says, "He was insane. And pure evil."

Mustafo asks, "the worst the lands has ever seen?"

Sagan says, "By far the worst."

Sagan says, "He ambushed me one night, outside of the town gates, with a large party of Phoenix members."

Mustafo says, "wow"

Sagan says, "I had gotten wind of the ambush before it happened."

Mustafo asks, "they ambushed you when you were all alone?"

Sagan looks over at you and shakes his head.

Sagan says, "I was never alone."

Sagan smiles at you.

Mustafo grins.

Sagan says, "Lythe had a problem with the activities that myself and my associates had been taking part in."

Sagan grins.

Sagan says, "One of his own betrayed him and told me...because they thought it wrong."

Mustafo asks, "and that would be...lemme guess and this is a reach....teefing?" Sagan shakes his head. Sagan says, "It had nothing to do with silver...or wealth." Mustafo says, "ah, ok" Sagan says, "It was about power, and control."

Sagan says, "He thought that he should have a right to voice an opinion where none from his was welcome."

Mustafo asks, "you had it and he wanted it? or the other way around?"

Sagan smiles.

Sagan says, "Neither, and both."

Sagan says, "We were on opposing sides."

Mustafo nods.

Sagan says, "He saw me as the route to putting an end to something, but I was mearly a pawn...it was something he could not stop."

Mustafo asks, "were you leader of your side?"

Sagan chuckles.

Sagan says, "Not by far."

Sagan says, "I was mearly doing my duty."

Sagan says, "We got past his ambush."

Sagan says, "We fought it out at the base of Melgorehn's Reach. It was called Iorak's Reach then, however."

Mustafo nods.

Sagan says, "On the platform there."

Sagan says, "They killed everyone around me."

Sagan chuckles.

Sagan says, "It was just Lythe and his wife, Kaoti, then."

Mustafo asks, "and left you standing alone?"

Sagan says, "The others had run away after the long chase. They couldn't find out."

Sagan says, "All my friend's were at the base of the platform, I had climbed it to turn the wheel."

Mustafo nods.

Sagan says, "They were all hidden, and I was hidden. Lythe was invisible at the base...and Kaoti was hidden on the platform with me"

Sagan says, "It was pretty much a stalemate."

Sagan says, "Searching wouldn't let you find someone. We were all so good, that nobody could ever search and find you."

Sagan smirks.

Mustafo asks, "so how was it resolved?"

Sagan says, "I don't know what happened, but one of my friend's died at the base...and Kaoti came out and ran down."

Mustafo nods.

Sagan says, "I came into the room just as the two of them had finished off the last of my friends."

Sagan says, "I was furious..."

Mustafo says, "i imagine"

Sagan says, "So I rubbed the last charge on my Haste II pendant. Things crumbled back then...and an item such as this was extremely rare..."

You see the blood drain from Mustafo's face.

Sagan says, "You could charge them on Iorak's, that is why we were going up there."

Mustafo nods.

Sagan says, "My amulet exploded...and was lost forever. It was one of the first ever found."

Sagan says, "I killed them both, though. Within seconds of each other."

Mustafo says, "well, least it was worth it"

Sagan chuckles.

Sagan says, "It didnt end there."

Mustafo says, "somehow, I didnt think it would"

Sagan says, "I stood over their bodies as my friend's were brought back to life. My wife raised them."

Mustafo nods.

Sagan says, "A cleric of Phoenix came...but I wouldn't let her raise them."

Sagan says, "I told her I'd kill them all...and nobody else would raise Lythe...nor become involved."

Mustafo says, "wow"

Sagan says, "They raised Lythe...and I killed the cleric. A Rogue jumped out of hiding and killed me."

Mustafo flails his arms about.

Sagan says, "So, I was betrayed."

Sagan says, "That began a very long serious of fights. Nearly a war."

Mustafo nods.

Sagan says, "I petitoned my Masters for a way to kill Lythe forever."

Mustafo says, "woah"

Sagan says, "I mean..."

Mustafo says, "no way"

Sagan grins.

Sagan says, "I got what I asked for."

Sagan says, "However, the price was the soul of my wife."

Sagan nods to you.

Mustafo says, "man, i dont know what to says on that"

Sagan says, "I refused, and was cast out because of this. This is when I left these lands."

Sagan says, "Because I refused, they were going to kill her anyway."

Mustafo shakes his head.

Sagan says, "If I was not there for them to hurt, by killing her...they had no reason, and would not waste the energy."

Sagan says, "There was only one choice, at that time."

Sagan says, "In the end, they won. They succeeded in taking her away from me. As I said, she was long dead when I returned."

Mustafo says, "thats incredible"

Sagan says, "My associates continued to battle Lythe."

Sagan says, "That is when many were lost."

Mustafo asks, "lost forever?"

Sagan nods to you.

Mustafo says, "gods, ya dont see things like that these days"

Sagan smiles at you.

Sagan says, "The power that I had sought was released on the world."

Mustafo asks, "what was the power?"

Sagan says, "It has had many forms, and many names..."

Mustafo nods.

Sagan says, "Silent Slayer, Spirit Death, The Demonic. Even names that are not to be spoken aloud."

Sagan says, "There were not many clerics then, that could give life."

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, "so back then, a battle to the finish was really that"

Sagan says, "Aye."

Mustafo says, "incredible"

(Sagan's wife was Lady Miriel Evenstars. A famous street bears her name)