House of the Rising Phoenix - Hall of the Arts

The Trident of the Phoenix

A book as penned by Xelivana "Aimless" Meanderings

"Fear not the night, for it is in darkness that hope is born." -- Motto of the House of the Rising Phoenix.

In every battle, there are weapons. For every warrior, there is a weapon of choice. In the ongoing battle of Light versus the powers of Darkness and Chaos, there has long been the warriors known as Phoenix. For over a decade, they have armed themselves and fought against the insidious influences of Chaos for the protection of Elanith. At times, their weapons were axes, swords and more, all dealing physical and often mortal blows upon the servants of the Enemy. At other times, their weapons were the weavings of intricate magicks, again dealing the physical blows against the forces. In later years, as they have grown and learned from past triumphs and tribulations, they have found the best weapon. The Trident.

For the uninitiated, a typical trident is a long-shafted polearm capped with three sharp metal prongs. But this is no ordinary trident. This is the Trident of Phoenix. In the Trident of Phoenix, the prongs are not made of veil iron, but rather, they are Knowledge, Education and Example.

Knowledge of the Enemy, gathered and studied thoroughly, looking for biases and truths, for clues and for understanding. Knowledge of the Purpose, without hyperbole, knowing what one stands for and why. For in Knowledge, there is understanding. And in understanding there is hope. And in hope...there is power.

Education to the Masses, sharing their Knowledge succinctly and effectively, giving to people the greatest gift of all--Education, and allowing them to decide for themselves. Education to the Members, who might at times forget the powerful influence they could be.

Example of Self, exemplifying that which they would have us all be, showing to themselves and Elanith, that they do fight on the side of Light with full Knowledge and Passion, expecting no more of others than they themselves do.

Each of these prongs, in the hands of a true Phoenix, is glistening and razor- sharp, ready to pierce the armor of the most-unsuspecting enemy and cause the fatal blow. All that remains is for the wielder to grasp the shaft and drive home the points of the weapon.

And that shaft shall be Faith. Faith in their Purpose. Faith in the Lands. Faith in their Desire to do right.

When one lives by the Trident, one thrives, but each prong depends upon the strength of the others. A trident which misses a piece can not work as effectively, and one stands the chance of failing entirely.

But miss the shaft, and one can not wield the weapon. Lose the shaft--and the darkness shall fall, and hope will not be reborn within it until the Light of Faith returns.

So in times of trial, hold to the Shaft, sharpen your prongs, and thrust cleanly and well into the heart of the Enemy.

May the Trident be guided by the Faithful and the Light served.