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The First Griffon Sword War

By Kerl Argonus, War Veteran, as pieced together through various transcripts. Kerl gave this lecture on several occasions. Most notably before the 2nd Griffin Sword War in 5099, then once again in 5102 when Ulstram himself was present. This particular event is the earlier, but the transcript is much the same as his second telling, in cases where it made sense I added them in to complete the tale with Kerl's most up to date transcription of the events.

The First Griffin Sword War occured in the summer of 5096.

[The Stone Eye, Meeting Hall]
This circular chamber contains a single bench which runs along the wall. No other seat is available, except the floor, in order that everyone may look into the eyes of every other person here. By design of the proprietor, this configuration is intended to force honesty, or at least acceptance of one's actions, upon those who discuss weighty matters. You also see a stein of rich dwarven ale, a brown mouse who is sitting, a shot of whiskey, a stein of rich dwarven ale, the Sherizade disk, the Saam disk, the Durason disk and the Delileah disk.
Also in the room: Lillyramiha, Soulsnacher who is seated, Lord Laikee who is seated, Lord Lucktar who is seated, Zoweyna who is seated, Lord Emeraldwand who is seated, Garin who is seated, Berrie who is seated, Lord Eled who is seated, Hellchilde, Dancingflame who is seated, Dancingheart who is seated, Rosamor who is seated, Lord Setzier, Sherizade who is seated, Mikare who is seated, Augienna who is seated, Goldstr who is seated, Lord Roelon who is seated, Lord Hearthunter, Therrek who is seated, Lord Lothern who is seated, Lord Prata who is seated, Saam who is seated, Lady Niccolete who is seated, Lord Meguas who is seated, Lord Methphetus who is seated, Saeryn who is seated, Darkel who is seated, Giantphang, Rickios who is seated, Halvir who is seated, Lord Jubuls who is seated, Elkrum who is seated, Braxton who is seated, Lady Briggette who is seated, Ashenwynd who is seated, Lord Germinal who is seated, Lord Dunwine who is seated, Lady Zephina who is seated, Lady Elapidae who is seated, Lord Shonison who is seated, Lord Blutoe who is seated, Zyng who is seated, Jonole who is seated, Lord Hasfusin who is seated, Lady Niehala who is seated, Lord Vultro who is seated, Nicodeme who is seated, Terilaen who is seated, Lord Shatazar who is seated, Bealtha who is seated, Check who is seated, Lord Omidawn who is seated, Lord Archpain who is seated, Lady Aelphaba who is seated, Lady Aluisa who is seated, Lady Dafnie who is seated, Lady Delileah who is seated, Lord Durason who is seated, Lord Riscca who is seated, Lady Ylena who is seated, Lord Arianiss who is seated, Lady Linet who is seated, Arrdon who is seated, Zonos who is lying down, Lady Vickylynn who is seated, Graffy who is seated, Lord Shirkon who is seated, Lord Kerl, Lady Rayyne who is seated, Lady Myltha who is seated, Xamphianarly who is seated, Lord Cobbeo who is seated, Lady Brynnah who is seated, Juker who is seated, Serra who is seated, Ogravin who is seated, Obrin who is seated, Lord Geoff who is seated, Lady Gremlynn who is seated,
Obvious exits: up.

Kerl smiles and takes Arwen by the hand as he steps in front of the crowd. He raises her hand and bows slightly, placing a gentle kiss upon the back of it.

Kerl says, "Thank you dear for graciously giving me the opportunity to rekindle the memory of days long since passed."

Kerl says, "Even if the tale was not told this evening, the friendly conversations I've had with the many participants, and their earnest desire to see history preserved and shared has been richly rewarding. For that I thank those who helped me remember what I once knew as clearly as crystal."

Kerl smiles.

Kerl says, "and so...on with the tale!

Kerl clears his throat.

Kerl says, "I'm about to tell you the story of one of the greatest defenses of a town in times remembered."

Kerl smiles at the crowd.

Kerl says, "This is a factual tale of the heroics of many and the deaths of even more. It is not some fictitious account of deeds unrecorded but that of great efforts put forth by common folk in the defense of their town from great and terrible evil."

Kerl says, "These are events that actually took place, and if ye ask some of the older folks about, they're likely to either get a look of longing on their face for days of yore... or grimace with the painful memory of loved ones lost and wounds too deep to be healed by any empath."

Kerl says, "Now it has been ages since this tale has been told, and thus I have searched far and wide for the details I did not see myself at the time. I may have missed a thing or two and if you know of something I've missed ye are welcome to bring it up, as I'll stop here and there for questions and answers."

Kerl exclaims, "This is a tale of great good and great evil, so if ye don' believe in either of those, then ye might as well walk out the door now, 'cause they both exist... and one or the other is likely standin' next to you!"

(Kerl glances about nervously as though the walls themselves might be listening.)

Kerl exclaims, "You see, the gods of Liabo and the gods of Lornon have long been at odds with each other. While the gods of Liabo have sought to nurture growth amongst us mortals the gods of Lornon have long been bent upon destruction and evil. A lot of folks will tell ye it just ain't so but it is I tell ye!"

Kerl removes a golvern-edged rolaren waraxe from inside his mantled surcoat.

Kerl smiles knowingly as he leans against his waraxe.

Kerl says, "Anyway... We hadn't yet discovered this fine hamlet of River's Rest back in those days or the road to Solhaven, or the way over the Spine to th' Elven Nations. The routes to each of these had long been impassible to common folks. To us there was only Wehnimer's Landing, and the newly discovered dwarvish isle of Teras. The town was full of the young and the naive, and we had no idea what was headed our way when a prophet showed up in town."

Kerl says, "Now this prophet was a follower of Lorminstra, and had a tale to tell of his own as seems to be the rule with prophets, and a very important one at that... for long ago in the elder years, before any alive today were even so much as a twinkling in their mother's eye a great weapon was forged."

Kerl says, "He came to tell us of the creation and alas, the destruction of an incredible weapon... the Griffin Sword... and I'll do my best to recount that portion of the tale as he told it."

Kerl smiles broadly and then bows his head in thought before continuing.

*** Kerl is hushing everyone. ***

Kerl says, "That's right, they are rarely seen these days, but are basically a critter with the head, wings, and forelegs of an eagle, but the body, hind legs, and tail of a lion. If you look closely at the emblem of the "Silver Gryphon's" you'll see what I'm speaking of, as it is the same... though they do pronounce it just a tad differently than it was in the old days."

Kerl says, "The Griffin sword gets its name because the great craftsman that labored so hard in it's creation, crafted it in part with the image of such a terrific beast to indicate the great power held within it's metal."

Kerl smiles.

Kerl says, "Anyway, back to the story the prophet told us."

Kerl says, "The Griffin sword was a great and wondrous sword and was made of the finest materials."

Kerl says, "The Pommel was crafted of the finest Sapphire in the lands. It was set into a platinum set of claws in the shape of Griffin talons. It was gilded with many rubies diamonds and sapphires. Then it was polished so that it gleamed like the dawn."

Kerl says, "The Hilt was constructed from red veined alabaster. It was carved and polished to perfection. Platinum and gold braids were inlaid in the grips. and ruby encrusted platinum rings crowned and booted the hilt. It is said that the hilt never grows cold nor hot, and that the grip shifts to fit any hand comfortably."

Kerl says, "Of the blade less is known. The records were spotty back then and completely lost by now I'm sure, but it is known that materials came from Teras Isle whom they had contact with back then, and that the dwarves from teras forged the sword with a special folding style."

Kerl says, "The capping of its elegance were the Quillons. They were crafted of fine gold and gilded with platinum, rubies and diamonds. The quillons were carved into the shape of Griffin wings that spread elegantly from hilt to blade. The connecting ring that sits upon the hilt and tang was carved into a Griffin head on both sides, and the eyes were beautiful emeralds."

Kerl says, "The blade was said to glow like a flame in the sunlight, a moonbeam at night, and a beacon on dark stormy days."

Kerl smiles with a look of awe on his face

Kerl says, "After the blade was completed the greatest magicians of the time were called upon to enchant the blade, which they did, but wizards can be a secretive lot, and whatever they did, well that secret went to the grave with them."

Kerl says, "Finally when the sword was done it was presented to a great warrior-priest named Lord Morfell Destrieder."

Kerl says, "They performed a ceremony that took many days in the temple of Lorminstra. Lorminstra was pleased by the effort and it is said that Lorminstra spoke to Morfell that day and personally blessed the sword."

Kerl says, "Morfell was a lucky man... though the kind of luck that was bestowed upon him you shall soon see."

Kerl shudders.

Kerl says, "Well, as often happens when people acquire something of such great power they become corrupted. Morfell decided to align with the dark gods and thus he performed a secret dark ritual, and offered his new blade to the gods of V'Tull, Mularos, Sheru, and Luukos."

Kerl shakes his head.

Kerl says, "Now those four are of the Pantheon of Lornon and dark as soot and not to be messed with by the light hearted, or good of heart for that matter. Kindness and good deeds are not in their vocabulary. Theirs is an evil, twisted logic."

Kerl says, "Still, they should be respected, just as one is wise to respect the teeth of snarling dog."

Kerl says, "V'Tull, is the dark god of warfare and domination. His weapon is simply named, "The Slayer."

Kerl says, "Sheru, is the bringer of night and nightmares....often at odds with Ronan."

Kerl says, "Mularos, the god of love and pain, masochistic, and oh so very twisted."

Kerl says, "Luukos, is known simply as the god of Death, "The Soul-taker", sworn enemy of Lorminstra."

Kerl says, "So you can see the kind of company Morfell had taken up with for reasons we will never know."

Kerl says, "That night the storms rose. Lightning and thunder and winds not seen since covered the lands, and the next day the sun failed to rise in the sky. The sword was split asunder and its 4 pieces were scattered about the realms."

Kerl frowns.

Kerl says, "Thus ended the ancient history of the Griffin Sword, and begins the story of what was at the time of the prophet's words present day Elanthia"

Kerl says, "The prophet went on to say that Lorminstra in her infinite wisdom, had decided that it was time for the sword to be reforged after many eons had past."

Kerl smiles with a look of longing upon his face

Kerl says, "They also devised a devious plan, to destroy her temple there in the landing. If they could desecrate her temple, while using a piece of the sword which contains her power, it could be desecrated for a very long time."

Kerl's face turns slightly pale.

Kerl exclaims, "The prophet then told us that we should expect invading forces from the god V'Tull first, and that it was imperative that we defend the town and the temple!"

Kerl says, "If we were successful in our defense, we would likely be invaded by the forces of the other gods, Mularos, Sheru, and Luukos, so our task was grim indeed."

Kerl says, "Each of the leaders of the forces of the dark gods would carry a piece of the sword with which to defile the temple, and such would be their goal."

Kerl exclaims, "Success on their part would mean the desecration of the temple for all time, and the total destruction of our town!"

Kerl flails his arms about.

Kerl says, "And thus as the prophet finished speaking, the stage was set for a defense during which hundreds nae thousands would perish and untold relics and heirlooms would be lost for all time."

Emeraldwand's face turns slightly pale.

(Kerl bows his head in remembrance of friends long since lost who gave their all in the din battle.)

Kerl says, "As you can imagine, there was chaos in the aftermath of the prophet's words. Many spoke out in defense of their dark gods, though curiously they grew silent as the day of battle drew near. There were moments of bitterness amongst the factions, but in the end most folks stood to defend their town."

Kerl says, "We prepared as best we could. Swords were sharpened and provisions stored and made ready."

Kerl says, "Fathers passed forward heirlooms of war that had long been stored in secret, or hung above the mantle never intended for use again, tears welling in their eyes as they did so."

Kerl says, "Mothers said goodbye to their sons and daughters as they went to their positions to guard the gates or scout for the invaders... many for the last time."

Kerl says, "And then, it started, some nine days after the prophet spoke, the forces of V'Tull arrived in force."

Kerl furrows his brow.

Kerl says, "ok, I'll take a couple questions at this point"

Kerl says, "raise your hands, and please keep quiet if you are not called upon"

Kerl smiles.

Sherysse raises her hand.

Kerl asks, "Nicodeme, your question?"

Pipershadow raises his hand.

Elbromo rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Nicodeme asks, "Why did the dark Gods not just come themselves?"

Kerl says, "that's a very good question"

Kerl says, "the gods rarely show themselves in person"

Nicodeme says, "But for something they found this important.."

Kerl asks, "who can say why, perhaps they had their own work to do up in the heavens?"

Kerl winks.

Kerl asks, "Rickios?"

Rickios says, "yeah"

Meguas says, "If they showed in person, they themselves might be killed"

Rickios asks, "where their troops human or not?"

Kerl says, "we'll get to that part soon enough"

Kerl smiles at Rickios.

Rickios asks, "eh?"

Rickios shrugs.

Vickylynn smiles at Kerl.

Kerl asks, "Elbromo?"

Rickios says, "okay"

Kerl asks, "did you have a question?"

Kerl scratches at his beard.

Elbromo says, " yes I may have missed did Lorminstra get the blade or part of it in the first place"

Shirkon says, "He asked if the invaders were human or not"

Niehala put a cute crimson toy cow inside her myklian scale boots.

Kerl says, "the blade was forged expressly to be weilded by Morfel Destrider"

Rosamor snuggles up to Shirkon.

Kerl asks, "Pipershadow, did you have a question?"

Kerl says, "last one before we move on... there's lots left to tell"

Kerl smiles.

Pipershadow says, "Naw, skip me"

Kerl says, "ok, Riscca"

Pipershadow says, "I just wanna hear the rest"

Pipershadow smiles.

Shirkon says, "Your mother and I remember these times Rosamor"

Kerl scratches at his beard.

Kerl smiles at Riscca.

Riscca says, "seems that is more his domain"

Kerl says, "that I can't say... tis hard to guess what the gods are thinking"

Riscca shrugs.

Kerl says, "I think most of the gods have embued special powers into items of one sort or another"

Nicodeme exclaims, "More story!"

Kerl asks, "Sherysse?"

Sherysse asks, "Was Ulstram the prophet that came before?"

Kerl says, "He doesn't look quite the same to me. I don't think so"

Kerl says, "ok, on to the story"

Sherizade nods to Nicodeme.

*** Kerl is hushing everyone. ***

Kerl asks, "the invasion started as I had said, what was it, nine days after the prophet spoke?"

Kerl says, "we were all of course scared, yet excited all the same"

Kerl says, "First came diseased creatures of all types, Plague Rats, Feral Cats, and Plague Worms, all carrying deadly disease, but they were fended off with minimal casualties."

Kerl says, "Then, just as we were congratulating ourselves on a job well done, a ripple was felt in the essence, and much of the magic defenses folks had thrown upon themselves and others faded away. We were vulnerable, and the enemy wasted no time."

Kerl says, "The Plague Worms attacked in force, bringing War Hounds and V'Tullian Soldiers with them, but again we fended them off."

Kerl says, "The ebb and flow of the battle continued, and just when we thought there was a lull in the action, drumbeats began and war cries could be heard all about. Before we knew it, we were under siege by soldiers, mercenaries, barbarians, and V'Tullian marauders. Still, the battle was ours."

Kerl smiles.

Kerl says, "The pounding war drums faded a bit... but in the shadows we could hear the rhythmic footfalls of hundreds of invaders seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once. The war drums then beat a thunderous staccato crash and all about us the battle was everywhere."

Emeraldwand shudders.

Kerl says, "Above us we could see a glow, illuminating a scene playing out in the heavens above, dark shapes locked in combat with luminous beings, mirroring the battle on the ground below."

Kerl says, "For a moment, the battle turned against us, as ferocious V'Tullian warrior's, marauders, and myrmidon's attacked. But when the dust cleared, we had defeated them as well, though our casualties were many. "

Kerl says, "The worst was yet to come however as the V'Tullian Elders arrived."

Kerl smiles as gets a wide-eyed look upon his face and you almost feel you're there for a moment...

Kerl recites:

[Upper Trollfang]
Winding through a narrow canyon, the road seems oddly out of place. It is a small touch of civilization in a very wild tract of land. You also see a hill troll, a V'Tullian elder, a black shield, a broad red scimitar, a red scimitar, some black armor, a V'Tullian warrior which appears dead, a red scimitar, and some black armor.
Also here: Lady Elfarran who is lying down, Lady Lopina who is lying down, Lady Bysshe who is lying down, Lady Grass who is lying down, Lady Maeve who is lying down, Lady Ellizza who is lying down, Johannes who is lying down, Lord Lorac, Lord Kilan who is lying down, Lord Seiv, Lord Standex, Argovian who is lying down, Dreslav who is lying down, Shadown who is lying down, Tomalok who is lying down, Lord Mithadris who is lying down, Lord Giantsheild who is lying down, Dawnskye who is lying down, Lord Kerl who is lying down, the body of Faled who is lying down

Kerl's face turns slightly pale.

Kerl exclaims, "The elder was a cunning craftsman of war, and had immediately slept most of his foes, and was quietly preparing to finish us off. Lucky for us, Mithadris finished him off before he could complete his task!"

Kerl smiles as he twirls his axe in a blur and you can almost see the battle yourself!...

Kerl recites:

Mithadris hurls a powerful lightning bolt at a V'Tullian elder
AS: +347 vs DS: +270 with AvD: +33 + d100 roll: +95 = +205
... and hits for 128 points of damage!
Horrifying bolt of electricity crystallizes abdominal area.
Spiffy but unfortunately also quite deadly.
The V'Tullian elder falls to the ground and dies

Kerl wipes the sweat from his brow.

Kerl says, "But the battle raged on in the heavens above. The dark shapes seemed to have increased in their numbers, and the luminous beings seemed sorely pressed. Heat and ash surrounded us causing us to gasp for breath as sweat trickled down our faces."

Kerl says, "The war drums beat louder and all around us cries for help mingled with shouts of rage as we tried to anticipate what might come next."

Kerl exclaims, "Then, as all seemed lost, thoughts could be heard in our heads...Ragni and Gillaume were locked in a battle of epic proportions against the Mouth of V'Tull somewhere in the Lyserian hills!"

Kerl says, "True to the faith we had in them, Ragni defeated the Mouth of V'Tull, a beast of horrific proportions. The drums wavered, and then stopped, the ashes cleared and the battle in the heavens was over. The pommel had been recovered, and Ragni gave it to Gillaume for safekeeping."

Kerl wipes the sweat from his brow.

Kerl says, "One down, three to go."

Kerl says, "I'll open the floor for a couple more questions at this point, please remember, raise your hand, and try to stay quiet"

*** Kerl is allowing everyone to speak now. ***

Check raises his hand.

Nicodeme raises his hand.

Shirkon raises his hand.

Idoncar raises his hand.

Arianiss raises his hand.

Darkel raises his hand.

Kerl smiles.

Hellchilde raises his hand.

Kerl asks, "Check?"

Arianiss says, "Actually, no, never mind."

Check asks, "how where the defences organized?"

Germinal says, "Epic, absolutely epic...tis an inspiration to know our elders fought so bravely. I only hope we can fill their shoes in the coming conflict..."

Rickios asks, "coming conflict?"

Rickios gulps.

Kerl says, "well, in truth, we weren't especially well organized during the V'Tull invasion"

Germinal smiles.

Lucktar takes a drink from his rich dwarven ale.

Myltha nods to Pipershadow.

Darkel says, "Yes coming conflict"

Liegekiller blinks.

Rosamor blinks.

Liegekiller smiles and wakes up.

Germinal says, "Such an inspiration..."

Rickios asks, "ya mean da baron?"

Liegekiller asks, "Conflict?"

Kerl says, "you'll see later, how we did tend to get a bit better at organization"

Elbromo gulps.

Rosamor shudders.

Darkel says, "It will come from above"

Check nods to Kerl.

Kerl asks, "Nicodeme?"

Nicodeme asks, "What is the Mouth of V'Tull? What does it look like?"

Rickios says, "he will make all those epic battles look like a mere skirmish in comparison if he gets another crystal"

Kerl smiles at Niccolete.

Sherizade shudders.

Liegekiller says, "When there's conflict, I'll likely be here. S'long's there's still wine."

Kerl says, "well, I did see it.. and I was lucky that it didn't see me"

Niccolete smiles at Kerl.

Braxton smiles at Berrie.

Germinal smiles.

Dafnie says, "The baron is powerful, but he's no god"

Kerl says, "but I never had a chance to look closely, suffice it to say it was the emmissary of V'Tull"

Kerl touches one finger to his lips.

Rickios says, "he is the main hatchet man of a god"

Pipershadow says, "well said"

Kerl says, "he was formidable to say the least"

Arianiss says, "The mouth of V'tull, is the voice of V'tull I would imagine."

Kerl asks, "Shirkon?"

Shirkon says, "What many who were not here then is that there was fighting in the streets as well as in the wilds. The invader's appeared in many places at once. Much of the defense took place at the Temple itself."

Kerl nods to Shirkon.

Kerl says, "yes, that is correct"

Kerl says, "they did have a way of sneaking in on us"

Shirkon says, "Many of the names you spoke of are well known friends, who sadly are no more"

Kerl asks, "ok, anyone have another question, particularly if there's something you don't understand to this point?"

Idoncar raises his hand.

Germinal leans forward.

Darkel asks, "Yes, you said the sword was made for a priest, why was this sword made for the priest?"

Kerl asks, "Idoncar?"

Shirkon says, "Tis said that Morfell was a favorite of the Lady"

Nicodeme snickers.

Idoncar says, "I have been given an Item by a friend to bring here, that was from the invasion.."

Idoncar smiles.

Ylena exclaims, "Oooh!"

You beam at Idoncar.

Ylena beams happily at Idoncar!

Idoncar raises his silvery axe in triumph!

Kerl raises an eyebrow in Idoncar's direction.

Myltha just tried to pull Idoncar towards her!

Myltha drools.

Idoncar shows Kerl his silvery axe.

Hellchilde exclaims, "oooooh show n' tell!"

Idoncar smiles.

Arianiss asks, "Describe it for us that cannot see it from this distance?"

You ask, "Care to hold that up for all to see, Idoncar?"

Kerl says, "very nice... though I can't say that I recall which of the creatures it came off of"

Idoncar raises his silvery axe in triumph!

Blutoe says, "I still have a black shield from that first invasion in my locker."

Shirkon says, "Was the second group Kerl"

Shirkon says, "I remember those well"

Idoncar taps a massive silvery axe.

Kerl says, "ahh, the sheruvians"

Kerl mutters under his breath.

Kerl glances at Setzier.

Idoncar smiles.

Ylena says, "I have a golden torc stashed away, myself."

Rosamor asks, "Is the Soultaker sword a new incarnation of this evil because it too was made for a cleric?"

Germinal coughs.

Myltha snickers.

Germinal glances at Setzier.

Kerl asks, "Bristenn, what can I answer for you?"

Bristenn asks, "What did Ragni and Gilliaume look like..?"

Kerl rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Kerl says, "oof, you ask a difficult question"

Kerl nods to Bristenn.

Kerl says, "Ragni I don't remember much of. Geoff or Gremlynn here might know better, but Gillaume was a large fellow. A cleric. Who could swing a blade as well as any cleric I have ever seen."

Gremlynn says, "aye he was"

Gremlynn says, "a handsome and gentle man as well"

Kerl asks, "Clunk, you had a question?"

Gremlynn says, "i havent seen him in years nor ragni"

Geoff says, "oh aye.. in the auld days.. we ca'd 'im the Pope"

Kerl nods to Geoff.

Kerl says, "ok, lets move on"

*** Kerl is hushing everyone. ***

Kerl smiles nervously

Kerl says, "In the wake of the invasion, we had a brief time to shore up our defenses, but during that time the dark gods were not idle. A black stone had been secretly placed in front of Lorminstra's temple, and it was interfering with the prophet's ability to communicate with the goddess. Some said it was a beacon to the enemy."

Kerl says, "After much consternation, someone figured out that the stone could be moved by calling in the winds and thus it was moved away from the temple for a time, and the Prophet spoke again, though the stone did find it's way back somehow."

Kerl exclaims, "The next invasion would be that of the minions of Sheru he said and we cringed at the thought. The prophet explained that this next invasion would be even worse, and each consecutive one even more so should we be able to hold out!"

Kerl says, "Again we prepared for battle. The gates were fortified, and many souls stood there in our defense."

Kerl says, "We were more familiar with the minions of Sheru back then, though in those days most of us could have been killed in a heartbeat by a sheruvian harbinger for example. Fear hung in the air like a dense fog."

Kerl says, "It was a brisk fall evening, and as the fading sun set and our breath turned to frost on the wind, the drums of war could be heard again."

Kerl shudders.

Kerl says, "Gradually they built up in intensity, filling the cold air until Sheru's minions arrived by the hundreds."

Kerl says, "Much the same as V'Tull, Sheru sent forth feral dogs, cats, and poisonous worms, but he wasted little time inflicting more horror upon us as his attack grew more fierce by the moment."

Kerl says, "As the drums of war beat into a furious frenzy Sheru sent in his Harbingers riding upon their nightmare steeds. Those of you who have fought them know that they are cruel murderers who relish the slow death of their opponents, first binding and silencing before dealing the death blow. Many were killed."

Kerl says, "in those days the number of us who could beat a harbinger in a fair fight were few, and the battle was bloody"

Kerl says, "In addition came the Tormentors and other vile creatures, though I spent most of the invasion lying in a pool of blood, so I didn't see much of the action myself this time. Lucky for me, the local empaths and clerics were their usual organized and kind hearted selves and I lived to see battle another day."

Kerl says, "One of the worst moments of the battle was when one of the local clerics who was a follower of Sheru created a sanctuary at the north gate. Bedlam ensued as the Sheruvian's attacked with vicious delight. We were unable to defend while the sanctuary was cast, and the wounded had congregated there making easy prey in this cruel twist of fate."

Kerl's face turns slightly pale.

Kerl says, "In the end however, we prevailed and the hilt of the sword was recovered. Though who it was that recovered it at the end of the battle I don't recall."

Kerl says, "perhaps someone in the crowd here knows"

Kerl wipes the sweat from his brow.

Kerl says, "One thing I'd like to mention is that at this point dissention began to be felt amongst our elders and some of them bickered and bantered in an effort to wrest control of the pieces. This is one of the reasons it is hard to remember who it was that recovered each piece, as some of them changed hands."

Kerl says, "Then as now, there was no shortage of people greedy for the power that the owner of the Griffin Sword reforged could wield."

Kerl says, "This is not to say however that the pieces changed hands purely for ill-gotten gain. For just as there were those who wanted the sword for it's power, there were also those who wanted to be sure the pieces ended up in the most capable hands, and also hidden from the enemy. So who had what piece was often impossible to determine."

Kerl says, "I believe that the hilt was recovered by Shardik.

Kerl smiles.

Kerl says, "I'll open the floor for another question or two... please remember, raise your hand"

*** Kerl is allowing everyone to speak now. ***

Germinal raises his hand.

Hellchilde raises his hand.

Blutoe raises his hand.

Brynnah raises her hand.

Arianiss raises his hand.

Setzier leans on his staff.

Kerl asks, "Germinal?"

Germinal asks, "What was the name of the cleric that sancted the north gate during the invasion, Lord Kerl?"

Setzier mutters something about a smart cleric.

Kerl says, "well.. I can't say for sure... I thought long and hard on that, and had thought it was Cru"

Ylena nods to Kerl.

Germinal raises an eyebrow in Setzier's direction. Germinal nods.

Ylena says, "Cru did sanct in town a lot during all of these."

Kerl says, "but when I finally cought up with him, he swore it wasn't him"

Germinal says, "hm"

Germinal says, "Thank you"

Germinal bows to Kerl.

Shirkon says, "It matter's not Germinal, he did it for what he thought as a good cause"

Arianiss says, "I would do it simply to clear out the flotsam that float around the gate."

Arianiss smirks.

Rickios asks, "whats a swear from a cleric of sheru?"

Jubuls says, "If it were me, me sure wouldn't admit to its either"

Jubuls giggles.

Vultro rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Kerl says, "we never did find out how it was they were able to still attack, but it was devestating non the less"

Germinal says, "hmph"

Kerl asks, "Hellchilde?"

You say, "Some evil interference by Sheru, no doubt."

Kerl nods to you.

Germinal nods.

Germinal says, "That is my thought, m'lady"

Hellchilde asks, "two questions... when was this? and has the sword lost power since it was reforged?"

Setzier squints.

Setzier mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Kerl says, "this occured just a bit more than two years ago [1997]

Kerl says, "and to the best of my knowledge, the sword contains a great deal of power still"

Rickios says, "2 years ago..."

Hellchilde asks, "but did it lose any?"

Rickios says, "my god"

Kerl asks, "Bluetoe?"

Blutoe asks, "If I remember correctly, and I may not as I was a wee lad at the time, didn't Spike the War Rat contribute greatly to the defense of the town?"

Kerl smiles at Blutoe.

Shirkon nods to Blutoe.

Kerl says, "yes, he contributed greatly"

Myltha says, "oh wow, i haven't heard that name in a long time"

Kerl says, "you'll hear more about him later"

Blutoe nods.

Vultro grins.

Rickios says, "my great grandpa..."

Blutoe smiles at Kerl.

Setzier grumbles.

Shirkon says, "Spike lives again"

Rickios says, "i know"

Meguas says, "Spike was here about a week ago"

Braxton snickers.

Rickios mutters abomiation.

Berrie pokes Braxton in the ribs.

Rickios asks, "he was?"

Kerl says, "last thing before we move on"

Rickios asks, "where?"

Braxton whistles tunelessly to himself.

Dancingflame sighs.

Therrek says, "Heh, really had some fun knocking Blades around too."

Therrek nods to Rickios.

Kerl says, "he had said the axe had been recovered by Hawcer, that's all I recall"

Rickios snaps his fingers.

Kerl says, "ok, on with the story"

*** Kerl is hushing everyone. ***

Kerl says, "Again the prophet came to us and spoke, appearing much weaker as time passed. It was clear that the defense was taking its toll on him, and Lorminstra as well."

Kerl says, "The prophet explained that the forces of Mularos would attack next, and we set about preparing at once."

Kerl says, "Some days later, as we sat waiting nervously at our posts, the drumbeats began anew."

Kerl says, "The invasion of Mularos' minions began much the same as the other two. Feral dogs, and diseased cats lead off the attack. It quickly ested as Mularos' minions followed the drumbeats."

Kerl says, "Shouts filled with blood-lust came from all around us, as the servants of Mularos followed the pounding of the drums."

Kerl says, "Black pumas, slime worms and Mularosian scouts followed, and the battle was intense. Where we had previously fought off the invaders without horrid losses, the Mularosians were a force to be dealt with. They continued their attack non-stop with rarely pause."

Kerl says, "The frantic shouts of the servants of Mularos screamed for our blood as they battled fanatically onward to the relentless pounding of the drums."

Kerl says, "By this time they had added dissipators, slave-warriors, punishers, and dominators to their ranks. All fearsome beasts each with their own way of striking terror in the hearts of their foes."

Kerl says, "We had gotten much more organized however, and great war parties went out in search of the enemy led by some of our greatest leaders, and thus casualties were kept low where the war parties were able to assemble, but again, they were severe where two or three were caught alone on the battle field, often where the enemies were first sighted."

Kerl says, "We were also fortunate to have Spike the war rat on our side! Those of you who have met Spike know that he is a formidable beast, though quite friendly... and with a big appetite. He was a big help to us."

Kerl grins.

Kerl says, "But our foe was formidable, and each time they struck one of us down they would wail at the smell of fresh blood."

Kerl shudders.

Kerl says, "They found their way into our safe havens, as Punishers infiltrated Hearthstone Manor, slaying many. Again the casualties mounted as most who were there had sought refuge from the battle, not to be a part of it."

Kerl smiles as he twirls his waraxe in a blur and for a moment you can almost see the battle field...

Kerl recites:

The sounds of battle echo in your mind.....

Mularosian punisher swings a golden flail at Laurice!
AS: +255 vs DS: +198 with AvD: +44 + d100 roll: +58 = +159
... and hits for 50 points of damage! Hard blow breaks the femur!
Laurice screams and falls to the ground grasping her mangled left leg!

* Laurice just bit the dust!

* Laurice drops dead at your feet!

The punisher wails at the smell of fresh blood!

Kerl says, "But in the end our heroes came to our defense and the battle would be ours."

Kerl smiles as he spins his waraxe deftly and again in the blur your mind pictures just how it must have been...

Kerl recites:

The sounds of battle echo in your mind.....

Berr swings a monstrous grey krodera greatsword at a Mularosian punisher!
AS: +404 vs DS: +125 with AvD: +42 + d100 roll: +21 = +342
... and hits for 145 points of damage!
Off-balanced slash!
Enough force to sever the Mularosian punisher's right hand! Amazing!
The Mularosian punisher falls to the ground motionless.

Kerl says, "Again and again the Mularosian's attacked, Dominators, Flayers, and eventually the elders and our war parties did quite well against them."

Kerl says, "One particular party was holed up in the Krol village in the lyserian hills and was led by Thalior. They handled the enemy quite well, but at one point things had turned in the favor of Mularos and Thalior cast an implosion. Since the battle had ragged on for a while the field was strewn with the debris, and the spell was particularly effective."

Kerl smiles as he twirls his waraxe deftly and in the blur you could swear you saw the battle the way it really was!...

Kerl recites:

The sounds of battle echo in your mind.....

Thalior gestures.
Thalior casts into the air above his head and a rip appears in the sky!
The fissure begins to feed on the air around you!
Some acantha leaf is sucked into the void striking a Mularosian flayer along the way!
... 35 points of damage!
Tremendous blow crushes skull like a ripe melon.
The Mularosian flayer screams one last time and lies still.

Kerl says, "Every enemy on the field was killed, and when he was done he simply explained, "now THATS killin'"

Kerl grins.

Kerl says, "But the battle raged on and the enemy was relentless and cunning as well. While we had sent out our war parties led by our best to meet them on the battle field, they had snuck into town and had ambushed what few of our number we had spared to guard the temple."

(Kerl gets a wide eyed look on his face as he exclaims, "if the temple is defiled all would be lost!)

Kerl says, "We fell back in defense of the town, and found a Mularosian elder stepping over the dead body of Ragni on his way to the temple and exclaiming, "Ragni, you killed the mouth"! It had taken its revenge and was preparing the way to the temple for its own leader... The Master of Pain."

Kerl's face turns slightly pale.

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Kerl says, "He came through the North gate as on a whirlwind, accompanied by two of his elders, slaying most in their path.. but with one purpose in mind and not stopping long to delay."

Kerl exclaims, "Cries of fear rang through our heads, "The Master of Pain is here!, the Master of Pain!"

Kerl says, "But in the end we were victorious, Thalior again saved the day, killing the Master of Pain with a dark catalyst before it could enter the temple. Celtic picked up the pouch it was carrying and quickly gave it to Thalior."

Kerl exclaims, "the cries in our heads changed to, "Thalior IS the master of pain!"

Kerl grins.

Rayyne chuckles.

Kerl says, "The pouch contained the quillons from the Griffin Sword. They were recovered and the invasion was over."

Kerl wipes the sweat from his brow.

Kerl says, "Three down, one to go.."

Kerl says, "I'll take a few more questions at this point, raise your hand"

*** Kerl is allowing everyone to speak now. ***

Darkel raises his hand.

Ylena raises her hand.

Arianiss raises his hand.

Myltha raises her hand.

Augienna raises her hand.

Kerl smiles.

Arianiss leans on Ylena.

Germinal grins.

Lillyramiha coughs.

Setzier leans on his staff.

Vultro leans on Niehala.

Germinal takes a drink from his shot of whiskey.

Kerl asks, "Darkel?"

Lothern nods to Elapidae.

Darkel says, "Yes, you said the sword was made for a priest, why was this sword made for the priest? Obviuosly alot of time went into making it and many others had to do with the making of sword other than the priest."

Kerl scratches at his beard.

Kerl says, "I don't know Darkel, rest assured I'd tell you if I did"

Arianiss says, "He's master of many things, pain, farming.."

Kerl says, "that portion was told to us by the prophet, he didn't say anymore than that"

You chuckle at Arianiss.

Elbromo says, " aye...farming is a pain"

Sherizade stares off into space.

Omidawn says, "aye, I loved the part about being killed by an acantha leaf..."

Rickios says, "aye"

Rickios nods.

Kerl nods to Omidawn.

Hellchilde says, "I remember when the spit was here and thalior was in the ship's pub"

Kerl asks, "Ylena?"

Ylena says, "This isn't a question, more a memory.. none of the Mularos minions carried whips, and I remember wondering why."

Rickios says, "jes goes ta show that with implosion a leaf can crush yer skull"

Nicodeme says, "Head split open by a healing herb.. Winner og the irony award."

Kerl just tickled Ylena.

Ylena says, "Though I think I picked up a leather breechcloth afterwards."

Ylena grins.

Briggette chuckles.

You say, "Probably thought too many would enjoy it."

Meguas asks, "So, the only ones that saw battle then was you Lord kerl?"

Rayyne nods to Ylena.

Rayyne says, "I wonder what I did with all that stuff."

Kerl says, "I remember studded leather breachcloths laying everywhere"

Ylena nods.

Kerl says, "we scared them out of their shorts"

Kerl smiles mischeviously

Shirkon says, "Many of us saw battle then Meguas"

Rayyne says, "I remember not wanting to touch those things."

Ylena says, "Along with lots and lots of vultite."

Ylena sighs.

Briggette nods to Ylena.

Rickios asks, "does anyone have those golden flails?"

Kerl says, "yes, lots of weapons"

Setzier leans on his staff.

Meguas says, "Bah! You are hardly older then I"

Omidawn takes a drink from his Myron's Lager.

Kerl says, "its worth pointing out that back then we hadn't developed the strange skill of holding onto our weapons upon death"

Kerl touches one finger to his lips.

Blutoe nods to Kerl.

Nicodeme asks, "I've noticed that all the commanders of the invasion seem to have been killed by powerful spellcasters. Where does that leave us poor spell-less folks?"

Myltha says, "yes, more of us remember that"

Myltha nods.

Rayyne says, "Times have changed, Nicodeme."

Ylena asks, "Berr a spellcaster?"

You say, "Berr seemed to be holding his own."

Rayyne nods to Ylena.

Kerl says, "it was a mix Nicodeme, Gillaume does not hunt with spells for example"

Therrek says, "But Meguas, everyone knows that Thalior wouldn't have been able to do it without their help."

Rayyne says, "It was a group effort. Everyone did something."

Kerl says, "ok, lets move on"

Meguas says, "I just wanna hear the rest of ths story :)"

Sherizade nods to Rayyne.

Kerl asks, "anyone have a question about something they don't understand?"

Kerl says, "last one"

Augienna raises her hand.

Rickios exclaims, "luukos is comin!"

Kerl asks, "Augienna?"

Augienna asks, "what ever happened to that cleric who the sword was made for? Also...who is this prophet?"

Jubuls says, "Me's surprised dat Thaliorwas actually ables ta forms a war-party"

Kerl says, "those are very good questions"

Kerl touches one finger to his lips.

Kerl says, "the prophet just appeared one day, probably had spent the rest of his life in the temple"

Hellchilde says, "Thalior's actually a nice guy if ya dont insult him, least he was when i met him"

Augienna nods to Kerl.

Kerl says, "I have no idea what ever happened to Morphel Destrider, the prophet never mentioned... I can't imagine he met a very good end"

Lillyramiha says, "Thalior is a Great man i have known him awhile"

Augienna nods to Kerl.

Kerl says, "ok, on we go"

Kerl smiles.

*** Kerl is hushing everyone. ***

Kerl says, "on to the Luukosians"

(Kerl gets a solemn look on his face as his lips turn down at the corners to form a creased frown.)

Kerl says, "Again we were at our posts, for the prophet had told us when to expect the invaders. We waited and waited till the sun clouded over with a blood red and we knew the battle was at hand."

Kerl says, "The drums echoed with a dull thumping carried on the wind, softly, growing deeper... but still we waited armed to the teeth and ready for whatever Luukos had prepared for us."

Kerl says, "Steadily the dull thumping grew louder, as if the distance between the source and ourselves was becoming shorter until finally they attacked."

(Arwen pales as she remembers that blood red sky.)

Kerl says, "They wasted little time, coming first with what was now the accustomed feral dogs, and worms of some sort, but along with them came horrible giant snakes that could crush a skull within their jaws and if that weren't enough they were deathly poisonous."

Kerl says, "Again, Spike the war rat came to our aid, though this time he would fall at the hands of one of our own in a tragic accident of war."

(Kerl stands in silence for a moment)

Kerl says, "The snakes came in droves, along with scouts, dissipators, and warlocks and we fought them off in a particularly nasty battle near the Abandon Inn."

Kerl says, "One of the more vile beasts Luukos sent at us was a Luukosian vortece that would pull at you, peeling the defensive spells right off of you if you failed to ward it's magic."

Kerl says, "Luukosian dark wraiths joined our enemies and the battle intensified as the drums beat into a wild frenzy."

Kerl says, "I was holed up with a group up in Danjirland where the Titans once roamed, and we did our best to hold our own. Among our number were, Ylena, Ari, Thrudh, Zyanna, Amaltea, Gaq, Khyle, Freth, Hemperous, Lynmun, and a half dozen others."

Kerl smiles at Ylena.

Kerl smiles as he deftly spins his axe around and in a blink you visualize what it must have been like...

Kerl recites:

The sounds of battle echo in your mind.....

Kerl swings a black vultite broadsword at a Luukosian dissipator!
AS: +222 vs DS: +170 with AvD: +36 + d100 roll: +97 = +185
... and hits for 73 points of damage!
Wild upward slash removes the Luukosian dissipator's face from its skull!
Interesting way to die.
The Luukosian dissipator falls to the ground and lies still.

You beam at Kerl.

Kerl smiles as his head expands a bit

You tickle Kerl.

Kerl says, "We did ok, until the reptilian soldiers and lizard-warriors came. The lizard-warriors were particular were nasty. They were covered with bony protrusions as hard as granite and weapons often bounced off them and fell to the ground, only to be wielded against us! "

Emeraldwand wipes the sweat from his brow.

Emeraldwand blinks.

Kerl says, "From all around us, shouts rang in our ears, "Kill the infidels! Luukos be praised, we fight for you!""

Kerl shudders.

Kerl says, "It was then that our group floundered and we took heavy casualties.. myself included"

Kerl smiles as he spins his waraxe and you blink twice as you swear you just saw the action as it once was...

Kerl recites:

The sounds of battle echo in your mind.....

A Luukosian lizard-warrior swings a heavy bronze dual-bladed axe at Kerl!
AS: +245 vs DS: +197 with AvD: +38 + d100 roll: +98 = +184
... and hits for 88 points of damage!
Crushing blow to the spine!
Kerl slumps to the ground.

* Kerl just bit the dust!

* Kerl drops dead at your feet!"

(Kerl looks out into the crowd as your eyes clear and you realize he's still standing... but with a cold, clammy, and much more humbled look upon his face.)

Kerl wipes the sweat from his brow.

You rub Kerl.

Emeraldwand begins to twitch.

Kerl says, "If it hadn't been for the great warrior Myr who joined our numbers, likely everyone in our party would have perished."

Kerl says, "though I had fallen, the battle was far from over, in fact it was just starting to heat up. The invasion of the Luukosians was horrific indeed, surpassing our wildest fears. I would yet taste the steel of my enemies two more times that evening, but we were all bound and determined to defend our town at all costs."

Kerl says, "Luukos sent more lizard-warriors, and then his shamen, arch mages, and soul takers hurled in our paths. But as we fell, we were rushed back to town and healed and resurrected and then jumped back into the fray."

Kerl exclaims, "The drums lessened their beating, and we could hear the footfalls of our enemies retreating into the darkness, only to begin anew with a renewed frenzy!"

Kerl says, "I can still remember the hair on the back of my neck standing on end as a Luukosian high warlock rasped, "Kkkiiillllll...ttthhheee....Iiinnnfffiiidddeeellls... Luukos shall become supreme amongst the Dark Host!""

Kerl shudders.

Kerl says, "The high warlock was particularly vicious, casting meteor storm first, and immediately following with a cone of lightning, and then pinning everyone down to the ground who wasn't dead yet with an ewave. In one fell swoop he had killed fifty of our number."

Kerl says, "As if that weren't enough, Luukos sent in his emissary, the Keeper of Lies."

Kerl says, "The Keeper was defeated in what was undoubtedly a horrific battle. Myself, I didn't see it as I was lying face down somewhere in Upper Trollfang. I believe the blade was recovered by Challen."

Kerl wipes the sweat from his brow.

(Kerl gives a sigh of relief)

Kerl says, "Now that all the parts of the Griffin Sword had been recovered Elanthia was safe, and the story was nearly over."

Kerl asks, "Before the re-assembly, many folks were asking the question, "who would get the sword once re-assembled?"

You nod to Kerl.

Kerl asks, "the number of worthy heroes was many, but who would be the one found worthy to weild it?"

(Kerl leans on his waraxe as he stands)

Kerl says, "The answers to all of the questions about who should wield it or what should be done with it would be made clear with another visit by the prophet. Roughly a month after all of the pieces were found, he returned and summoned each who held a piece."

Kerl says, "At this time, the group consisted of Shardik with the hilt, Gillaume with the pommel, Tedra who now held the quillions, and Challen with the blade."

Kerl says, "The prophet gathered the four, and recounted the story to date. The weapons construction, it's consecration by Lorminstra, through the eventual fall of Morfell Destrieder, until that day where they held the four pieces."

Kerl says, "They assembled in Lady Tedra's cabin, and there, the prophet would show them the way to purify the sword. He spoke of a way that he had traveled once, to a pool, "the pool of tears". They must go there, and put each piece in the pool to purify it."

Kerl says, "Each was to perform their task individually. They were required to defeat the guardian of the pool, and then place their piece in the pool, and then upon an altar where Lorminstra would again bless the piece."

Kerl says, "Would defeat mean a battle, a puzzle to solve? They would soon find out. Each was forbidden to speak of their task with the others, lest their resolve be tainted by weakness. They would each have to complete the task themselves."

Kerl says, "The legendary Corwin D'Amber, was chosen as scribe, and would observe the entire event, but was not allowed to interfere. A task which he performed faithfully, and to whom we owe this account of the purification."

Kerl says, "A thin veil of fog appeared in the cabin... the way to the pool."

Kerl says, "Shardik, the holder of the hilt, would go first through the fog."

Kerl says, "Upon passing through the fog, he came upon a lake, which was the pool of tears. It stretched out in front of him, and was surrounded by evergreen trees and blanketed in a thin fog. An altar of stone stood next to the lake, finely crafted and quite sturdy. As beautiful as it was, a profound sense of sorrow hung in the air of the place."

Kerl says, "The Guardian of the lake was also there."

Kerl says, "Rather than immediately springing to the attack, Shardik was wise and held his impulse to fight in check. Instead, he engaged in a dialogue with the guardian."

Kerl says, "The guardian asked, "who goes there, and for what purpose"? To which Shardik answered, "Shardik, D'Clanner, and I am here to sanctify this unholy blade, and serve Lorminstra as best I can."

Kerl asks, "And so a series of questions were asked of Shardik, by the guardian, who was judging his character and intentions in the process. Finally, the guardian asked, "Then what is this pool Shardik besides a body of holy water?"

Kerl says, "Shardik answered, "The tears of Lorminstra", which was the correct answer."

Kerl says, "And again the guardian asked a question, "and why does Lorminstra cry"? to which Shardik answered, "Probably due to the evil in the land, and the betrayal of those who betrayed her and sought her demise", which was not quite correct."

Kerl smiles.

Kerl says, "The guardian responded, "A wise answer, and close. This pool as you call it, which it once was, has grown into a small lake over eternity. Every time someone chooses a life of evil, or permanently dies before their time, she comes here to shed a tear."

Kerl says, "At this point, the guardian was satisfied that since Shardik had not attacked, his heart was in the right place, and that he had been sent to perform the purification task. The guardian instructed Shardik to proceed."

Kerl touches one finger to his lips.

Kerl says, "Shardik knelt, and placed the hilt into the Lake of Tears. It let out a sharp hiss and steam rose from it. Suddenly, a white glow surrounded the hilt and it seemed to seep into the it. Then the water was still."

Kerl says, "Shardik picked up the hilt, and placed it on the altar, and said a prayer to Lorminstra."

Kerl says, "For an instant the sense of sorrow left Shardik, and Corwin, and they felt kindness seep into their souls."

Kerl says, "now then..."

Kerl says, "As I said... for an instant the sense of sorrow left Shardik, and Corwin, and they felt kindness seep into their souls."

Kerl says, "Shardik's task was complete. It would now be the great cleric Gillaume's turn."

Kerl says, "Gillaume, while a great cleric, was never a man known for his patience. He could strike a blow like no other cleric I have ever seen. In this case, his choice would be to make a quick strike to take control of the situation."

Kerl says, "Gillaume walked into the area by the lake, and immediately cast the bind spell at the guardian. He failed miserably."

Kerl says, "While he frantically tried to spell himself up, the guardian struck with a spell that created a brilliant white fire. Gillaume was consumed by it, and dropped dead, his lifeless corpse slumping to the ground."

Kerl says, "Corwin let out a sigh, and asked if he could be permitted to take Gillaume back to his realm. The guardian agreed and Corwin picked up Gillaume's bastardsword and dragged his corpse through the fog back to the cabin."

Kerl says, "So that's why they call him the guardian", he muttered in a ghostly voice, once back at the cabin."

Kerl says, "It was now Tedra's turn. She turned and gave her husband a kiss, and stepped through the fog."

Kerl says, "Now Tedra, (speaking of elders who strike a mean blow), felt that the correct approach was the direct, yet civil approach.

She simply asked the guardian, "will you let me pass?."

Kerl says, "Again a series of questions ensued. "A pool? I guard many things, there is no pool here", "ahh, the lake", "you think your cause is righteous?" and so on... until the last question..."

Kerl says, "The guardian asked, "why is the lake filled with the ladies tears Tedra? To which she responded, "for the sorrow of all the souls she has not been able to save, I would imagine. For those who die bravely. For all those of good faith who have perished."

Kerl says, "The guardian responded, "she sheds a single tear, for those who choose a life of evil, and for those who have perished before their time. That is why it is a lake and no longer a pool, many eons have I served her, and watched this pool grow."

Kerl says, "The guardian then said, "Tedra, you came seeking knowledge of how to perform your task, very good, you were wise and choose not to attack, very good, and you have chosen the proper path in life, you may proceed."

Kerl says, "And at that, Tedra took the quillions and placed them in the lake and again they hissed sharply, then fell quiet as a white glow surrounded them and soaked into them to the core. They were purified, and she placed them on the altar."

Kerl says, "She prayed to Lorminstra, and her task was complete."

Kerl says, "Finally, it was Challen's turn. With two successes, and one failure, Challen's actions could determine what the final outcome would be. He entered the fog and stepped out by the lake."

Kerl says, "Hello guardian," Challen said. To which the guardian responded, "hello Challen, why are you here?" Challen answered with a grin, "to defeat you."

Kerl says, "And thus began the second such assault on the guardian. Challen, however, was not being the direct frontal assault type such as Gillaume. He lept from hiding to swing at the guardian."

Kerl smiles and spins his waraxe and you blink twice as you swear you just saw the action as it once was...

Kerl recites:

Challen leaps from hiding to attack!
Challen swings a gray eog dagger at the Guardian!
AS: +383 vs DS: +300 with AvD: +21 + d100 roll: +9 = +113
... and hits for 9 points of damage!
Torn muscle in the Guardian's left leg!

Kerl says, "The guardian was vulnerable... yet hardly fazed. "Hide shall you?" it said as it prepared a spell. Challen attacked again...

Kerl smiles as he spins his waraxe and you blink twice as you swear you just saw the action as it once was...

Kerl recites:

Challen leaps from hiding to attack!
Challen swings a gray eog dag at the Guardian!
AS: +383 vs DS: +300 with AvD: +21 + d100 roll: +28 = +132
... and hits for 46 points of damage!
Powerful slash!
The Guardian's left leg is severed at the knee!
The Guardian screams and falls to the ground grasping his mangled left leg!

Kerl says, "While this may have seemed a success, the guardian was powerful beyond Challen's skill. It was not phased by the loss of it's leg. It cast a dark catalyst at Challen, who promptly exploded into a pile of pieces... some burnt, some frozen.... but all dead."

Kerl says, "You were not nice Challen" was all the guardian had to say."

Kerl says, "Corwin picked up Challen's shield and dagger and since he was unable to drag him through the fog, walked through himself."

Kerl says, "Gillaume was allowed to return to the lake, and resurrect Challen."

Kerl says, "Gillaume recited the following and raised Challen's fallen corpse..."

Kerl recites:

Thou hast come unto the Hall of Waiting
Yet Lorminstra has not bid ye enter
Return to the land of the living..
And bide thy time until thou art summoned.

Kerl says, "After being unstunned by Corwin, Challen was politely asked by the guardian to leave."

Kerl says, "Now Gillaume was back by the lake, and saw this as a chance to redeem himself. He pleaded with the guardian, "you are mightier than I, and I beg your indulgence to complete the task Lorminstra has set for me"."

Kerl says, "At this, the guardian again started in on a series of questions, asking him about his devotion to Lorminstra, and why he had not yet learned that violence should not be the first choice. In the end, the guardian allowed Gillaume to proceed and put the pommel in the lake."

Kerl says, "After the purification, the guardian asked, "one last thing Gillaume, what is this lake?" to which Gillaume responded, "the tears of Lorminstra", which was correct. The guardian proceeded to again explain that a single tear was shed for each person who had chosen the path of darkness, or had fallen before his time."

Kerl says, "By the grace of Lorminstra, Gillaume's task was finished, and a sense of harmony and inner peace entered their souls."

Kerl asks, "Now, there still remained the task of Challen. What was to happen to the rogue who had severed the leg of the guardian?"

Kerl says, "Well the guardian was a very forgiving guardian, and allowed Challen to enter again and attempt to succeed where he had previously failed. "ready for another round?" it asked."

Kerl says, "Challen declined, and apologized for his earlier misguided approach, and for the guardian's missing leg. Instead of choosing a fight, Challen brought out the blade, and asked that he be allowed to purify it and pray to Lorminstra."

Kerl says, "Again, the guardian posed his series of questions, and Challen answered correctly and was allowed to purify the blade. And again the blade hissed at it was placed in the lake and then fell still as the white glow seeped into it"

Kerl says, "Peace and harmony was felt by Corwin and Challen, and it was clear that all was done."

Kerl says, "At this, the guardian asked Corwin if he would be the official chronicler of these events, to which Corwin agreed. It is only recently that Corwin's chronicles have been recovered from places long dark... which is why I am able to tell you this portion of the story now. Thank you Corwin."

Kerl smiles.

Kerl says, "Now, you would think that this tale is done, but it is not quite. The sword has not yet been reassembled, and the prophet informs all present that a gem that holds the power of the sword must now be found. It is known as "The Eye of Lorminstra"."

Kerl says, "After much searching, Corwin found the gem in Darkstone castle, and the group reassembled and waited for the prophet to return."

Kerl says, "After a time, the prophet arrived, carrying the black stone that had stood in front of the temple, as well as an enruned chest. The pieces were all placed in the chest along with the Eye of Lorminstra, as well as the black stone."

Kerl says, "At that, the prophet picked up the chest and left, stating that he would shortly be at the temple, and that all who should wish to be there should be summoned."

Kerl says, "After a moments time, the prophet arrived at the temple and said, "This day let it be know that Lorminstra was pleased. She has great thanks for all of you who helped to bring about this end."

Kerl says, "The heavens above shimmered briefly, though nary a moon could be seen, and the voice of Lorminstra echoed through the air, "My dear Lord Morfell, for eons you have served in my name to remove the blight upon your honor. You have at last redeemed yourself, Morfell. I grant now that your name and identity are restored.""

Kerl says, "At that, it was revealed that the prophet was none other than Lord Morfell Destrieder himself."

Kerl grins.

Kerl says, "Morfell promptly brought out the Griffin Sword, which was now reforged, and embedded in a white stone, and placed it there outside the temple for all to use to bless their weapons, and to further the release of the undead."

Uthenegal says, "It seems Morfell also learned from his mistakes."

Kerl says, "The sword was left as a testiment to those who fought in the protection of the town."

Kerl says, "Corwin and Calnar, another chronicler were each given a tome in which to record the events, and Corwin, and each that had faced the guardian were given a gold Lorminstra pin."

Kerl says, "Over eons Morfell had served Lorminstra and had come to know that much can be learned from one's mistakes. His final request was that each of the pin holders do their best to show the path of light to those who had chosen evil."

Kerl says, "In parting, Morfell said, "I have come to like the name of Prophet, so you may to continue to call me that, and fear not, in days ahead I shall return as needed..."

Kerl says, "And that, is the end of the story... or at least it WAS the end of the story. Thank you all very much for your patient listening."

Emeraldwand coughs.

Kerl smiles with a wink

Kerl says, "With that I'll open the floor for any final questions, thank you all for your patience"

Kerl bows.

Emeraldwand applauds.

Ylena stands up.

*** Kerl is allowing everyone to speak now. ***

Everyone applauds

Germinal says, "I am glad I came tonight. This tale...this epic battle. If so few of such humble means can with faith defend against an insurmountable foe...can through the sheer power of their faith in their cause overcome incredible odds...I know we can."

Applauding continues.

Myltha exclaims, "Kerl, you really DID make me feel like i was there!"

Germinal applauds.

(Emeraldwand gives a loud piercing whistle)

Zephina exclaims, "amazin' story and told masterfully!"

Elapidae stands up.

Zephina beams happily at Kerl!

Fyrecrypts applauds.

Briggette says, "Thank you, thank you for taking us all back to those days"

Arianiss smiles.

(Setzier slips away in the shadows.)

Garin recites:

"The best stories in the werl, come from Lord Kerl, thanks!"

(Ylena claps until her palms ache.)

Briggette says, "Wonderfully told, indeed"

Kerl asks, "thank you all for your applause, now did anyone have any questions?"

Ylena says, "Kerl, that was incredible."

Hellchilde asks, "aye, who put the sword in the stone?"

Nicodeme asks, "So, did all four invasions happen in the space of the same day?"

Germinal says, "My have renewed in me a new vigor...and an appreciation of our past."

Augienna asks, "does the stone have any magical powers today?"

Kerl says, "there were also a few things that happened here and there between invasions"

Shirkon says, "Opening of the crack in the crypt was right about then too Kerl"

Meguas says, "Constant fighting"

Dreia snorts at Meguas.

Kerl says, "Hellchilde, in answer to your question about who put the sword in the stone, it was the prophet"

Arianiss says, "If you hold a blessable weapon in your hand and rub the sword, it's magic will transfer to your blade..sometimes."

Kerl asks, "any other questions about the Griffin Sword?"

Kerl says, "I have one question for those of you who were there..."

Kerl says, "I was unable to remember who it was that recovered the blade, and the hilt for sure"

Ashenwynd nods to Kerl.

Kerl says, "and I asked at least a couple dozen other folks as well and heard probably ten different answers"

Sherizade says, "i recall Dabu tell me of the stone, and that it zapped her silly, when she went to move it."

Ylena says, "I remember watching the stone blow around."

Ylena giggles.

Rayyne says, "We thought it was a portal...and kept trying to enter it."

Kerl asks, "any other questions about the Griffin Sword?"

Kerl says, "I have one question for those of you who were there..."

Kerl says, "I was unable to remember who it was that recovered the blade, and the hilt for sure"

Kerl says, "and I asked at least a couple dozen other folks as well and heard probably ten different answers"

Sherizade says, "i recall Dabu tell me of the stone, and that it zapped her silly, when she went to move it."

Ylena says, "I remember watching the stone blow around."

Ylena giggles.

Rayyne says, "We thought it was a portal...and kept trying to enter it."

Ylena says, "You did an amazing amount of work, you should be MOST proud of yourself."

Prata says, "It was well done, Kerl"

Kerl says, "I'm glad you all liked it"

Zephina says, "I'm so glad I can be here for this"

Zephina beams!

Briggette says, "Your descriptions were so vivid. You brought the story in here with us"

Briggette just hugged Kerl.

Rayyne says, "The lands are always gracious and wonderful, you just need to find the right spot."

Prata says, "Arwen, you did a grand job arranging this as well"

This would not end the story of Lorminstra's sword. The Second Griffon Sword Saga would be far more viscious than even the horror described here. In the meantime, for many years, the Sword blessed travelers weaponry to those who honored Lorminstra and through the Gate leading to the Temple Graveyard in Wehnimer's Landing a white marble monument was erected for some of those who perished on a particularily viscious night during the early attacks by V'Tull. Many more known and forgotten names also played their roles in this.

Do not forget them.