Ball and Dance Contest - 2010 Frontier Days

Event Run Time: Feastday, the 4th of Imaerasta, 5110 (Saturday, 4th of September 2010) @ 10 PM Elven Time. The event rant for one approximately 1 hour from 10 PM to 11 PM.

Location: House Phoenix Tent (Fiery Red Tent) located south of the Warrior's Guild in Wehnimer's Landing in north room of the tent where the dance floor is located and the band was setup and playing.

Winners, Prizes & Awards:

1st Place went to Zarston & Aoifekyna
Prize: 1,000,000 Silvers (Note)
Award: Honeysuckle Box

2nd Place went to to Jastalyn and Shmickle
Prize: 500,000 Silvers (Note)
Award: Peach Box

3rd place went to Denissa and Aterik
Prize: 250,000 Silvers (Note)
Award: Apple Box

Comment: All contestants danced wonderfully, and it was a pleasure to watch their prowess on the dance floor.

Total of 26 People in Attendance of the Event frome setup/startup to awards/closing --
(as either participants, observers, or officials): Riend, Kynseiyn, Tolwynn, Traiva, Crime, Jastalyn, Shmickle, Zarston, Aoifekyna, Erreim, Telsas, Sthos, Cosannie, Cryheart, Aurla, Myharl, Denissa, Aterik, Bonespirit, Karibeth, Fremie, Luen, Nordred, Erienne, Adyr, Dessedemona. The 6 Dancers: Zarstone, Aoifekyna, Jastalyn, Shmickle, Denissa, and Aterik

The 3 Officials: Cosannie, Aurla, and Myharl

Contest Rules & Regulations:

1. Each routine must last at least two minutes and no more than three. (5 points for meeting time limits)

2. Dancers will be judged on their ability to work together on the dance floor (1-10 points)
Note: Single dancers will be judged twice on creativity instead of teamwork.

3. Dancers will also be judged on how well their outfits accompany their routine (1-10 points)

4. Dancers will be judged on the creativity of their routine (1-10 points)

5. The official judges totals for each routine will be summed in private, and then divided by three to provide an average final score for each routine.

6. There will be a 3-5 minute intermission between routines to allow the next participants to prepare and allow time for judging.

7. Highest 3 scores win 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. In the case of a tied score, the official judges will deliberate to determine the winner of the tie.

8. Please remain as quiet as possible during the routines.

9. Couples and singles allowed, however you may participate in only one routine.

Resulting Scores in Order of Routine Performance:
(Judge's tallies are listed, but unidentified)

1) Jastalyn and Shmickle -- Final Score Average 20.0 (Routine Lasted 3.5 Minutes)
Judge #1 -- Time: 0 Teamwork: 8 Outfits: 5 Creativity: 6 (19)
Judge #2 -- Time: 0 Teamwork: 7 Outfits: 6 Creativity: 7 (20)
Judge #3 -- Time: 0 Teamwork: 6 Outfits: 8 Creativity: 7 (21)

2) Denissa and Aterik -- Final Score Average 18.0 (Routine Lasted 2.5 Minutes) Judge #1 -- Time: 5 Teamwork: 5 Outfits: 8 Creativity: 2 (20)
Judge #2 -- Time: 5 Teamwork: 5 Outfits: 4 Creativity: 2 (16)
Judge #3 -- Time: 5 Teamwork: 5 Outfits: 5 Creativity: 3 (18)

3) Aoifekyna and Zarston -- Final Score Average 26.6 (Routine Lasted 6.0 Minutes)
Judge #1 -- Time: 0 Teamwork: 10 Outfits: 8 Creativity: 9 (27)
Judge #2 -- Time: 0 Teamwork: 10 Outfits: 7 Creativity: 10 (27)
Judge #3 -- Time: 0 Teamwork: 9 Outfits: 9 Creativity: 8 (26)

Report Compiled by Myharl