Despana, Unraveling the Mysteries

A few possibilities surround the question of who Despana was. Given the historical change implemented when the Dhe'nar were accepted as official history, we can assume that Despana was possibly connected with the Dhe'nar they had previously dwelt in the land of Rhoska Tor. She was incredibly powerful and well-versed in the arcane arts, though one wonders what part Dharthiir, her general and lover, played in the scheme of things. The keep Maelshyve itself was built by Despana's undead army. The region is rich in artifacts of the Ur-Daemons, as evidenced here in this piece on display in the Landing museum. How it got here is unfathomable, the most likely of stories is that the Etrevion family acquired it somehow, and during the collapse of the (Etrevion) Empire, was obtained by a local magician, later somehow finding its way into the museum. (possibly when said local made an unfortunate encounter with its true power)

The obelisk is black, so dark it seems to absorb the light. A band of glyphs is carved around the middle. You find them incomprehensible and strangely disturbing. Though black velvet ropes prevent you from approaching the obelisk too closely, you feel a slight chill emanating from it. A small plaque stands on a tripod just inside the ropes. (Sign)It reads:
The Ur-Daemons (Plaque)It reads:
Recovered from the ora mines in Rhoska-Tor, this strange artifact is thought by some to be an Ur-Daemon relic.

One of two busts of Despana on the continent, this piece below resides in the Wehnimer's Landing Museum as well. The other, almost identical and crafted of serpentine, was destroyed. The human features could mean anything. It is not unlikely that she was human, given her very directed assault on the elves, particularily the Vaalor who it is well known were overbearing oppressors of humankind. It could be that the elves described her as human, finding it unthinkable that any of elven lineage could commit such atrocities, with humans being the most magically adept of the lesser races. It could also be that humans admired her...after all, they were the only race to serve on both sides of the war. Revenge against the elves could prompt some human artisans to portray her as human herself, a sort of devilish avenger.

She appears to be human, with delicate, classical features. Her full lips part slightly, revealing what look to be fangs. Her eyes are closed. A small inscription is carved on the pedestal.

(Inscription) It reads:
Despana, world-killer, mother to the banshee, mistress of Maelshyve in Rhoska-Tor.

For those interested, here is the rest of the Museum contents in that particular wing:

l human
He is slight of build with fine, almost elven features. His pale skin contrasts with his black leather robes. He stares intently at the (Despana) bust, ignoring the world around him.

>l tapestry
The tapestry is made of the finest spidersilk and rustles gently in a stray breeze. Four scenes from some great battle are depicted in the delicate old fabric.

>l scene
Six armies meet before a ruined keep, joining into one. A mass of elven cavalry leads the way, followed by a phalanx of dwarves on foot, bristling with axe heads and spiked shields. A mob of giantmen fall in on one flank near a rag-tag band of humans bearing pikes. Smaller groups of bow-wielding sylphs and halfling slingers fall in step behind.

>l other scene
You can almost hear the thunderous clash of steel as the elves, dwarves and others charge the undead horde. The battle takes place on a barren plain before a black keep. A woman glares down from the battlements, her arms raised high.

>l third scene
The undead are winning the battle. Banshee wing from the black keep, driving the forces of light before them. The elven cavalry is broken, the dwarven phalanx shattered. One group of elves clad in red and grey robes stands firm amidst the carnage. They are joined in a circle with their heads bowed.

>l fourth scene Where the black keep once stood, nothing remains but a great, smoking pit. Great piles of undead lie motionless around it. The few elves, dwarves and others who survive stand exhausted, blank stares on their faces. A small group of elves clad in red and grey stands alone.

>l in case
In the glass case you see a handwritten book.

(Book)It reads:
Thousands of them! Ghouls, zombies and worse, all blackened and half-rotten. They poured onto the plains like a dam-bust of screaming and stink. Now, we were all veterans of the orc wars, and there's not much what could shake us...But nothing could ready a dwarf for the banshee. Horrible! I don't care what them other folks thought. I thank Eonak for them red elves and their demons!

>l case
The case contains a weatherbeaten, leather-bound book. The book is open to show a page written in scrawled but legible common. A small mithril plaque is placed just below the book.

(Plaque)It reads:
The Journal of Rhak Toram, warrior of the Dusk Mountain Clan, survivor of foul Maelshyve.