Honoring the Chosen Commemoration

As captured by Geijon Khyree, Presentation by Evialla Violetskye, Escort by the OSG, and Onoir

The House of the Rising Phoenix, the Order of the Silver Gryphon, and House Daingneach Onoir cordially invite one and all to join us in commemorating those persons known to history as "The Chosen", whose brave deeds and actions played a vital role during the Vvrael Saga of 5098, leading to the opening of the Drake's Shrine at Mount Aenatumgana at the Top of the World. The courageous deeds of these and many other individuals culminated in the sealing of the Rift, through which the vvrael entered our world. Ultimately, the rift was sealed, the vvrael were vanquished, the world was saved from annihilation, and chaos was thwarted. The ceremonies will begin on Restday, the 19th day of Lumnea, in the year 5111 (Sunday, June 19, 2011) at 6:00 P.M., elven standard time. Beginning with ceremonies at the House of the Rising Phoenix, we will hold a pilgrimage to various sites of historic significance to the saga, culminating at the Drake's Shrine at Mount Aenatumgana.

[House Phoenix, Entry Court]
Between Wisraith Lane and the house, a quiet courtyard is situated. Several gold and wrought iron benches are nestled amid the roses and ivy of the courtyard, and a garden swing sits just off a gated modwir archway. You also see a black-tufted longhaired tiger, a bronze plaque, a heavy slate blackboard, the House Phoenix doorkeeper, a massive entryway with a gold phoenix-carved bell on it, a pile of crystalline pins, an elaborate commemorative wreath and a tiered votive candle stand with some stuff on it.
Also here: Bairyn, Lord Skell, Xanith, Ozan, Reklawhtur, Dayko, Shirkon, Rayyne, Sir Brinn, Great Lady Evialla, Beldin, Goldstr, Sir Cryheart, Clunk, Lord Gawyane
Obvious paths: west

A dignified honor guard marches solemnly into the area, bearing an elaborate commemorative wreath. As the contingent marches smartly to a halt, the herald steps forward, and ceremoniously unrolling a gilt edged parchment proclaims in a clear, strong voice: "One and all are cordially invited to commemoration ceremonies Honoring the Chosen of the Vvrael Saga, which will begin shortly at the House of the Rising Phoenix, continuing with a historic site pilgrimage culminating at the Drake's Shrine!" With a slight but courtly bow from the herald, the honor guard marches out of the area.

You bow to Brinn.

Brinn bows to you.

You say, "Sir"

Xanith says, "Now we can all feel old together."

Clunk grunts in agreement.

Evialla hoots.

Brinn bows to Rayyne.

Rayyne asks, "Too old, eh?"

Rayyne curtsies to Brinn.

Xanith grins.

Xanith says, "Never too old."

Evialla says, "I must make a quick adjustment, if you will excuse me a brief moment."

Rayyne nods.

Evialla says, "We gained back one speaker, and lost two others."

Sir Cryheart just arrived.

Cryheart says, "Whew."

Evialla asks, "Lady Raynne?"

Evialla asks, "I wonder if it would not be to much to impose upon you to say a few words, once we start?"

Rayyne says, "I am not much of a showman."

Evialla says, "Its alright, you don't have to."

Evialla smiles.

Evialla says, "Scuse me one moment while I fetch my notes."

[Voln - Geijon] "We're gathering to begin th' Honoring th' Chosen commemoration outside of House Phoenix. Please head that way now if you are able to do so."

Speaking to Dayko, Brinn says, "You should listen carefully tonight."

Speaking to Brinn, Dayko asks, "Meh, doesn't that go to everyone tonight?"

Dayko says, "Why you gotta tell it directly to me."

Dayko blushes a pleasant shade of deep rose.

You chuckle.

Speaking deeply to Dayko, Clunk says, "Ye tiz yung."

Brinn says, "Some more than others."

Beldin just arrived.

You wave to Beldin.

Beldin hugs Rayyne, who wraps him in a warm embrace.

Beldin says, "Afternoon all."

Evialla says, "Look who we have here Beldin."

Beldin waves to you.

Rayyne hugs Beldin.

Clunk bows to Beldin.

You bow to Beldin.

Evialla points at Rayyne.

Gawyane bows to Beldin.

Beldin says, "I am gonna get a backache keep all this bowin up."

Reklawhtur chuckles.

Anzarie [General]: "Anyone about town who could bless my vultite falchion please?"

Speaking deeply to Beldin, Clunk asks, "Ye be last of Chosen to walk the lands?"

Beldin shrugs at Clunk.

Beldin says, "Not positive but probably."

Clunk [General]: "Be lots folk who can bless vultite at Phoenix this eve."

Beldin says, "Some have made a few journeys and hopefully will find their way home."

Beldin shrugs.

Clunk bows to Xanith.

Xanith bows to Clunk.

Xanith grins at Clunk.

Speaking deeply to Xanith, Clunk says, "Done good."

Xanith says, "Thank you."

Xanith chuckles.

Speaking deeply to Xanith, Clunk says, "Zul thanks ye."

Xanith says, "Still not near the Blacksmith ye are."

Xanith grins at Clunk.

Speaking deeply to Xanith, Clunk says, "Ye send us lots undead trolls to free."

Xanith chuckles.

Xanith says, "That we did."

Xanith forged the blade that was used by Spiritcaller Akhash to free Drangell, the Troll Commander, from his curse to which Clunk refers when thanking him just says before on the 15th day of Lumnea (June 15th, 2011)

Speaking to Xanith, Beldin says, "I thought I might take that up until watchin you the other night. Now I find myself dreamin of cool weather in the mountains and snow fed sreams."

Xanith nods at Beldin.

Xanith says, "It's not for the faint of heart or for those with other things to do."

You chuckle.

Xanith chuckles.

Clunk grunts in agreement.

Beldin says, "After watchin you it is amazing how many things I can find to do."

Xanith says, "I was serious when I said I'd hallucinated worse in that room than the slab screaming like an old crone."

Xanith chuckles.

(Evialla its not nervous at all.)

Evialla stares off into space.

Clunk grins.

Evialla breaks out in a sweat.

Clunk peers quizzically at Evialla

Cryheart leans on Evialla, giving her a companionable grin.

Cryheart says, "Nothing to worry about, lass."

Cryheart smiles.

Evialla turns to Brinn and cheers!

Speaking to Cryheart, you say, "She's nervous."

You grin.

Cryheart says, "It appears so."

Cryheart nods to you.

Brinn smiles at Evialla.

Evialla says, "Sir Brinn has done a marvelous job bolstering my confidence."

Evialla strikes a heroic pose.

Lord Splices just arrived.

Splice asks, "So what is this thing?"

Cryheart says, "Commemoration."

You say, "To honor th' chosen and those who fought th' Vvrael."

You nod.

Splice asks, "And they are who?"

Speaking to Cryheart, Beldin says, "She act like she got the last tart in a room full of halflins."

Rayyne laughs!

Cryheart begins chuckling at Beldin!

Evialla says, "Honoring the Chosen, of the Vvrael Saga of 5098."

You say, "We'll get to that."

Cryheart says, "And closed it so they could invade us."

Evialla exclaims, "And if you remain, you will learn much!"

Beldin says, "I look forward to hearin the story. After so many implosions you tend to forget a few things."

Evialla nods at Beldin.

Evialla says, "For sure."

Xanith asks, "Are we still hiking to the Drake's Shrine?"

Evialla says, "Hope to."

(Evialla crosses her fingers.)

Reklawhtur softly says, "Clunk is carrying me half way."

You say, "I think we can make it, we'll see of course."

Beldin says, "Well thankfully I don't have to hike there."

Xanith says, "Heh, hope everyone has good boots."

Xanith chuckles.

You [General]: "Th' Commemoration to honor th' Chosen is about to begin in 1 minute or so outside of House Phoenix and to travel meanderingly to Icemule and then to th' Drake's Shrine beyond Icemule."

Beldin says, "This might make Rayyne a bit uncomfortable."

Beldin shrugs.

Xanith says, "A lot uncomfortable."

Xanith says, "Not easy memories to relive."

Bairyn asks, "Hullo, can I come too?"

You gently take hold of Bairyn's hand.

Evialla says, "Of course you may."

Evialla smiles at Bairyn.

You see Bairyn Isgrove the Minstrel.
She appears to be a Sylvankind.
She is average height and appears to be very young. She has gold-flecked hazel eyes and tanned skin. She has short, tousled auburn hair plaited into a simple braid and secured with a knotted leather hair-tie.
She has some minor cuts and bruises on her right hand.
She is wearing a jade-inlaid platinum earring, a slightly tarnished silver disc-shaped medallion, a black pearl inset ora torc, a soft spidersilk cloak, a lacquered modwir keg pin, a garnet-set silver alloy clasp, a dreamstone studded gold pin, a coral and white starstone barrette, a black pearl inset platinum buckle, a sigil-etched wide silver armband, a pewter-bound leather Adventurer's Guild badge, an onyx-inlaid chrysoberyl brooch, a rune-etched silvery mithril buckler, an old golden pack, a distressed leather harness, some supple ivory leathers embossed along the edges with twining ivy vines, a bone-inlaid silver alloy bracer, a black opal bracelet, an engraved silver bracer, a lapis-inlaid ora band, a gold filigree pink tourmaline band, a simple spidersilk belt, a large black sack, a large sack, a gold-edged white pearl anklet, and some soft suede boots.

Bairyn says, "I'm heavy, but think I can still climb."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Brinn gently rests his hand on Evialla's shoulder.

Skell greedily eyes a pile of crystalline pins.

You see Lord Skell Monterey the Master Cobbler.
He appears to be a Giantman.
He is very tall and appears to be very young. He has bright dark eyes and tanned skin. He has short, thick brown hair with lighter streaks. He has a square-jawed face, a broad nose and a broad chest.
He has an intricate war griffin tattoo with narrowed eyes flexing its massive bicep on his arm.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a crystalline rose pin in his right hand.
He is wearing a black hood, a weathered vultite wall shield, a black leather climbing pack, a voluminous black stalking cloak, some sleek black stalking leathers, a crumbling stone tower pin, an exquisite gold ring, a small black leather sack, an onyx-inlaid black leather scabbard, an onyx-inlaid black leather thigh-sheath, some reinforced black leather pants, a twining rose vine anklet, some jet black socks, and some padded black leather boots.

Skell bows to Xanith.

Evialla graciously declares, "The House of the Rising Phoenix, the Order of the Silver Gryphon, and House Daingneach Onoir are proud to welcome all of you to this evenings event, The Honoring the Chosen Commemoration."

Dayko leans on Ozan.

Evialla proudly announces, "Tonight we gather to remember and commemorate the historic events of 5098, known now as the Vvrael Saga, and to gratefully honor those individuals known to history as "The Chosen", whose actions and deeds played a vital role which lead to the opening of the Drake's Shrine at the Top of the World, Mount Aenatumgana, and ultimately to the sealing of the Rift through which the vvrael entered our world. The rift was sealed, the vvrael were defeated, the world was saved from destruction, and chaos was thwarted."

Evialla states, "We begin here, with ceremonies of commemoration, after which we will hold a pilgrimage to various sites of historic significance to the saga, culminating at the Drake's Shrine at Mount Aenatumgana."

Evialla dramatically states, "We now harken back to those chilling times."

Evialla explains, "It is 5098."

Shirkon deeply says, "I jist hope da shade o' Terate donna show ups."

Evialla somberly explains, "Elanith is threatened with total annihilation by the Vvrael. Lorminstra calls forward champions to spearhead the defense of our world. She tells us all, that we must first find the Stones of Power and then take these stones north into the wilderness."

Rayyne says, "I wish he would."

Cryheart nods at Rayyne.

Evialla somberly explains, "During three perilous days which witness earthquakes and a rain of blood, the brave champions and countless other dauntless souls manage to seal the widening rift in the fabric of the world, forever barring the Vvrael from entry."

Evialla points at Beldin.

Evialla explains, "Lord Truekillr outlined to us, that the Chosen ones had been identified as Writher, Jala (missing at the Final Encounter), Risper, Wanton, Nyte, Krakenstar, Tedra, Mithadris, Berr, Beldin, Merry, and Heathyr. (Who were all present)"

Evialla points at Rayyne.

Evialla explains, "Truekillr also revealed to us another, a cursed man, known as the Fallen One, and named Terate."

Evialla explains, "We learn more from these words of our Phoenix wizard, Merlock Hamburgian."

Evialla recites clearly:

"As time passed by, the final stand off against the Vvrael came nearer, and Lorminstra sent forth a guide, Ardo Olbin, to send us along the right path."

Evialla recites clearly:

"Ardo was to show us the Top of the World, where the ancient Drake who traveled across the veil, lived. His shrine supposedly holds the key to defeating the Vvrael."

Evialla recites clearly:

"The day Ardo was sent to help us, the Vvrael realized that they may soon be conquered."

Evialla recites clearly:

"To allow them to live longer, they released Terate, and told him to destroy Ardo. Terate did what they bid him to do, and froze Ardo to a cavern wall, killing off the rest of his party."

You nod slowly.

Evialla recites clearly:

"Lorminstra had not expected this, so she researched another way to enter the Shrine."

Evialla shivers.

Evialla recites clearly:

"In her research, she came across six stones of virtue. These stones, when gathered together, would hold the power needed to enter the Shrine."

Evialla recites clearly:

"However, only those who she had chosen could hold them -- which included Terate."

Evialla recites clearly:

"Entering the Shrine would require time, as storms ravage around it, preventing anyone from passing through."

Evialla recites clearly:

"Once the chosen find all six of the stones, and the storms subside, they will be able to travel into the Shrine, discovering the secrets it holds within."

Evialla recites clearly:

"If Terate finds a stone of virtue, however, all may be lost, and the Vvrael may continue to live on forever, torturing people as they see fit. "

Evialla explains, "We will relate more bout these stones, how they were found and where, what tales the held, and the virtues they represented. We are also grateful to have numerous speakers who have graciously volunteered to share with us their thoughts on each of these six important virtues. We will hear from Sir Cryheart, Sir Brinn, and Goldstr."

Evialla proudly announces, "Last and not the least, we are honored to have here this evening, Beldin, himself one of the Chosen, who will share some of his experiences and thoughts, as our saga unfolds."

Evialla applauds Beldin.

Cryheart applauds Beldin.

Beldin blushes a glowing shade of red.

Evialla says, "And Lady Rayybe."

Brinn smiles at Beldin.

You chuckle.

Evialla proudly announces, "Perhaps as you waited to gather here, you noticed a dignified honor guard marching solemnly though the area, bearing an elaborate commemorative wreath. At the conclusion of this march, the wreath was delivered here, with great pomp and ceremony."

You applaud Beldin.

Evialla smiles.

Bairyn smiles at Beldin.

Cryheart says, "Dinnae expect a pie."

Cryheart grins at Beldin.

You exclaim, "Pile on!"

Gawyane applauds Beldin.

Beldin mumbles something under his breath.

Evialla proudly announces, "We are now proud to have this wreath on display here during our commemoration, and invite you, one and all to take a moment or two to appreciate the symbolism represented by this magnificent arrangement."

Beldin squirms.

Clunk reaches out and touches an elaborate commemorative wreath.

The wreath has been woven from branches of fragrant laurel, entwined with white-veined ivy. Carefully arranged amongst the greenery, perfect blossoms of white chrysanthemums, passionflowers, white roses, iris, red roses, and white lilies signify the virtues of truth, piety, humility, faith, courage, and honor. Set at the heart of the wreath, small stones in clear crystal, milky white, dull grey, flawless silver, veil iron and reflective glass have been pierced and wrapped with thin gold wire to form a cluster. Near the bottom of the wreath, a pure white bow flutters streamers of gilt-edged white ribbon. Embroidered script on the various streamers reads: "Truth, Piety, Humility, Faith, Courage, Honor"

Evialla proudly announces, "In addition to this amazing floral tribute, we have had the honor to have placed here for this commemoration, the tiered wrought iron votive candle stand before you. As the candles within the six votives flicker, we invite you to more closely examine each one, as we speak of the virtues represented by the stones."

Evialla knowingly explains, "The first stone to be found was a reflective glass stone, which looked like this:"

Evialla decisively clarifies, "The stone is perfectly round, crafted with a precision that is unmatched by any mortal glass-smith. Silver at its core acts as a mirror, reflecting the light falling upon its smooth, polished surface. Warped by its contours, you can see your own reflected face within its depths, staring back at you as if in judgement."

Evialla points at a tiered votive candle stand.

Six commemorative votive candle holders stand in two neat rows of three upon the tiered wrought iron stand.

On the votive candle stand you see a clear crystal votive candle holder, a milky white votive candle holder, a dull grey votive candle holder, a pure silver votive candle holder, a veil iron votive candle holder and a glass votive candle holder.

A pure white candle flickers steadily within the engraved clear crystal votive candle holder.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads:

A pure white candle flickers steadily within the engraved milky white votive candle holder.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads:

A pure white candle flickers steadily within the engraved dull grey votive candle holder.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads:

A pure white candle flickers steadily within the engraved pure silver votive candle holder.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads:

A pure white candle flickers steadily within the engraved veil iron votive candle holder.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads:

A pure white candle flickers steadily within the engraved reflective glass votive candle holder.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads:

Evialla proudly states, "It was found by Xanith, in Anywn Castle, and given to Tedra, one of the Chosen."

Evialla says, "We are now honored to hear a few words from Xanith about his experience."

Evialla nods at Xanith.

Evialla smiles.

Xanith says, "Aye, thank you Evialla."

Xanith says, "Hearing your recounting of the tale did bring back some old memories."

Cryheart nods at Beldin.

Xanith says, "First, it's a misnomer to say that I discovered the first stone of virtue."

Rayyne smiles.

Xanith says, "At the time, I was but a young warrior, still learning how to effectively not die under pressure."

You chuckle at Xanith.

Speaking to Xanith, you ask, "Different now when you die?"

You grin.

Xanith nods to you.

Xanith says, "Much different."

You chuckle.

You agree with Xanith.

Xanith says, "Then, I flailed about unskilled with my blade, merely following the party that pushed against the Vvrael, hoping to make what small contributions I could."

Xanith says, "A gash on a warlock. The shattering of a skeleton."

Xanith says, "The night that the first stone was discovered was the first night that our forces had discovered entry into Castle Anwyn."

Xanith says, "Trying to stay alive amisdt an intense onslaught."

Xanith says, "Although, my memory is still a tad foggy, I will relate what I remember."

Xanith says, "I recall the militia forces, with Tedra and others, pushing into the deepest part of the Castle."

Xanith says, "The cellar I believe."

Evialla nods.

Xanith says, "On a platform in the middle of this macabre room was a locked chest."

Evialla says, "That I do vividly recall."

Xanith says, "Locksmith after locksmith snapped lockpick after lockpick against its lock."

Xanith says, "Warrior after warrior howling in frustration as their weapons bounced ineffectually off its surface."

Evialla starts chortling.

Xanith says, "Only one locksmith, Lord Challen, was able to make any sort of progress in picking the lock."

Xanith says, "And as wave after wave of undead assaulted us, Lord Challen was successful in picking the lock."

Clunk nods.

Xanith says, "As I was attempting to protect the chest and was being constantly knocked to my knees at the time, I peered inside as Lord Challen lifted the lid."

Xanith says, "Immediately, a rush of images flashed through my eyes and into my mind. Words of virtue, a loud booming voice, images of the castle."

Evialla lets out a cheer!

Xanith says, "I think it was about that time that I lost consciousness, either from a head wound or the continuous bleeding from the scrapes of the battle."

Xanith says, "I was rushed out of the Castle, unconscious, and slept the night away with Silvergate Inn."

Xanith says, "Lord Challen, the true discoverer of the stone, gave the stone to Tedra."

Clunk whispers, "I gots scene of fite in that castle on my armor, ginst eld eld ghost."

You see Clunk the Hero of Zul Logoth.
He appears to be a Dwarf.
He appears to be in the prime of life. He has hazel eyes and tanned skin. He has thinning, white hair.
He has a braided silver beard.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a well-forged dwarven war helm, a crystalline rose pin, a crystal amulet, some gleaming silver-studded plate, a diamond-inset dwarven war harness, an Eonak tapestry pouch, a dwarven infantry backpack, a golden phoenix pin, a Mandis charm, a dwarven infantry gear satchel, a diamond-inset dwarven war girdle, a stylized crimson phoenix crest atop crossed gold feathers, a phoenix-inset mithril signet ring, a golden Eonak medallion, a tiny mithril-banded keg suspended from a fine silver chain, a Lorminstra badge, a pair of crossed golden sai mounted on a bronze nautilus shell, some scorched leather forging gloves, a ruby-eyed drake armband, a veniom-plated Ilyan Cloud charm, an engraved mithril ring, an iron and mithril band, some gold trousers decorated with a line of crossed sais down the legs, some dwarven infantry boots, and an Eonak crested vultite shield.

You look closely at Clunk, examining some gleaming silver-studded plate. The plate is covered with intricately etched scenes: Eonak working on a massive forge; an old giant slapping a dwarf in plate upside the head, a scripted word issues from the giant's mouth, "Maneuver!"; a young dwarf in leather fighting a pack of wraiths; a dwarf in chain fighting a ghost, both worse for the wear from a long castle battle; a drooling dwarf in half plate kneeling on a cobbled road before an apparition; and the last shows an old dwarf in plate, searching.

You nod at Clunk.

Xanith says, "For the remainder of the saga, I did what I could fighting skeletons and serving as an effective meat shield against the Vvrael Warlocks."

Xanith says, "But I will never forget the events of that night, as hazy as they may come with time."

Xanith says, "I appreciate you inviting me to speak, Lady Evialla."

Evialla says, "Thus, why we strive to maintain the records of times gone by, lest they slip away from us."

Xanith says, "So that I could share these tales."

Evialla exclaims, "Thank you Xanith!"

Xanith says, "As well as set the record straight regarding my role in the effort."

Xanith says, "It is a pleasure to see you Lady Rayyne, even if this is a difficult time to recall."

Xanith bows.

Everyone applauds Xanith.

Evialla says, "Continuing on."

Evialla explains, "When this stone was claimed by Tedra, a vision occured to all:"

Evialla recites dramatically:

"Suddenly, the air ripples before you, like a pond disturbed by a thrown pebble.
The ripples move outward, pulling apart, framing a vision within them... "

Rayyne smiles at Xanith.

Evialla recites dramatically:

"You see thirteen people standing in a circle around a reflective glass stone that pulses steadily with a pale light.
They gaze upon it, watching it intently, as if mesmerized by its wonder.
Finally, one of them steps forward, her back turned to you.
Grasping the stone, she plucks it from the ground.
As she turns around with her find, you notice that it is the Lady Tedra who has claimed the stone."

Evialla explains, "Each stone, as it turned out, told its own story, revealed through loresong sung by Krackenstar, himself one of the Chosen. This is the story told by the reflective glass stone."

Evialla clears her throat.

Evialla recites earnestly:

"The stone tells of the man who finds a coin in the street, and rushes behind the wealthy woman to return it.
She thinks about taking it back but says she would be happier if he keeps it and leaves with a radiant smile upon her face."

Evialla declares, "It was revealed that the reflective glass stone represented the virtue of honor."

Evialla says, "Sir Brinn will share a few words with us, regarding the virtue, of Honor."

Brinn says, "Thank you, Lady Evialla."

Evialla smiles at Brinn.

Brinn says, "Honor is societal in nature, meaning that the definition of Honor can change depending on which society you are examining. Without this reference, it is a difficult topic to nail down. Tonight, I will speak to you about how Honor as percieved in the Order of the Silver Gryphon. Well, by some of us at any rate. As with any Virtue, there is room for more than one view on the topic. I will give you mine."

Bairyn leans forward.

Brinn says, "Honor is often interpreted as the application of a personal code of ethics to a situation. By this, I mean that it is often considered that one has acted honorably as long as they remain within their own personal code."

Brinn says, "An example of this is, if Sir Maldon is insulted by Sir Crabban, and his code calls for swift and sure retribution for the insult, then Sir Maldon has acted honorably if he strikes his opponent down. Conversely, if Sir Maldon's code calls for all disputes to be handled in a verbal manner and to avoid combat at all costs, then if he strikes Craban down, he has acted dishonorably."

Brinn says, "As is obvious, the same act can easily be labeled honorable or dishonorable depending on the code accepted by the participants."

Brinn says, "When we consider Honor in the Order of the Silver Gryphon, however, Honor must be defined by more than a strictly personal code of ethics. We have to have some tenets of honor that we all hold to be common that cannot be compromised without damaging one's status in the Order. These common tenets are what we must strive to define, as the personal aspects of honor are impossible to completely understand or reconcile."

Brinn says, "That being said, if one's personal code is in direct conflict with that of the Order, then the individual needs to evaluate their association with an Order so opposed to their views."

Brinn says, "Honor to the Order is comprised of three simple tenets:"

Brinn says, "To choose consciously all of your actions to be in accordance with the benefit of your liege, your charge, and your vows, and conversely to never act in a way detrimental to your liege, your charge, or your vows."

Brinn says, "To do what is known to be right, regardless of the conflicts that arise in you, and regardless of the personal cost to you."

Brinn says, "To be answerable for all you do, regardless of the reasons for choosing your path."

Brinn says, "Thank you."

Brinn nods at Evialla.

Everyone applauds Sir Brinn.

Evialla asks, "It all seems simple on the surface, no?"

Evialla smiles.

You chuckle.

Evialla says, "Thank you Sir Brinn."

Evialla explains, "The second stone to be found was a clear crystal stone, which was found by Nanna in a cave, in the foothills of Oblin Pass, near Icemule Trace. It was hidden within a pile of rocks."

Evialla explains, "This cave, known as the Chamber of the Dead, houses the sarcophagus for the frozen remains of the halfling, Ardo, husband of Belle, who many have encountered at the Pinefar Trading Post."

Evialla states, "We will be visiting this Chamber later on our journey."

Evialla explains, "When Nanna discovered the stone, this vision was revealed to all:"

Evialla recites quietly:

"A quiet voice at the back of your mind whispers, "Lady Nanna has found one of the stones of virtue, my child.
Seek out the Chosen, and help protect the stone until one of them may claim it!"

Evialla explains, "The story of the clear crystal stone, revealed by the loresong of Krackenstar, told this tale:"

Evialla recites solemnly:

"A nobleman had a slave that he beat all the time.
One day he told the slave to go to the Hall where the Queen was and lie to her.
Despite knowing he'd recieve a beating, the slave told the Queen the truth.
She cut the slaves bindings with a jeweled dagger and told him she knew what he had done and gave him his freedom."

Evialla explains, "The clear crystal stone was claimed by Merry, identified as one of the Chosen."

Evialla explains, "When this stone was claimed, this vision was seen:"

Evialla recites mysteriously:

"You see a small group of people standing atop a snow-swept pinnacle,
Gathered in a half-circle before a massive door set into the mountain.
They hold hands, murmuring soft prayers that are swept away by the winds.
The sky above them is dark and foreboding, filled with churning storm clouds that appear ready to burst."

Evialla declares, "It was learned that the clear crystal stone represented the virtue of truth."

You incline your head.

Evialla respectfully announces, "We will now hear a few words from Sir Brinn Mithrandir, of the Order of the Silver Gryphon, on the virtue of truth."

Evialla smiles respectfully.

Evialla curtsies to Brinn.

Brinn smiles.

Evialla smiles.

Brinn says, "Thank you."

Bairyn smiles at Brinn.

You say, "We do enjoy your eloquence, Sir Brinn."

You smile.

Brinn grins.

Brinn pokes you in the ribs.

You chuckle.

Evialla says, "I certainly do."

Rayyne grins.

Brinn says, "What is truth? Truth, at the core, can be a tricky thing. Philosophers have argued since words could be formed about both its meaning and its importance. For our purposes, however, we are not talking about the nature of truth, but about the virtue of truth."

A plump black cat pads in.

Brinn says, "When examining the virtue of truth, we look at how it improves us, how it makes us better people. Truth, for our purposes, is being truthful, and holding true."

Brinn says, "Truth as a virtue, in this regard, is being truthful about what you know. You can be both truthful and wrong, and this is difficult for this is when truth can be hotly debated and people get hurt. Being truthful is being true to what you believe, not being right about every fact."

Brinn says, "Speaking truth is often difficult. But then, the Virtues rarely lead us down the easy path. Often, speaking the truth comes at one s own expense, or creates discomfort for others. The value of truth, in the end, will win over such considerations. A reputation based on truthfulness is priceless, and worth any discomfort. And in the end, truth will be valued more than false praise or good advice withheld."

Brinn says, "Being truthful is not the same as being blunt. One can be truthful without being rude, condescending, hurtful, or damaging. Truth can be spoken without hurting the listener. When extolling truth as a virtue, it is important to note this nuance."

You adopt an agreeable expression.

Brinn says, "Being true is also part of this virtue. To hold true means to stay on your stated course. To stand with those who have stood by you. To live up to your potential and to your duties and your commitments. The more one holds true, the more one finds others there to support and assist."

Brinn says, "Being true has benefits beyond being its own reward. Being true facilitates other virtues as well. Duty, Honor, Loyalty, Commitment, Service."

Bekke just arrived.

Brinn asks, "Truth can seem so basic and instinctive, that it is difficult to espouse as a virtue. However, to see its full value, consider its opposite. What do we think of known liars? What do we think of those who do not hold true, and who shirk their commitments as soon as things get difficult? How do we view those whose words cannot be believed?"

Evialla smiles at Bekke.

You gently take hold of Bekke's hand.

Brinn says, "We have many here in the Landing who are great models of truth. I am lucky enough to call many of them friends. Thank you."

Brinn bows to Evialla.

Everyone applauds Sir Brinn.

Speaking to Brinn, Beldin asks, "So does that mean I have to tell Tagg that I do have a tart?"

Brinn nods at Beldin.

You laugh at Beldin!

Beldin wails!

Rayyne grins.

Bekke smiles at Brinn.

Speaking to Beldin, Brinn says, "You do."

Cryheart nods at Beldin.

Cryheart grins at Beldin.

Brinn gives Bekke a friendly hug.

Beldin grumbles.

Speaking deeply to Beldin, Clunk says, "Ye aint gotta give it to him tho, ye can give it to me."

Brinn kisses Bekke tenderly on the cheek.

Evialla says, "Thank you again, Sir Brinn."

Evialla curtsies to Brinn.

Speaking to Brinn, you say, "Your example regarding bluntness was well said and an often confused aspect of what blunt is. Well spoken."

Evialla explains, "The third stone to be found, was very simply, a dull grey stone."

Evialla explains, "This stone was found by a young lad named Fryzz, inside a locked box dropped by an arctic titan. When a message was heard all throughout the lands telling of Fryzz's find, the young fellow was soon massively overwhelmed by people trying to get him to give up the stone to them, including an offer of 1 million silvers made by one Thalior Farthor."

Evialla explains, "Eventually he was taken into the protection of the Phoenix wizard workshop by the Phoenix wizard, Merlock, where he was able to learn the entire story and importance of what he had found, and what needed to be done with it."

Evialla nods approvingly.

Evialla states, "We will take a look at this workshop as we begin our journey, later on."

Reklawhtur flashes a quick grin.

Evialla explains, "The stone, very simple in appearance, looked like this:"

Evialla recites clearly:

"Formed of a greyish rock, this stone is remarkable only in its perfect roundness.
Its porous surface is pitted yet smooth, worn by the passing of thousands of years."

Evialla explains, "This stone was claimed by Heathyr, and transferred to Nyte."

Evialla explains, "Krackenstar's loresong revealed the following tale:"

Evialla recites thoughtfully:

"A young servant works on floors, scrubbing away with a rag but content.
Two nobles walk by.
One, a spineless man kicks her bucket across the floor sneering she has missed a spot and walks off.
She weeps...
The other noble is cut from a diferent cloth however...
He sighs and kneeling helps her clean up the mess...
The girl wipes her tears away and thanks him and tells him she will never forget his kindness..."

Evialla smiles tenderly.

Evialla recites thoughtfully:

"I now see a small room where the kind nobleman lies upon a bed, passing from this world in fever.
He sighs and death begins to claim him, and in walks the girl.
She is no longer a girl in rags but in a robe unadorned of white and black that is dazzling in its simpleness.
She lays her hands upon his head and his eyes flicker open and clear!
Smiling she says 'Awaken, my child. For as I promised, I did not forget your kindness'"

Evialla smiles quietly.

Evialla explains, "It was revealed that the dull grey stone represented the virtue of humility."

Evialla proudly announces, "We will now here a few words about the virtue of humility, by Lord Goldstr Aimright, a member of the House of the Rising Phoenix, House Daingneach Onoir, and the Order of the Silver Gryphon."

Evialla smiles gratefully.

Evialla curtsies to Goldstr.

Clunk bows to Goldstr.

Goldstr says, "Humility in me mind."

Goldstr says, "Be a good pairing wid pride."

Goldstr says, "Now some tinks humility be shameful an deamin."

Goldstr says, "But if ye pair humulity wid pride ye be nae struttin biyts all da fine feats ta has done."

Goldstr says, "Humility be a strong fine trait."

Goldstr says, "Lets people know yer feats on dey own an ye will show proper humility."

Evialla smiles.

Goldstr says, "Dat jess me view but der it be."

Everyone applauds for Goldstr.

Evialla says, "Well told, and thank you Goldstr."

Clunk bows to Goldstr.

Evialla explains, "The fourth stone to be found was a flawless silver stone."

Evialla explains, "This stone was found in a coffer in River's Rest, by either Marilyna or Aubrey."

Evialla explains, "The flawless silver stone was claimed by Lady Heathyr, one of the Chosen."

Evialla explains, "Krackenstar's loresong revealed this tale:"

Evialla recites dramatically:

"As your lilting song calls out to the stone, your mind fills with fleeting images rushing by just outside the grasp of consciousness.
Finally they begin to slow, coalescing into a vivid scene within your imagination.... "

Evialla recites solemnly:

"Several people stand within a village square, their hands bound to stakes behind them.
A priest walks down their line.
He wears brown robes with a green serpent embroidered upon the back, and holds a dagger with a twisted blade in his right hand."

Evialla frowns.

Evialla recites somberly:

"Stopping at each of the prisoners, he asks them an inaudible question.
Some of them nod in response, and are cut free.
Others shake their heads and are slain as the priest draws his dagger across their throats... "

Evialla sighs sadly.

Evialla recites somberly:

"The priest comes closer, stopping in front of a boy.
He leans forward and asks, "Will you pledge your soul to the serpent?"
The boy glares at the priest, hatred burning hot within his eyes."

A pained expression crosses Evialla's face.

Evialla recites dramatically:

"After a moment, the priest sighs, then moves his dagger upwards across the boy's throat.
Impossibly, the blade does not pierce the tender skin!
The boy's eyes widen with comprehension, and his hands break free of their bonds.
Snatching the dagger from the stunned priest, the boy dispatches his would-be executioner."

Evialla recites triumphantly:

"A booming voice reverberates across the square,
"Go forth, my loyal and immortal son.
It is your destiny to be my champion against the unlife!" "

You let out a cheer!

Evialla winks at you.

Evialla recites clearly:

"The image fades, quickly dimming until it is nothing but a memory etched into your mind."

You say, "That was always my favorite stone."

Gawyane grins.

Evialla gravely repeats, "It is your destiny to be my champion against the Unlife!"

Rayyne grins at you.

Evialla roars!

Evialla explains, "It was revealed that the flawless silver stone represented the virtue of faith."

Evialla says, "Lady Denissa wished to speak to us of this virtue, but has been sadly unable to attend."

Evialla explains, "The fifth stone to be found, while simple in appearance, turned out to be of great significance, both to the person who found it, the one who claimed it, and ultimately to all of Elanith."

Evialla explains, "The fifth stone was a veil iron stone, which was discovered by Lady Rayyne, within an ancient thanot box, near the rocks leading to the mountain near Icemule Trace."

Clunk bows to Rayyne.

Evialla explains, "The ancient thanot box appeared like this:"

Evialla smiles at Rayyne.

Cryheart applauds Rayyne.

Evialla recites clearly:

"The thanot box is covered with carvings, tiny sigils that dance across its surface like a mantle of delicate lace.
The wood is obviously of extreme age, yet its patina is a lustrous tone of golden brown,
As impervious to the ages as if it were imbued with magic."

Rayyne smiles.

Evialla explains, "Upon Lady Rayyne finding this stone, this vision was seen:"

Bairyn is admiring Rayyne.

Evialla recites quietly:

"A quiet voice at the back of your mind whispers,
"Lady Rayyne has found one of the stones of virtue, my child.
Seek her out before the Fallen One may find her!"

Evialla explains, "The Fallen One was identified as Lord Terate, who also claimed the stone, as one of the Chosen."

Evialla explains, "Upon claiming this stone, the following vision was seen:"

Evialla recites dramatically:

"Suddenly, the air ripples before you, like a pond disturbed by a thrown pebble.
The ripples move outward, pulling apart, framing a vision within them..."

Cryheart raises an eyebrow.

Evialla says, "But we will learn much, of redemption."

Evialla smiles.

Evialla recites dramatically:

"You see thirteen people standing in a circle around a veil iron stone that pulses steadily with a pale light.
They gaze upon it, watching it intently, as if mesmerized by its wonder.
Finally, one of them steps forward, his back turned to you.
Grasping the stone, he plucks it from the ground.
As he turns around with his find, you notice that it is the Lord Terate who has claimed the stone. "

Evialla recites dramatically:

"With that, the air collapses inward, falling in upon itself until the vision has disappeared."

Evialla explains, "Krackenstar's loresong told this tale of the stone:"

Evialla recites clearly:

"The story the stone told was the Particular events of the house Vaalor's sacrifice during the undead war.
I saw the Vaalor commander charge into the mass of undead,
Their valiant fight...
And finally the final blow which killed both the Arch lich and the Vaalor commander."

Evialla explains, "It was determined that the veil iron stone represented the virtue of courage."

You fold your hands behind your back, waiting patiently.

Evialla respectfully announces, "Sir Cryheart Thaxin, leader of the Order of the Silver Gryphon, will now share with us some words about the virtue of courage."

Evialla smiles respectfully.

Evialla curtsies to Cryheart.

Cryheart bows to Evialla.

You applaud Cryheart.

Evialla leans on Cryheart, giving him a companionable grin.

Cryheart says, "In honor of their courage..I composed this...I promise not to sing."

Bairyn smiles at Cryheart.

Cryheart coughs.

Cryheart gazes up into the heavens.

Cryheart recites:

"Half a league half a league
Half a league they went
All in the Valley sent
Strode the few hundred
Onward, Onward Forward, Charge for the towers he said
Into the mass of undead
Strode the few hundred.
Sacrifice, Sacrifice, the army of Ta'Vaalor
Blow against blow, both dead, the Arch lich and the Commander."

Evialla lets out a cheer!

Evialla gazes up into the heavens.

Cryheart recites:

"Ours is not an easy path to follow, yet we follow willingly, for in truth we did not choose this road so much as the road chose us."

You nod slowly.

Cryheart says, "All those who fight to defend."

Cryheart recites:

"We are the Sons and Daughters of Kai, and no mortal soul shall despair of life in our presence. We are the champions of the innocent, the protectors of the weak, the gladiators of your heart."

Cryheart says, "As the talisman of Valor indicates to us all."

Goldstr nods.

Cryheart gazes up into the heavens.

Everyone cheers with Cryheart!

Xanith says, "That speech kinda made me want to roar and fight something."

Bairyn applauds Cryheart.

Reklawhtur applauds Cryheart.

Evialla says, "Thank you Sir Cryheart, most handsomely done."

Xanith chuckles.

Beldin says, "Didn't know you had that in you."

You chuckle at Xanith.

Gawyane nods at Xanith.

Cryheart grins at Xanith.

Evialla roars!

Brinn applauds Cryheart.

Cryheart grins at Beldin.

Evialla explains, "The sixth, and final stone to be found, was a milky white stone, found by Lenthorn in a box, after which this vision was seen:"

Evialla recites quietly:

"A quiet voice at the back of your mind whispers,
"Lenthorn has found one of the stones of virtue, my child.
Seek out the Chosen, and help protect the stone until one of them may claim it!"

Evialla explains, "The stone looked like this:"

Evialla recites clearly:

"The opalescent stone is polished to a lustrous sheen, enabling it to reflect light in muted pastels.
Inlaid into its surface is a small golden crown that glitters brightly.
The crown is rendered with remarkable precision, bearing tiny symbols and sigils that strain the eye if looked at too long.
Six tines extend outward from it, each capped with a tiny quarter-cut gem."

Evialla respectfully announces, "This stone was claimed by Beldin of the House of the Arcane Masters, one of the Chosen, who will now share with us some of his experiences."

Evialla smiles gratefully.

Evialla curtsies to Beldin.

Beldin blinks.

Evialla nods at Beldin.

Evialla grins.

Bairyn beams happily at Beldin!

You chuckle.

Brinn smiles at Beldin.

Clunk bows to Beldin.

Rayyne winks at Beldin.

Beldin says, "Well I didn't realize I was gonna be called on."

Beldin glares at you.

Reklawhtur turns an inquisitive ear towards Beldin.

You point at Evialla.

Goldstr turns an inquisitive ear towards Beldin.

Cryheart says, "Good thing ye dinnae take a nap."

Gawyane chuckles.

Cryheart nods at Beldin.

Evialla laughs!

You say, "She planned this."

You snicker.

Reklawhtur flashes a quick grin.

Gawyane turns to face Beldin.

Evialla says, "As you said, it was all a blur."

Bairyn tilts her head toward Beldin, and as their eyes meet, the point of one of Bairyn's ears twitches slightly in time with Beldin's breathing.

Beldin says, "But I have gotten old and forgot so much of what took place. However hearin these names evokes sad thought."

Beldin says, "I feel we owe most if not all to one not mentioned so far."

Beldin says, "One that gave their life for us all."

Brinn turns an inquisitive ear towards Beldin.

Beldin says, "One who represents best all descibed so far."

Beldin says, "And that was Risper."

Rayyne nods.

Shirkon nods at Beldin.

Reklawhtur nods.

Evialla agrees with Beldin.

Beldin says, "I will always remember her."

You say, "The sacrifice was great. I hope that Lorminstra was able to help her soul reach a place of peace even under such horrific circumstances."

Beldin says, "I hate to disagree but have always felt something was wrong with what is said."

Beldin says, "Like I said I have gotten old and forgotten much."

Cryheart nods.

Evialla smiles quietly.

Xanith nods.

Beldin says, "But I for some reason always remember it as we only manage to partially seal the rift."

You nod slowly.

Beldin says, "It was a huge battle."

Cryheart nods.

Beldin says, "And I forget as I said."

Rayyne says, "And that is a scary thought, perhaps why we ignore it."

Xanith says, "Aye, the war still rages on the other side."

Beldin says, "But I think what we did was stop them from coming out."

Evialla says, "We will do our utmost to recall much."

Beldin says, "But allows us inside."

Beldin says, "And that it can always be torn again."

Evialla shudders.

Beldin says, "But like I said that is just my memory which is not the best."

Rayyne says, "Understandable, old one."

Cryheart grins at Rayyne.

Rayyne grins.

Beldin glares at Rayyne.

Evialla exclaims, "Thank you Beldin, well said!"

Gawyane chuckles.

Everyone applauds Beldin.

Bekke smiles at Beldin.

Beldin blushes sheepishly to himself.

Evialla explains, "Lord Krackenstar's loresong revealed this tale of the milky white stone:"

Evialla recites dramatically:

"As he sings a picture appears above him."

Evialla recites reverently:

"You see before you a huge man seated upon a stone throne.
His hair and beard are grey, and his skin wrinkled.
Hunched are his shoulders, as if they were burdened by a great, unfathomable weight."

Evialla recites reverently:

"Upon his brow sits a six-tined crown fashioned of pure gold,
Its exemplary craftsmanship accentuating his imposing presence.
Though he would appear to be as old as time itself,
The years seem to have only taken their toll on his body,
For his piercing eyes burn with a profound wisdom."

Evialla recites reverently:

"The man regards you for a moment, then begins to speak in a commanding voice..."

Evialla recites dramatically:

"For those who are the champions of Elanith,
You shall have a grave task ahead," says the ancient man.
"You must learn of the virtues held in the stones you have won.
Only through them shall you fulfill your destiny to look into the Eye of the Drake."

Evialla recites dramatically:

"He pauses a moment to let the words sink in before continuing,
"Those who are not chosen shall be tasked as well.
For them to aid in this time of need,
They shall have to learn the lessons of the stones,
And use them to invoke the magic of the Crown."

Bairyn's eyes take on a glassy look as she appears to fall into a vivid daydream.

Evialla declares, "It was revealed that the milky white stone represented the virtue of piety."

You shiver.

Evialla proudly announces, "For his thoughts on the virtue of piety, we will now hear from Lord Goldstr Aimright, a member of the House of the Rising Phoenix, House Daingneach Onoir, and the Order of the Silver Gryphon."

Evialla smiles appreciatively.

Evialla curtsies to Goldstr.

Clunk turns to face Goldstr.

Goldstr says, "Well I think Piety be da easiest an simplest virtue to knows."

Goldstr says, "Dose dat are Pious have respect gfer all da Arkati."

Goldstr says, "And if dey has chosen a patro, like meself."

Several of the tiny roses on Skell's rose vine anklet slowly bend across the vine until their vividly colored petals come to rest against his skin.

Goldstr says, "Dey will learn an follow dat Patrons ways, as I have wid me Lord Kai."

Gawyane smiles.

Goldstr says, "Verra simple."

Evialla says, "Thank you Goldstr."

Evialla applauds Goldstr.

Evialla explains, "In just a few moments, we will commence our journey, but before we do, we would like to distribute to all, these flowers which we have collected, that we may all bring them with us as we progress, and drop them off as tributes at the various sites we will encounter."

Evialla explains, "Where you choose to leave them will be up to you, and as the inspiration moves you to do so."

Evialla explains, "Please collect a flower as they are dropped, after which we will begin our journey."

Evialla proudly announces, "At this time, we gratefully acknowledge our Honor Guard this evening, the knights and members of the Order of the Silver Gryphon, and House Daingneach Onoir."

Evialla smiles gratefully.

Evialla applauds.

Flowers are showered around the wreath ranging in beauty, size, and composition. Iris blossoms, fragrant white lilies, white passionflowers, and pure white roses make up the majority of them as they cascade to the ground to be gathered up by those in attendance.

Evialla says, "Also please take a commemorative pin if you have not already."

You tap a pile of crystalline pins.

You see a crystalline rose pin.

The rose pin is virtually transparent. The petals are splayed in full bloom and the stem is thornless. Golden filigree weaves through the stem and petals to add shape to the crystalline surface.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads:
"The Chosen - Examples of Hope and Sacrifice"

Evialla says, "You may wish to take several flowers, to remember all."

Evialla says, "As you may have noticed, we have tried to match the flowers, to the wreath."

Evialla says, "When all are ready, Geijon will briefly show us the Wizard Workshop, which served as a sanctuary for a finder of a stone."

Beldin says, "Speakin on behalf of the Chosen, of which several were from my House, I feel and sure they do deeply honored by this."

Beldin says, "I wish to thank House Phoenix on behalf of them."

Speaking to Beldin, you say, "Long overdue in honoring them."

Beldin bows.

Clunk raises his hand.

Speaking to Clunk, you ask, "Clunk?"

Speaking deeply to you, Clunk asks, "Why fer Thalior wanted a stone?"

Rayyne says, "Because he didn't have one."

Clunk deeply says, "Oh."

Evialla says, "Heaven only knows why..perhaps to wear in his other eye socket.."

Ozan darkly says, "Thailor had everything but those stones."

Xanith says, "Nah, he jest wanted everything."

Xanith chuckles.

Cryheart says, "Thalior was a bit crazy."

We then headed to the Phoenix Workshop where Fytz was protected when he was overwhelmed after finding one of the stones. Afterwards we headed to the Temple to which the Mass of Rememberance was recited. The North Gate was next where a Night of Horror and all of it's chilling deaths.

Afterwards, Hearthstone where Terate would kill dozens of us with a point of his finger, the Icemule Temple where many sought refuge, but could not avoid Terate, the Chamber of Death where Ardo is frozen, Pinefar where we searched Aentumgana, and finally, the Shrine of the Drake where it all concluded. I've provided the short form here as we contemplate presentation of the remaining sections.