House of the Rising Phoenix - Great Library - Lore

Interview with Yeesiouler Stormcrow

[House Phoenix, Maruko's Chamber]
Tendrils of a strange scent assault your nose as you peer around a dimly lit stone chamber. Fading embers from a fireplace are the only illumination and a cloud of incense forms arabesques above a brazier nearby. Coarse granite shapes the walls and ceiling and darkly polished marble flooring reflects the feeble light. A huge grey wolf stands poised near the door and a canopied bed looms near the fireplace. Odd weapons and strange bits of armor lie scattered about the room. You also see a steel door.
Also in the room: Lord Yeesiuoler who is seated
Obvious exits: none.

You see Lord Yeesiuoler Stormcrows the Dark Elf Sorcerer.
He appears to be in his 110's, has long, braided silver hair, dark eyes, and pale skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a blackened long-bladed khopesh in his right hand and a silvery hammered tower shield in his left hand. He is wearing a gold ring, some full leather, a glass amulet, a flowing spidersilk cloak, some veniom-worked boots, a gold-trimmed xenium scabbard, some dark leather gloves, a prancing pegasus pin, a weathered sorcerer's saddlebag, and an ancient white ora Ronan holy symbol encrusted with black opals engraved with shimmering runes.

You ask, "comfortable, aye?"

Yeesiuoler nods.

Yeesiuoler leans forward.

Yeesiuoler rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Yeesiuoler says, "You may proceed"

Yeesiuoler cackles!

You say, "lets start by havin yas introduce yeself"

Yeesiuoler says, "Ok,Well I am Yeesiuoler Stormcrows, from the lands of Rhoska Tor"

You ask, "How many seasons haf ye bin in Elanthia?"

Yeesiuoler says, "Seasons. .A few. .not as many as some, more than most"

Yeesiuoler smiles.

You ask, "What goals did, do ye haf?"

Yeesiuoler says, "I had a few goals...most I have achieved"

Yeesiuoler shrugs.

You nod.

Yeesiuoler says, "Master Voln, was my first I thinks"

You ask, "any ye havn't or they personal goals?"

Yeesiuoler says, "I just wanna walk the lands, and learn... "

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

Yeesiuoler says, "I can always learn more, I guess that's the Dhe'nar in me"

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

Yeesiuoler says, "Always questing for more knowledge"

Yeesiuoler says, "For knowledge is power"

You say, "indeed"

You ask, "Care to speak more of the Dhe'nar?"

You ask, "Highlord of the Dhe'nar is Starsnuffer correct?"

Yeesiuoler says, "He is that yes..."

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

Yeesiuoler says, "And Highlord of the council of the Obsidian Tower"

Yeesiuoler says, "Our histories go back to the days of the Drake wars"

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Yeesiuoler says, "When the Arkati first became a power"

Yeesiuoler smiles.

Yeesiuoler says, "Now adays though, there are but a handful of Dhe'nar who walk the lands..."

You say, "they're building a new home within Sentoph, aye?

You say, "The Dhe'nar tha' is"

Yeesiuoler says, "Yes, the Obsidian Tower is too be built near the landing"

You ask, "With th' new home o' th' Dhe'nar do ye see it as a final ending tae a long type of wanderin or a new begin?"

Yeesiuoler says, "It is a new begining"

Yeesiuoler says, "For too many years the Dhe'nar have been without a place to call home..."

Yeesiuoler says, "Sure Rhoska Tor will always be there..."

Yeesiuoler says, "But a place to call home near the landing...will hopefully bring back some of the old customs"

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

Yeesiuoler says, "It is all but complete,. the Dwarves are carving the Obsidian Tower as we speak. ."

You ask, "ye believe alot o' misconceptions surround th' Dhe'nar since many are ignorant or make offhand comments without full knowledge?"

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

Yeesiuoler says, "It does not suprise me in the slightest"

Yeesiuoler says, "Folks as a rule, fear what they do not understand"

Yeesiuoler shrugs.

Yeesiuoler says, "The Dhe'nar are a pure, proud race. ."

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

You say, "I belief that each person who haf a cause mus be proud o' that an' strive frae it."

Yeesiuoler says, "But hell, look at the history, they have seen much, and been through much"

You say, "vera true indeed"

You ask, "Whats one of yer more favorable memories?"

Yeesiuoler says, "My most favourable memory was when I came of age in the Dhe'nar, and took the test of the priesthood"

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

Yeesiuoler says, "I had some real fun that night. ."

Yeesiuoler says, "There are certain tests you had to do, infront of the entire priesthood"

Yeesiuoler says, "And if anyone did not like the way you preformed, it was back to being Q'hali"

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

You ask, "pass'd?"

You grin.

Yeesiuoler says, "Of course"

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

Yeesiuoler says, "Had I failed, I would have been killed by my Misri, for failing him"

Yeesiuoler says, "You must ask Kree about the Ordainair sometime.."

Yeesiuoler says, "One of the best stories I have ever heard"

You nod.

Yeesiuoler says, "And quite frightning"

You say, "I shall indeed then"

You ask, "Misri is Dhe'nar for master correct?"

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

Yeesiuoler says, "That is correct"

Yeesiuoler says, "Each Q'hali/Q'hala has a Misri/Misra whom the learn the ways from"

Yeesiuoler says, "It is a test of character .. "

You say, "Much like a mentor in a way"

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

You ask, "When ye pass ye test ye are accept'n intae th' upper caste. Ye are then an individual aye?"

Yeesiuoler says, "You are then accepted into the family of Dhe'nar. ."

Yeesiuoler says, "From then, you have a duty to teach others"

You nod.

Yeesiuoler says, "The Dhe'nar are made up of 5 castes"

Yeesiuoler says, "The head of each sit on the council"

Yeesiuoler says, "The council is chaired by the high priest, Starsnuffer"

Yeesiuoler says, "When I passed, I took my place amoung my Caste"

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

Yeesiuoler asks, "You ever met a guy Called Igrak?"

You say, "Aye"

You say, "Dyari, Dhe'nar Warrior"

Yeesiuoler says, "He holds the chair to the Warrior Caste"

You say, "vera auld in th' ways o' th' lands"

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

Yeesiuoler says, "Celtic, holds the chair of the Warlock"

Yeesiuoler says, "Otterex holds the chair of the priests"

Yeesiuoler says, "My Caste"

Yeesiuoler says, "A priest in Dhe'nar tounge is not a Cleric"

Yeesiuoler says, "And Starshadow, and Starsnuffer are the High priest and high priestess"

You nod.

You say, "thus 4 castes thats are chaired over by a final presiding 5th chosen among all membahs o' the lowah castes. Thus High Priest Starsnuffers position"

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

Yeesiuoler says, "Yes"

You say, "ah've always found history, knowledge and culture vera intrigue'n. Even tho ahm a warrior skill'd in battle."

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

You ask, "Ah heard ye was on th' ship tae teras that first nite.

Yeesiuoler says, "I went's on the second trip"

You say, "good nuf"

You grin.

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

You ask, "When ye first saw Teras whatcha think of yer future home?"

Yeesiuoler says, "Thought it was a great place, little scarey at first. .but was gonna be funs, I was too little to stay there and hunts"

Yeesiuoler says, "I was taken on a little tour of some of the area's, and then wandered off, and promptly died"

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

You chuckle.

Yeesiuoler says, "Then I went's on another tour a little later on, the 'Tour of Death'. ."

Yeesiuoler says, "Aye, was pointless me staying there, was just a shopping trip"

Yeesiuoler says, "Was Thal's tour...damn he aint all there"

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

Yeesiuoler says, "Got us both killed"

You say, "He's goin blind tae now"

You grin.

Yeesiuoler says, "Then a few folks trying to rescue us, empaths, and Clerics...lotta folks died in the rescue"

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

You ask, "Latah when ye learn'd th' ropes n such an' ye stay'd frae many years did ye have alot of enjoyable n' entertainin experiences?"

Yeesiuoler says, "Aye lots. .towards the end though, it was a little sad. ."

You say, "teras chang'd alot las time ah went"

You say, "real deadlike"

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

Yeesiuoler says, "Aint the same kinda folks there, the discplinarians"

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

You say, "now vera young new folk live der"

Yeesiuoler says, "All the old unwritten rules, seem to be ignored these days"

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

You say, "vera sad sort of, aye"

Yeesiuoler says, "Shame, they were there for everyone's benefit"

You nod.

Yeesiuoler says, "Lot made sense too."

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

Yeesiuoler says, "Saw some great fights, when the Emperor was on a clean-up campaign"

Yeesiuoler says, "Limbs everywhere, ladies crying. ."

Yeesiuoler shakes his head.

You chuckle.

You say, "Ye lov'd it"

Yeesiuoler says, "True, true"

Yeesiuoler cackles!

You say, "Mad Sorcerers"

You gaze heavenward.

You grin.

Yeesiuoler says, "But then I always followed the rules"

Yeesiuoler shrugs.

You say, "uh huh.."

Yeesiuoler says, "There were only 3 unwritten rules"

You ask, "what were they?"

Yeesiuoler says, "1, no leaving litter inside the town, served a number of purposes"

Yeesiuoler says, "made place look shabby"

Yeesiuoler says, "in an invasion, as most of the local's were quite old, the gods sent old critters to fight...lot imploded, nothing like minding your own business and being hit by alot of herbs in an invasion"

Yeesiuoler says, "Folks died, due to leaving rubbish around"

Yeesiuoler says, "2nd rule, no sleeping on the streets, that was the Emperor's favourite"

You say, "that rule was th' first tae lapse.."

Yeesiuoler says, "Voln sleeper's would sleep in the gutters, making the place look untidy"

Yeesiuoler says, "They were, slept, killed or dragged to an inn for the night"

Yeesiuoler says, "Treat the beats's with respect, cause they can kill you in a heartbeat"

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

Yeesiuoler says, "3rd rules, was fun, treat folks with respect, and bring your own personality to the rock...then everyone would gets on fine"

You say, "Gillaume n' alot o' auld folk us'd tae sit n' talk all nite"

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

Yeesiuoler says, "It happens to everyone"

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

Yeesiuoler says, "I used to gets ribbed too"

You say, "part o' life"

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

You ask, "Who that has left do ye probably miss th' most?"

Yeesiuoler asks, "Left Elanthia?"

You nod.

Yeesiuoler says, "I would have to say, Lord Bleeds"

You ask, "lot folks heard bout Bleeds n' his mystique.

You ask, "why ye miss'm th' most?"

Yeesiuoler says, "He had a certain way of making folks see his point of view"

Yeesiuoler says, "And for the main part, he was only trying to show folks how to behave, and conduct themselves"

Yeesiuoler says, "Although he was quite ruthless in his execution"

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

You chuckle at Yeesiuoler.

You ask, "Any'un ye were glad tae see leave?"

Yeesiuoler says, "Not sure, there are many that wander the lands, with no real purpose. ."

Yeesiuoler says, "I aint saying I would be glad too see the back of anyone, they all got their own persona"

Yeesiuoler shrugs.

You say, "sadly, aye"

Yeesiuoler says, "Be quite boring if we were all the same"

Yeesiuoler chuckles.

You ask, "Who did ye look up tae when ye were a young lad?"

Yeesiuoler says, "Tough question"

Yeesiuoler rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Yeesiuoler says, "Lotta folks really. ."

Yeesiuoler says, "Never really had a role model, I kinda went off on a limb and did my own thing"

Yeesiuoler says, "I admired most of the true characrter's in the lands. ."

Yeesiuoler says, "The funs guys..."

Yeesiuoler says, "Bleeds, Thal, Harcourt. ."

You say, "ah've always admired Thal fer his humor."

You grin.

Yeesiuoler says, "Each had their own way. . and Elanthia was a better place for them"

Yeesiuoler says, "More recently, I respected the likes of Otterex, and Redvenom alot, taught me alot about sorcery"

Yeesiuoler says, "Snuffy and Kree"

Yeesiuoler says, "You will not walk the lands and find two better story tellers, they are in a league of their own"

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

You say, "ah haf nothin but respect frae Kree alsae."

You ask, "Whats one of yer more less favorable memories. Perhaps a bad event or disaster?"

Yeesiuoler says, "Less favourable memories. ."

Yeesiuoler says, "It annoy's me when I see folks wandering the lands, like zombies, kill, sleep, kill, sleep"

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

Yeesiuoler says, "Then ask me about a certain spell, or a piece of history. ."

Yeesiuoler says, "They should just bloody well find the time to get the answer's themselves"

Yeesiuoler grumbles.

Yeesiuoler says, "Learn more of the lands they inhabit, I think they would enjoy it more. ."

You nod.

You say, "Definitely"

You ask, "How do ye enjoy yer new home, Pinefar, near th' Rift?

Yeesiuoler says, "The rift is, well...dangerous..exciting..."

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

Yeesiuoler says, "The rift, contains some of the most powerful creatures in the land, many not seen before by the majority"

Yeesiuoler says, "There are undead critters, that walk the planes of non-existance..."

Yeesiuoler says, "I hear talk of new beast's finding there way to the Isle, should give them something to terrorise"

You say, "der was also an interestin invasion when the queen within the mirrah unleashed her dark shadows. Got tae fight aside Berr"

Yeesiuoler says, "I heard of that..."

Yeesiuoler says, "aye, there have been a few Gods to fight in the lands by the side of us mere mortals"

Yeesiuoler says, "I was lucky enough to fight by the side of one of my gods"

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

You say, "inspirin.."

Yeesiuoler says, "There is nothing quite like seeing a pretty young lass stand talking to you in the middle of an invasion. ."

Yeesiuoler says, "Then suddenly swirl round, her face contort and before you knew it, Lorminstra was standing there, fighting at our side"

Yeesiuoler nods to you.

You say, "ah've dreamed of the day Kai returns to the land. It would be a dire time indeed though sae perhaps best tae nevah happin"

Yeesiuoler nods.

You say, "But at those times the arkati inspire us tae do things beyond ourselves"

You say, "Griffin battles and some of the battles from long ago were like that"

You say, "ahm glad the Vvrael are supressed fer now.."

Yeesiuoler says, "My ancestor's have the power to make you think you are more than you are. ."

Yeesiuoler says, "It is a fine line. ."

Yeesiuoler nods.

You say, "the final battle was one of the more hard fought then we've had for a long time since sheru, Luukos and V'tull attack'd"

Yeesiuoler smiles.

Yeesiuoler nods.

You say, "ah'd enjoy facing V'tull agins"

You say, "jus tae dispose of more of his minions"

Yeesiuoler says, "V'tull,I would yearn for a battle against his minions"

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

You say, "ah've always detest'd him among the arkati. He is not a true warrior"

Yeesiuoler says, "V'tull is powerful for sure. ."

Yeesiuoler rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Yeesiuoler says, "I know ya busy, just gave us time to have a quick chat"

Yeesiuoler nods.

You say, "thanks fer sitting down wit me"

Yeesiuoler exclaims, "Laters!"

Yeesiuoler raises his fist definitely.

You nod to Yeesiuoler.

You say, "Be safe, bud"

You wave to Yeesiuoler.

You grin.

You throw your head back and howl!

Yeesiuoler gestures and utters a phrase of magic.
Yeesiuoler gestures.

Your surroundings blur for a moment . . .