The Birth of Kelfour's Landing

Once there was a Land of Nothing,
It knew not the Song of Life:
No lyric bard was there to sing,
For emptiness and void were rife.

But watching from a distant Land,
The gods saw that 'twas Wrong.
Shaping this void with a divine hand,
They forged Elanthia to last long.

The Halflings humbly tilled the soil,
The Dwarves built halls of stone --
And Elves came from the wood to toil,
Aside the Mannish people,
to build a home.

Though their work was very rough,
It yielded a fine place to live.
And the name of "Squire's Bluff,"
Was what they chose to give.

Yet Elanthia was a mortal Land,
And all such things must end...
Again came the divine hand,
To tear asunder what had been won.

But the gods loved the Men,
Halflings, Dwarves, and Elves --
So they were swept away, to a new place:
And 'tis where we stand even now.

Yes, Kelfour is that new Land,
And though ye surely miss the last --
Remember that 'tis your Love,
That makes it what it is:
And in this way, Elanthia and Kelfour
Are but One.