Puppet Show

Ceolmhor raises her hand and smiles at Hyssopp.

Hyssopp nods to Ceolmhor.

You lean on Ceolmhor and say, "Haeph or Ceo can sing or recite"

Ceolmhor asks, "Would it be inappropriate to offer to put on my newest puppet show to help bide the time?"

You smile at Haephestus.

Berillia wails and exclaims, "not the singing agin!"

Hyssopp says, "Be my guest", as she beams happily at Ceolmhor!

Ceolmhor beams happily at Hyssopp!

Hyssopp asks, "Do I need a shot of sake first?"

Ceolmhor bounces around happily, giggles and nods.

Cryheart leans on Hyssopp and says, "wouldn't hurt lass"

Hyssopp says, "Sake never hurts"

Ceolmhor clears her throat.

Ceolmhor gently rings her bells creating a cascade of soft tones, as she recites:

"Ladies and gentlemen!I am pleased to present Gucchi, the grinning wizard"

Ceolmhor removes a grinning wizard marionette from in her silk backpack, indicating it with a smile, as she recites:

"In today's very special presentation, "Mistaken Identity"

Berillia exclaims, "Misrepresentation!"

Ceolmhor cups her hands around her mouth and leans forward, confidentially whispering to the audience, "Any similarity, real or implied, to any wizard you know, dead or alive, is purely coincidental."

Berillia exclaims, "Wizards dinnae grin!"

Ceolmhor winks.

Elidan giggles, as Germinal smiles.

Ceolmhor recites:"Once upon a time, there was a grinning wizard named Gucchi."

Ceolmhor indicates her wizard marionette with a smile and continues,"Although Gucchi was a likeable fellow, he wasn't very bright.

Ceolmhor's wizard marionette suddenly begins whirling around uncontrollably before collapsing into a tangled heap.

Ceolmhor continues his tale, "Gucchi left his home and his family, who were very fond of him, if a bit overprotective, and went into the world to seek his fortune.”

(Ceolmhor walks her wizard marionette along while whistling a jaunty little tune.)

Ceolmhor says, "Unfortunately, our friend the wizard forgot after a while what he had left home to do."

Ceolmhor flicks her wrist, causing the wizard marionette to scratch its head while telling the tale, "And even more unfortunately, he soon forgot where he had come from and who he was, as well."

Geijon appears to be poking himself, as he says, "glad ahm nae a hand puppet"

Berillia says, "Shoulda stayed home an' embedded"

Cryheart nods to Geijon.

Ceolmhor's wizard marionette raises its hand to its forehead and swings about, eyes peering out in wooden puzzlement.

Ceolmhor recites:

"This did indeed pose a problem for Gucchi, who sat down in the middle of the forest and tried very hard to remember who he was and what he was supposed to be doing."

(Ceolmhor makes the wizard marionette sit down and causes it to hang its head in thought.)

Elidan giggles and exclaims, "now that sounds like a wizard i know!"

You say, "ye are a handful of something!”

Ceolmhor recites:

"As Gucchi sat there, he prayed for some assistance in finding himself."

Ceolmhor's wizard marionette collapses to its knees, its tiny wooden hands clasping in prayer.

Ceolmhor jumps up, startling you, exclaiming "POOF!")

Hyssopp asks, "Sure his name isnt Strendor?"

Berillia snickers.

Ceolmhor removes a darling ebony toy faerie from in her silk backpack, as she Ceolmhor recites:

"Suddenly there appeared from nowhere a faerie!"

Ceolmhor shows a grinning wizard marionette her ebony toy faerie.

Ceolmhor glances at a grinning wizard marionette, and seems to be waiting for something.

(Ceolmhor whispers to Gucchi "Wake up and pay attention!")

Ceolmhor pokes at her wizard marionette, then drops her hand, muttering under her breath.

Ceolmhor causes the wizard marionette to jump up, looking quite surprised.

Germinal chuckles, while Berillia giggles and Cryheart and Moonbright grin.

Ceolmhor gazes heavenward.

Ceolmhor flies the faerie over in front of the wizard marionette and lets it land gently at his feet.

Ceolmhor causes the wizard marionette to stare stupidly at the faerie for a moment before exclaiming, "I'm a faerie!!"

Ceolmhor causes the wizard marionette to flap its arms, trying for all the world to fly like the faerie.

Ceolmhor rolls her eyes, as she Ceolmhor recites:

"Our faerie friend just rolled her eyes and said, "I am here to help you find yourself. All you need to do is look inside yourself, and you will find the answers you seek. With that, and with another little POOF, the faerie disappeared!"

Ceolmhor hides the faerie behind her back.

Ceolmhor blinks.

Ceolmhor put a darling ebony toy faerie in her silk backpack.

Ceolmhor makes the wizard marionette double over, trying so hard to figure out how to look inside himself.

Ceolmhor frowns and recites:

"Failing to find a way to look inside himself in the literal sense, Gucchi thought and thought, and finally decided that looking NEXT to himself would serve just as well."

Ceolmhor causes the wizard marionette to turn his head from side to side, as though he were looking for something.

Ceolmhor removes a snakeskin and straw rogue doll from in her silk backpack.

Ceolmhor says, "What he saw was a rogue, trying unsuccessfully to tiptoe past him."

Ceolmhor makes the rogue tiptoe back and forth next to the wizard marionette.

Ceolmhor beams and says, "Gucchi beamed at the rogue, and much to the rogue's chagrin, started tiptoeing around behind him, whispering delightedly "I must be a rogue, a rogue must I be!!"

Ceolmhor causes the wizard marionette to tiptoe around behind the rogue doll, occasionally tripping over him or bumping into him.

Berillia cackles!

Ceolmhor glares, and recites:

"After only a few short minutes of this annoying mimicry, the rogue whirled around and stared angrily at Gucchi.”

Ceolmhor spins the rogue doll around to face the wizard marionette.

Ceolmhor's wizard marionette jerks forward suddenly, looking remarkably like a rogue falling out of the shadows.

Ceolmhor continues, "The rogue glared at Gucchi and snarled "You are not a rogue, and you never will be! You are about as silent as a herd of thraks and as sly as a kobold!" With this the rogue slipped into hiding and disappeared without a trace."

Ceolmhor hides the rogue doll behind her back.

Ceolmhor put a snakeskin and straw rogue doll in her silk backpack.

Ceolmhor begins pouting, as she recites:

"Gucchi was very disheartened, but after a moment his face lit up. Sly as a kobold!! I'm a kobold!!""

Hollylynn beams!

Ceolmhor beams!

Ceolmhor causes the wizard marionette to fumble about, tripping over his own feet.

Ceolmhor recites:

"Gucchi wandered through the forest, now certain of his destiny, until he came upon the kobold village."

Ceolmhor removes a dancing kobold marionette from in her silk backpack. The first kobold he came across was a jolly soul, as far as kobolds go, and after his initial attempt to kill Gucchi, paused to check out this wizard who made kobolds look intelligent by comparison."

Berillia laughs, and rolls around on the ground laughing hysterically!

Ceolmhor causes her kobold marionette to look the wizard marionette up and down carefully.

Ceolmhor smiles as she dances the kobold marionette in a full circle around the wizard marionette, the wizard all the while spinning around to maintain eye contact.

Ceolmhor's marionette begins to dance in mid-air, moving more gracefully than most of the bards you've met.

Ceolmhor recites:

"I'm a kobold, like you!" Gucchi exclaimed."

Ceolmhor beams!

Ceolmhor scoffs and recites:

"Bah," said the kobold, "Though you might have the mind of a kobold, you are moving as gracefully as a bard. You couldn't possibly be a kobold!"

"And with that, the kobold took a final swing at Gucchi, before disappearing into a hut in the village."

Ceolmhor causes the kobold marionette to swing at the wizard marionette, but the kobold misses by a mile.

Ceolmhor's kobold marionette suddenly begins whirling around uncontrollably before collapsing into a tangled heap.

Ceolmhor grumbles.

Ceolmhor makes the kobold marionette stalk off, then hides it behind her back.

Ceolmhor put a dancing kobold marionette in her silk backpack.

Ceolmhor rubs her chin thoughtfully, and recites:

"Gucchi didn't even notice the kobold's attack. He was too busy thinking to himself, "Bard, huh?"

Germinal laughs!

Ceolmhor beams!

Ceolmhor recites:

"I'm a bard!!"

Ceolmhor's marionette begins to dance in mid-air, moving more gracefully than most of the bards you've met.

Ceolmhor says in a hushed tone, "Now Gucchi was quite delighted, because as we all know, the bard holds the honor of being of the best profession in the lands."

Ceolmhor smiles mischieviously.

Moonbright coughs.

Elidan says, "bah"

Ceolmhor recites:

"The best looking, the most admired, the most talented, the most"

Berillia snickers and Hollylynn rolles her eyes, while Germinal smiles and raises an eyebrow and Jauvian waves a hand at Ceolmhor, dismissing her indifferently.

Ceolmhor says, "But I digress."

Italo rolls his eyes and gazes heavenward.

Ceolmhor whistles a complicated ditty, impressing you with her virtuosity, as she glances at a grinning wizard marionette.

Elidan says, "you do"

Ceolmhor nods and recites:

"Anyway, Gucchi, now certain of his bardity, was trying to loresing to his purple peaked wizard's hat."

Haephestus tilts his head up.

Hollylynn asks, "the most conceited?"

Berillia cackles and says, "No, you outright lie"

Ceolmhor covers her ears.

Ceolmhor removes a white-haired songsmith doll from in her silk backpack.

Ceolmhor recites:

"Suddenly a wizened old songsmith rushed in, covering his ears and yelling, "Stop!! stop!! For the love of Liabo, stop that cacophony!!"

Ceolmhor squints and places the songsmith doll directly in front of the wizard marionette, as she recites:

"The old songsmith peered at Gucchi, who had stopped singing, much to the relief of the creatures in the forest, and was now sullenly staring at the old bard." Ceolmhor mimes the songsmith doll saying, "What in the name of Lorminstra do you think you are doing? Are you trying to scare the birds from the trees? Are you trying to cause the roltons to shed their fleece as they run away in terror?"

Elidan giggles.

Ceolmhor makes the songsmith doll poke his gnarled finger at the wizard marionette.

Berillia says, "Be easier on the shepards"

Ceolmhor begins pouting.

Ceolmhor causes the wizard marionette to hang his head in shame, as she recites:

"From now on leave the loresinging to the loresingers, understood?"

Ceolmhor nods, and with a flick of her wrist, causes the wizard marionette to silently nod to the songsmith.

Ceolmhor walks the songsmith doll away, hiding it behind her back.

Suddenly, Ceolmhor bursts into tears!

Ceolmhor's wizard marionette collapses to its knees, its tiny wooden hands clasping in prayer.

Ceolmhor recites:

"Gucchi fell to his knees, sobbing. "Now what?" he cried. "He told me I am not a bard, but he didn't tell me what I am!"

You say, "Awww"

Ceolmhor flails her arms about, as she recites:

"Suddenly a beautiful elf appeared from behind a tree." Ceolmhor removes a plush snow-white toy elf from in her silk backpack.

Ceolmhor brings the elf up behind the wizard marionette and causes the elf to tap the wizard lightly on the shoulder.

You beam at Ceolmhor, and exclaim, "me?!"

Ceolmhor sniffs as she recites:

"Still sniffling, the wizard glanced up at the beautiful elf, and felt a sudden sense of peace and tranquility descend upon him."

Elidan smirks, and Hollylynn snickers.

Ceolmhor smiles as she brings the elf around to stand in front of the wizard marionette, reciting:

"The elf smiled kindly at Gucchi, and said "Pardon me, but I have been resting behind that tree."

Ceolmhor raises one of the elf's arms and makes it point somewhere behind the wizard, as elf tells Guchhi “and I couldn't help but overhear your plight."

Ceolmhor mutters "Not to mention your singing.” Then adds, “Are you aware that the thing you were trying to sing to is a purple peaked wizard's hat?"

Berillia laughs!

Elidan and Cryheart grin, as Washee smiles.

Ceolmhor recites:

"Gucchi's eyes grew round as saucers. “So, wouldn't that mean that you are in actuality a wizard?"

Germinal chuckles and you grin.

Ceolmhor beams as she causes the wizard marionette to jump up and wrap his arms around the elf, reciting:

"Yes! That's it! I'm a wizard! I remember now!"

Ceolmhor smiles as she recites:

"The elf hugged Gucchi and said, "I'm so glad!" then added, “By the way, could you spare some strength please?"

Woustor and Haephestus chuckle, while Elidan giggles and Rubein rolls around on the ground laughing hysterically!

Germinal says, "...hobbit..."

Ceolmhor's wizard marionette waves its arms madly, looking for all the world like a finger-waggling wizard.

You, Jauvian and Elidan all cackle!

Germinal coughs, while Cryheart grins.

Ceolmhor recites:

"Gucchi happily cast strength on the beautiful elf, who slipped back into the forest without a sound."

Ceolmhor hides the elf behind her back.

Ceolmhor put a plush snow-white toy elf in her silk backpack.

Ceolmhor recites:

"His identity known, Gucchi made his way into the landing, where, if you are lucky, you might find him even today, forever casting,imbedding,recharging and just generally being a wizardy wizard"

Ceolmhor nods and recites:

"The End."

Ceolmhor makes her wizard marionette take a bow.

Ceolmhor places her hand on her wizard marionette.

Ceolmhor curtsies.

Elidan applauds repeatedly with great enthusiasm.

Cryheart, Berillia, Moonbright, Rubein, Haephestus, Jauvian, Germinal, Woustor, Geijon, Hyssopp, Dravis, Washee, Italo and the entire audience applaud vigorously.

You applaud and beam at Ceolmhor.

Berillia says, "Oh, that was great"

Dionket smiles gently.

Germinal exclaims, "Well done!"

Ceolmhor beams!

Berillia just hugged Ceolmhor.

Elidan giggles.

You say, "Wonderous"

Ceolmhor curtsies.

Haephestus says, "Verra Fine"

Moonbright says, "very nice."

Ceolmhor giggles.

Hyssopp throws her head back and howls!

Berillia says, "Highly entertaining"

Washee smiles.

Haephestus asks, "Boot where be da warriors?"

Ceolmhor recites:

"Thank you!!"

Berillia says, "But bad fer yer cheek muscles"

Hyssopp says, "Thankye very much"

Haephestus gazes heavenward.

Ceolmhor begins chuckling at Haephestus.

Berillia says, "I think mine are all stretched out"

Haephestus just tickled Ceolmhor.

Moonbright sighs.

Germinal grins and nods to Berillia.

Hyssopp says, "Well done Ceolmhor"

Ceolmhor grins.

Berillia says, "They off killing sumptin, love"

Ceolmhor beams!

Ceolmhor nods to Berillia and giggles.

Haephestus says, "Ahhh, I oondrstand naow"

Berillia says, "They ferget ta show up fer the performance"

You say, "trying to pull up that tree to bash with, and stuff"

Ceolmhor nods to Haephestus and grins as she says, "It was gettin kinda long, as it was."

Cryheart grins.

Haephestus tugs at his beard, lost in thought. Rubein gazes heavenward and says, "an I's a warrior"

Haephestus grins and says, "Mayhap dey met wi da Kobold”